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Epson Perfection 610 User Manual

Color image scanner
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Color Image Scanner
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  • Page 1 Color Image Scanner User's Guide 4010809 S01-00...
  • Page 2: Where To Find Information

    Information on EPSON Scanner Software for Windows Online help provides you with detailed information on EPSON TWAIN. Access online help from the EPSON Scanner folder, or click the Help button in the EPSON TWAIN dialog box. Information on PageManager and other Software See the PageManager for EPSON, and other software documentation.
  • Page 3 Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Neither SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    Model: G750A Conforms to the following Directive(s) and Norm(s): Directive 89/336/EEC: EN 55022 Class B EN 61000-3-2 EN 61000-3-3 EN 50082-1 IEC 801-2 IEC 801-3 IEC 801-4 Directive 73/23/EEC: EN 60950 July, 1999 H. Horiuchi President of EPSON EUROPE B.V.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions ......1 Warnings, Cautions, and Notes......2 ENERGY STAR Compliance .
  • Page 6 Removing the Cover for Thick or Large Documents ..4-6 Starting EPSON TWAIN ....... . . 4-7 Scanning an Image .
  • Page 7 Error indicator........6-5 Operating problems .
  • Page 9: Important Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Read all these instructions and save them for later reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the scanner. ❏ Unplug the scanner before cleaning. Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not spill liquid on the scanner. ❏...
  • Page 10: Warnings, Cautions, And Notes

    If the power cord or plug is damaged; if liquid has entered the scanner; if the scanner has been dropped or the case damaged; if the scanner does not operate normally or exhibits a distinct change in performance. (Do not adjust controls that are not covered by the operating instructions.) ❏...
  • Page 11: Energy Star Compliance

    NERGY TAR Compliance As an NERGY TAR Partner, EPSON has determined that this product meets the NERGY TAR guidelines for energy efficiency. The International NERGY TAR Office Equipment Program is a voluntary partnership with the computer and office equipment industry to promote the introduction of energy-efficient personal...
  • Page 12 The green and yellow wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or with the earth symbol ( The blue wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug marked with the letter N. The brown wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug marked with the letter L.
  • Page 13 Chapter 1 Getting to Know Your Scanner Features ..........1-2 Unpacking the Scanner.
  • Page 14: Features

    ❏ Full color or grayscale scanning. Capture your images with over 16 million colors; or up to 256 shades of gray and black and white. ❏ EPSON TWAIN lets you take full advantage of your scanner's advanced features. ❏ EPSON TWAIN's Unsharp Mask option automatically sharpens the image to provide crisp detail.
  • Page 15: Unpacking The Scanner

    Unpacking the Scanner Your Perfection 610 comes shipped with CD-ROMs which include the driver software that runs your scanner, and some additional items. scanner USB interface cable power cord Depending on the country of purchase, the power cord may come attached to the scanner.
  • Page 16: Scanner Parts

    Scanner Parts document cover carriage (in the home position) document table transportation lock start button USB interface connector AC inlet Getting to Know Your Scanner...
  • Page 17: Button

    Button The scanner has one button, the Start button. Button Button Function Start The hardware switch to execute scanning and transfer the scanned image to assigned application software. To use this feature, you need to setup software. See Chapter 5 for more details.
  • Page 18 Getting to Know Your Scanner...
  • Page 19 Chapter 2 Setting Up the Scanner Choosing a Place for the Scanner ......2-2 Releasing the Transportation Lock .
  • Page 20: Choosing A Place For The Scanner

    Choosing a Place for the Scanner Follow the guidelines below when selecting a location for your scanner: ❏ Place the scanner on a flat, stable surface. The scanner will not operate properly if it is on an angle. ❏ Place the scanner close enough to the computer for the interface cable to reach it easily.
  • Page 21 480 mm 88 mm* 100 mm or more 425 mm 287 mm * When document cover is closed. ❏ Keep the scanner away from high temperatures, humidity and excessive dirt or dust. Also avoid using or storing the scanner in places subject to rapid changes of temperature and humidity.
  • Page 22: Releasing The Transportation Lock

