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GE Gas Turbine Manual page 6

General electric gas turbine
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GE5 Gas Turbines
The gas turbine packages were designed with an
emphasis on standardization, and optimization of
factory and field assembly operations. The result is a
standard package capable of satisfying the needs of a
typical user for low installation and maintenance costs.
The package is also designed and manufactured as a
modular system. Both the single and twin shaft gas
turbines are normally supplied as completely enclosed,
on-base soundproof packages of very compact
dimensions with standard noise attenuation levels of 85
dB(A) at 1 m. The Starting System, Lube Oil System and
Fuel System are fully integrated on the base plate.
In the single shaft configuration, the base plate also
supports the load gear; the off-base equipment is
limited to the lube oil cooler and the generator. The
entire GE5-1 package is compact, with a footprint of
only 5810 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) providing the user with
the flexibility to locate the system indoors or near pre-
existing facilities. The inlet filtration module and inlet
duct are designed to be perfectly integrated with the
enclosure and, in order to optimize the footprint and
transportation, are supported by the enclosure itself.
For the twin shaft, the design guideline has been the
flexibility to satisfy a broad spectrum of customer plant
needs. As required by the Oil & Gas Industry, the
standard enclosure was designed to be equipped with
different filtration systems (conventional/self cleaning),
different inlet/exhaust duct arrangements and noise
levels and always allowing high accessibility and
Both the single and twin shaft packages are provided
with wide access doors conveniently located around the
enclosure for easy access to the engine assembly and
auxiliary components.
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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