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Gas Turbine Operability - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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Gas Turbine Operability

Large Operability Window
GE Energy offers a variety of innovative design solutions to maximize the operability window of
the Oil & Gas gas turbine fleet. In addition to variable stator vanes and blow-off valves, the design
solutions include:
- variable turbine nozzle guide vanes
- a variable bypass combustion chamber
- a high turn-down capability combustion chamber
- CPC optimizing control logic
The various combinations of design solutions are specifically adapted to the demands of the
marketplace for each gas turbine model.
For example: The GE10-2 DLN (Dry Low NOx) model utilizes a variable bypass
combustion chamber to maintain the optimum flame temperature for low emissions
all the way down to 50% load, and the variable nozzle guide vanes of the free power
turbine to ensure that the gas generator shaft speed is always at the design value,
thereby ensuring maximum output.
The MS5002D instead uses variable nozzle guide vanes to maintain maximum
output on the standard model, and maintain the optimum flame temperature for
low emissions down to 50% load on the DLN model. They are also used in
regenerative cycle applications to maximize the efficiency of the regenerator and
hence to maximize fuel economy.
The brand new MS5002E makes use of the DLN2 combustion design used in GE's
F-Class machines to ensure low emissions over a range of flame temperatures,
thereby delaying the opening of the blow-off valves at part load while maintaining
the highest possible efficiency at base-load.
Note that the flexibility given by each of these solutions gives a further
performance advantage on cold days with respect to other engines that are forced
to open blow-off valves (to meet environmental emissions laws) even at base-load.
MS5002D Gas Turbine
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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