    Releasing the Transportation Lock Before connecting the scanner to a power source, you must release the transportation lock. 1. Place the scanner on a flat, stable surface with the back facing you. 2. Turn the transportation lock on the right side to the unlocked position using a coin or similar object, as shown below.
  • Page 23: Plugging In The Scanner

    Plugging in the Scanner If the power cord is not attached to the scanner, connect it to the AC inlet on the back of the scanner, and plug the other end into a properly grounded electrical outlet. Caution: It is not possible to change the scanner's voltage. If the label on the back of the scanner does not show the correct voltage for your country, contact your dealer.
  • Page 24: Initialization

    Initialization Before connecting the scanner to your computer, follow the steps below to make sure that the scanner is operating properly. 1. If the scanner is plugged in, unplug the scanner and wait 10 seconds. 2. Open the document cover so you can see the operation of the scanner during initialization (startup).
  • Page 25: Connecting The Scanner To Your Computer

    In this case, try connecting the scanner directly to the computer’s USB port. Also, your system may not work properly if you use a USB cable other than that supplied by EPSON. Understanding USB connections USB Cables...
  • Page 26 USB cables have two different connectors at each end. Type A connects to your computer. Type B connects to your scanner. USB hub You can also use a USB hub, allowing you to increase the number of USB ports and therefore connect several peripherals. Setting Up the Scanner...
  • Page 27: Connecting The Scanner

    Connecting the scanner To connect the scanner to your computer or USB hub: Connect one end of the cable (Type B) to the USB port on the back of the scanner. 2. Connect the other end of the cable (Type A) to the USB port on your computer, or USB hub.
  • Page 28: Installing The Scanner Software

    ❏ Connect the USB cable to your computer, then install or start the scanner software. Do not connect or disconnect the USB cable while the scanner software is open. Installing the Scanner Software After setting up the scanner as described above, you need to install the scanner software before you use the scanner to scan documents.
  • Page 29 Chapter 3 Installing the Software System Requirements ........3-2 For PCs .
  • Page 30: System Requirements

    System Requirements Before installing the scanner software, make sure that your system meets the following requirements. For PCs ® ® System: Microsoft Windows 98 preinstalled Interface: The computer’s USB port (TYPE A receptacle) VGA or higher resolution monitor 640 × 480 Display: screen resolution (800 ×...
  • Page 31: Installing The Scanner Software For Windows

    Color Monitor, 640 × 480 screen resolution Display: (or higher recommended), and 256 color (32,000 color or higher recommended) Note: Color and tone reproduction are subject to the display capability of your computer system, including the video card, display monitor, and software.
  • Page 32 Next. 5. Make sure the Specify a location check box is selected, then browse and select or type in the CD-ROM drive letter, Epson folder, the folder of your preferred language, and Win98 folder as the location, as shown below, and click Next.
  • Page 33 7. The EPSON Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. Follow the instructions on the screen. For details, see page 3-10. Note: If the EPSON Screen Calibration utility doesn’t start automatically after installing the scanner software, see page 3-10 to calibrate your screen. Installing the Software...
  • Page 34 8. When the following dialog box is displayed, click Finish. This completes the EPSON TWAIN installation, next you will install utility and application software from the CD-ROM. 1. Double-click the My Computer icon. 2. Double-click the CD-ROM drive icon. A dialog box asking for your preferred language appears on your screen.
  • Page 35 5. You will see a list of software in the list box. Click to select the names of the software you want to install in your PC. Make sure Presto! PageManager for EPSON is selected to be installed. Descriptions of the software can be found in the software documentation, or on the CD-ROMs that come with your scanner.
  • Page 36: Installing The Scanner Software For Macintosh

    Installing the Scanner Software for Macintosh After connecting the scanner to your Macintosh computer, install the EPSON scanner software; EPSON TWAIN, EPSON Scanner Monitor, PageManager for EPSON and other application software from the CD-ROM. Follow the steps below. Note for iMac users: ❏...
  • Page 37 5. The installer software shows a dialog box. Click Install in the dialog box that appears, and follow the instructions on the screen. When you have finished the entire installation, the EPSON Screen Calibration utility automatically starts. Go to page 3-10 for instructions. After restarting your Macintosh continue from step 6 below to install other software.
  • Page 38: Calibrating Your Screen

    Calibrating Your Screen When you install EPSON TWAIN, the EPSON Screen Calibration utility is automatically installed. EPSON Screen Calibration calibrates your monitor to ensure the tone and contrast on your screen closely match the original image. Be sure to calibrate your screen before starting to use your scanner, and anytime you switch to a different monitor.
  • Page 39 2. Click the Utility tab, then click the Screen Calibration Utility icon. The Screen Calibration dialog box appears. 3. Look at the screen from a distance and move the slider right or left until the two tones closely match. Note: The gray stripes will not perfectly blend together;...
  • Page 40 For Macintosh users 1. Double-click the EPSON Screen Calibration icon in the EPSON Scanner folder to view the Screen Calibration dialog box. 2. Look at the screen from a distance and move the slider right or left until the two tones closely match.
  • Page 41: Viewing The Color Guide

    Viewing the Color Guide You can view the Color Guide using an HTML browser on your computer. The Color Guide contains tips for handling color imaging data, using several color imaging products, and other general information about color imaging. You will need one of the following browsers, or an equivalent, to view the Color Guide: ❏...
  • Page 42 3-14 Installing the Software...
  • Page 43 Removing the Cover for Thick or Large Documents ... 4-6 Starting EPSON TWAIN ........4-7 Scanning an Image .
  • Page 44: Scanning Procedure

    Scanning Procedure This chapter shows you how the scanner operates. The basic procedure for scanning is as follows: 1. Plug in the scanner. 2. Place the document you want to scan on the document table. (This is described in detail below.) 3.
  • Page 45 2. Turn on the computer and make sure that the scanner's fluorescent lamp is on, and not flashing. Note: ❏ If the fluorescent lamp is flashing, it means there is some kind of error. See Chapter 6 “Maintenance and Troubleshooting” if the fluorescent lamp is flashing.
  • Page 46 4. Place the document on the document table, with the side to be scanned facing down. Make sure that the document is carefully aligned. corner of the document Note: An area approximately 3mm in from both the horizontal and vertical guides will not be scanned.
  • Page 47 ❏ Do not leave photographs on the document table for an extended period of time as they may stick to the glass. ❏ Do not place heavy objects on top of the scanner. 6. Start EPSON TWAIN and scan. For details see pages 4-7 to 4-8. Using Your Scanner...
  • Page 48: Removing The Cover For Thick Or Large Documents

    Removing the Cover for Thick or Large Documents For thick materials or documents that are larger than the document table, remove the document cover. Note: When scanning with the cover removed, do not leave any area of the document table exposed to prevent interference from external light. When you are finished scanning, reattach the document cover by pushing straight down on the back until it clicks into place.
  • Page 49: Starting Epson Twain

    Start button and preassigned application software. If you .. ❏ use an application that supports EPSON TWAIN to scan, open your application (see “Starting EPSON TWAIN through your application software” below). ❏ want to scan an image directly to your application without...
  • Page 50: Scanning An Image

    Note: You usually need to perform this step only the first time you use the scanner with your application. 3. Choose Acquire from the File menu to open EPSON TWAIN. To scan, see the next section. Scanning an Image EPSON TWAIN window When you open EPSON TWAIN, the EPSON TWAIN window will appear.
  • Page 51: Unsharp Mask

    ❏ After an image is scanned, be sure to save it. Then click Preview. A preview image of the entire scanner document table will appear in the window on the right side of the EPSON TWAIN window. Note: You cannot preview an image that exceeds available memory or disk space.
  • Page 52: Making Epson Twain Settings On The Photo Menu

    To make settings for color or black and white photos, see “ Making EPSON TWAIN settings on the Photo menu” on page 4-10. To make settings for OCR or line art see “ Making EPSON TWAIN settings on the OCR/Line Art menu” on page 4-16.
  • Page 53 Resolution Use the Resolution list to select the resolution at which you wish to scan. You can choose from 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 dpi. Recommended resolutions for scanning images are as follows: Displaying on a monitor 75 dpi Printing 150 or 300 dpi A resolution value greater than 600 dpi is useful if you want to...
  • Page 54 De-screening is performed by the software and may take more time to provide the final image. If Resolution is set at 1200 or 2400 dpi, De-screening will not be available. EPSON recommends you select 150 dpi to achieve the best results. 4-12...
  • Page 55 Save Preview Image and Settings: Select this check box to automatically save the preview image and all the image settings when you exit EPSON TWAIN (quit scanning). The next time you restart EPSON TWAIN, the last preview image and settings will reappear.
  • Page 56 Automatic Preview: Previewing automatically starts when you launch EPSON TWAIN (if this check box is selected). Help Clicking Help will start the EPSON TWAIN help system. Close Clicking Close will close the EPSON TWAIN software. Note: Be sure to save your scanned image before closing the application. See page 4-18 for details.
  • Page 57 Scanning a portion of the preview image: Perform the following steps to scan a portion of the preview image. 1. Click and drag your mouse in the Preview window and select the portion of the image you want to scan. A marquee will appear showing what portion will be scanned.
  • Page 58 Making EPSON TWAIN settings on the OCR/Line Art menu This section describes all the settings you can make on the OCR/ Line Art menu. Note: For details on the Configuration , Help , Preview , Scan and Close buttons, see the previous section.
  • Page 59 If you have a character recognition problem with OCR scanning, using 600 dpi may improve your OCR results. However, note that scanning at higher resolution takes longer. File Size The File Size indicator only displays what the rough file size of the scanned image will be.
  • Page 60: Saving The Scanned Image

    ❏ To save a scanned image in your application, choose Save or Save As from the File menu. For details, see your application documentation. ❏ To save a scanned image in PageManager for EPSON, follow the steps below. Note: Parenthesized words in the following steps apply to Macintosh users.
  • Page 61: Scanning By Pressing The Start Button

    PageManager for EPSON. Macintosh use EPSON Scanner Monitor, which performs the same function. ❏ The Start button compatible application will automatically open EPSON TWAIN, scan the image and process it in the way the application is designed. Note: ❏...
  • Page 62 4-20 Using Your Scanner...
  • Page 63 The Start Button Feature........5-2 PageManager for EPSON ........5-2 Target applications in the Scan Buttons bar .
  • Page 64: The Start Button Feature

    Start Button feature. Note for Windows 98 users: The Start Button feature is supported by Windows 98 and EPSON Scanner Monitor software will not be installed onto Windows 98. See page 5-10 for details on setting up the Start Button feature for Windows 98.
  • Page 65: Assigning An Application To The Start Button

    PageManager for EPSON also allows you to assign any one of the applications or devices on the Scan Buttons bar to the ] Start button. This means that an image can be scanned and sent straight to your selected application with one simple push of the ] Start button.
  • Page 66 2. Click the Start Button Settings tab in the Scan Buttons Setting dialog box. The following dialog box appears. The icons in Select target application correspond to the icons in the Scan Buttons bar and represent the possible target devices and applications. 3.
  • Page 67: Adding Applications To The Scan Buttons Bar

    Adding Applications to the Scan Buttons Bar You can add applications appearing in the Application bar at the bottom of the PageManager window to the Scan Buttons bar. Follow the steps below. 1. Select Scan Buttons Setting from the File menu. You will see the following dialog box.
  • Page 68: Registering New Applications

    Remove. Then click OK. Suppress TWAIN User Interface check box When this check box is selected, the EPSON TWAIN dialog box does not appear when you scan, and the scanner works according to the settings in PageManager. When this check box is clear, the EPSON TWAIN dialog box appears when you scan, and the scanner works according to the settings in EPSON TWAIN.
  • Page 69 2. Specify the application’s name, location and icon and click Next>. 3. Specify the format of the image and click Finish. Using the Start Button...
  • Page 70: Setting Up Epson Scanner Monitor For Macintosh

    EPSON Scanner Monitor, such as PageManager for EPSON. Once EPSON TWAIN is installed on Macintosh, EPSON Scanner Monitor is active and identifies PageManager for EPSON as the application that allows you to use the Start Button feature. If you need to turn off Scanner Monitor, or select another application that supports the Start Button feature, access Scanner Monitor as described below.
  • Page 71 To activate Scanner Monitor again, select the Enable Monitoring check box. ❏ Assigning an application to Scanner Monitor Click Browse. Select a folder and an application that supports the Start Button feature and EPSON Scanner Monitor, such as PageManager for EPSON. Using the Start Button...
  • Page 72: Setting Up The Start Button Feature For Windows 98

    Assigning an application to the Start button After you install applications that support “ Scanner events” , such as PageManager for EPSON, you need to select one of those applications for the scanner event. If you want to use your scanner’s ] Start button with PageManager for EPSON as the supporting application, follow the steps on the next page.
  • Page 73 1. Select your scanner from the installed scanners and cameras list in the Scanners and Cameras Properties dialog box. Click Properties, and then click the Events tab. 2. You can see the Start Button is listed as the scanner event. Make sure the check box of the application you want to assign to the ] Start button is selected and all other application check boxes are clear in the Send to this application list.
  • Page 74 Disabling the Start button If you need to disable the Start Button feature, select the Disable device event check box in the EPSON Perfection 610 Properties dialog box. When this check box is clear, Windows 98 will detect if the ] Start button is pressed and launch the application you selected in the Send to this application list.
  • Page 75 Chapter 6 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Maintenance ..........6-2 Cleaning the scanner .
  • Page 76: Maintenance

    Maintenance Cleaning the scanner To keep your scanner operating at its best, you should clean it periodically, as described below. 1. Unplug the power cord. 2. Clean the outer case with mild detergent and water. 3. If the glass of the document table gets dirty, clean it with a soft dry cloth.
  • Page 77: Replacing The Fluorescent Lamp

    Replacing the fluorescent lamp The luminosity of the fluorescent lamp declines over time. If the lamp breaks or becomes too dim to operate normally, the scanner stops working and the fluorescent lamp will not come on . When this happens, the lamp assembly must be replaced. For details, contact your dealer.
  • Page 78: Problems And Solutions

    Problems and Solutions This section divides scanner problems into six categories: Error indicator ..... . . page 6-5 Operating problems 6-5 Quality problems .
  • Page 79: Error Indicator

    Error indicator If an error occurs, the scanner stops operating and the carriage lamp shows the type of error. Pattern of Problem and solution light Cause 1: The interface setup is wrong, or the (Rapidly scanner is not properly connected to the flashing ) computer.
  • Page 80 Wait until the fluorescent lamp stays to scan. on (ready for scanning). Try connecting the scanner directly More than one USB hub to the computer’s USB port, or use an is in use, or the cable is unsuitable. EPSON USB cable . Maintenance and Troubleshooting...
  • Page 81 EPSON Scanners Driver Disk appears instead, insert the Scanner Software CD in the CD-ROM drive. Make sure to specify the correct drive letter, the EPSON folder, the folder of your preferred language, and the Win98 folder as the location. Computer system Make sure your computer meets the doesn’t meet the...
  • Page 82: Quality Problems

    Quality problems The entire image is distorted or blurred. Cause What to do Document is not placed Make sure the document is flat against correctly. the document table. Document was moved. Make sure you do not accidentally move the document during scanning. Scanner orientation is Make sure the scanner is on a flat, unsuitable.
  • Page 83 Colors are patchy or distorted at the edges of the image. Cause What to do The document is too A document that is very thick or thick or warped, or there warped at the edges can cause is too much outside light. discoloration.
  • Page 84 Straight lines in the image come out jagged. Cause What to do Document is not placed Make sure the document orientation correctly. is perfectly straight on the document table. Align vertical and horizontal lines with the scales at the top and side of the document table.
  • Page 85 Cause What to do Normal scanning. This condition is normal. The scanner automatically mimimizes the problem if De-screening is checked on the Photo menu on the EPSON TWAIN window. 6-11 Maintenance and Troubleshooting...
  • Page 86 Colors on your monitor are different from those in the original image. Cause What to do Software image settings Check the image settings of your need adjustment. scanner software. Try different combinations of these settings. Color matching and color Check the color matching and color management capabilities management capabilities of your of your system are...
  • Page 87 The printed image is larger or smaller than the original. Cause What to do Printed size was judged The image settings of your software using the monitor image. determine the size of the printed image. Do not use the size of the monitor image to judge the printed size.
  • Page 88: Software Setup Problems

    Incorrect selection of Make sure that EPSON TWAIN L is TWAIN Data Source in selected properly in your application application. software. See “ Starting EPSON TWAIN through your application software”...
  • Page 89 Device Manager menu. Then reinstall EPSON TWAIN following the instructions in the Chapter 3. Note: If the EPSON Scanners Driver Disk is requested when reinstalling the scanner software, insert the Scanner Software CD in the CD-ROM drive and make sure to...
  • Page 90: Scanning Problems

    Threshold setting needs When the OCR/Line Art tab is selected changing. in the EPSON TWAIN window, change the Threshold setting on the OCR/Line Art menu. See “ Threshold” on page 4-17. Moiré (cross hatch) patterns appear in the scanned image...
  • Page 91 Document is not positioned Move or angle the document slightly. correctly. Unsharp Mask setting is De-select Unsharp Mask for a softer selected. focus setting. Colors differs from the original or look strange. Cause What to do Screen is not calibrated. Calibrate the screen.
  • Page 92: Sizing Up Your System

    Scanning does not start by pressing the Start button. Cause What to do Scanner Monitor software is Make sure the Scanner Monitor not installed properly. (For software is running and check the Macintosh) Scanner Monitor’s Launch Application path is set correctly. Scanner Event is not selected Click the Events tab in your scanner’s properly.
  • Page 93: Accelerator Boards

    Accelerator boards In addition to memory, processing speed is important because large files take longer to process than small ones. Therefore, you may want to add an accelerator board to your computer. Video cards A video card that is sufficient for text may not be good enough for displaying graphic images, especially in color.
  • Page 94 6-20 Maintenance and Troubleshooting...
  • Page 95 Appendix A Technical Specifications Scanning ..........A-2 Electrical .
  • Page 96: Scanning

    Scanning Scanner type: Flatbed, color Photoelectric device: Color CCD line sensor Effective pixels: 5100 7020 pixels at 600 dpi, 100% Document size: 216 mm 297 mm (8.5 inches 11.7 inches A4 or US letter size. The reading area can be specified from your software.) Scanning resolution: 600 dpi (main scan)
  • Page 97: Electrical

    Dimensions: Width: 287 mm (11.3 inches) Depth: 425 mm (16.7 inches) Height: 88 mm (3.4 inches) Weight: Approx. 4.5 kg (9.9 lb) Electrical 100 120 V model 220 240 V model Input voltage range AC 90 to 132 V AC 198 to 264 V Rated frequency 50 to 60 Hz Rated current...
  • Page 98: Environmental

    Environmental Temperature: Operation 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F) Storage –25° C to 60° C (–13° F to 140° F) Humidity: Operation 10% to 80%, without condensation Storage 10% to 85%, without condensation Operating conditions: Ordinary office or home conditions. Extreme dust should be avoided.
  • Page 99: Safety Approvals

    Safety Approvals 120V model: Safety standards UL 1950 with D3 CSA C22.2 No. 950 FCC part 15 Subpart B Class B CSA C108.8 Class B 230V model: Safety standards EN 60950 EN 55022 (CISPR Pub 22) Class B AS/NZS 3548 Class B CE marking 230 V model: Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC...
  • Page 100: Usb Interface

    Configuration: Description Element Device Full Speed mode (12Mbit/s) Class : Vendor-specific Vendor ID : 0x04B8 (Seiko Epson Corp.) Product ID : 0x0103 Characteristics : Self-powered Configuration Remote wake up feature: Not supported Maximum power consumption from VBUS : 2mA (5V)
  • Page 101: Initialization Methods

    Initialization Methods The scanner can be initialized (returned to a fixed set of conditions) in the following ways: Hardware * The scanner is plugged in. initialization * The USB cable is unplugged from the USB port on the scanner. Software * Software sends the ESC @ (initialize the scanner) initialization command.
  • Page 102 Technical Specifications...
  • Page 103: Contacting Customer Support

    Appendix B Contacting Customer Support For United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland Users..B-3 For Australian Users ........B-5 For Singapore Users .
  • Page 104 If your scanner is not operating properly and you cannot solve your problem using the troubleshooting information in this guide or online help, contact customer support services for assistance. We will be able to help you more quickly if you are able to give the exact information indicated below.
  • Page 105: For United Kingdom And The Republic Of Ireland Users

    ❏ To email EPSON Technical Support: ❏ For a full list of EPSON Customer and Warranty Support services: Support Via Telephone Our Customer and Warranty Support teams can be contacted by calling 0870 163 7766 in the UK or 0044 0870 163 7766 from the Republic of Ireland.
  • Page 106 01442 227271 in the UK or 0044 1442 227271 from the Republic of Ireland, and via Email at They can provide the following information: ❏ Pre sales information and literature on new EPSON products (also available via our world wide web site at http:// ❏...
  • Page 107: For Australian Users

    For Australian Users EPSON Australia wishes to provide you with a high level of Customer Service. As well as this User’s Guide, we provide the following sources for obtaining information: EPSON FAXBACK EPSON FAXBACK will fax you the latest specifications and pricing for most EPSON products offered in Australia.
  • Page 108: For Singapore Users

    EPSON Helpdesk EPSON Helpdesk is provided as a final backup to make sure our clients have access to advice. Operators on the Helpdesk can aid you in diagnosing hardware and software problems. They can also advise you on the latest EPSON products and where the nearest dealer or service agent is located.
  • Page 109: For Hong Kong Users

    To obtain technical support as well as other after-sales services, users are welcome to contact EPSON Hong Kong Limited. Internet home page EPSON Hong Kong has established a local home page in both Chinese and English on the Internet to provide users with the following information: ❏...
  • Page 110: For Philippines Users

    For Philippines Users To obtain technical support as well as other after sales services, users are welcome to contact the EPSON Philippines Representative Office at the telephone and fax numbers below: Phone: (632) 813-6552 Fax: (632) 813-6545 BBS: (632) 814-0595...
  • Page 111: Glossary

    Glossary additive primary colors The colors of red, green and blue (RGB) - which give the perception of white when fully added. These are the colors of the color system used with monitors and scanners. bi-level data Image data that is composed of 1 bit per pixel. A pixel is represented by a single bit of digital data that can express only 1 (light) or 0 (dark).
  • Page 112 Abbreviation for EPSON Standard Code for Image scanners. A system of commands that allows you to control image scanners from your software. ESC/P Abbreviation for EPSON Standard Code for Printers. A system of commands that allows you to control printers from your software. grayscale Images represented with various shades of gray in addition to black and white.
  • Page 113 monochrome Black and white images, or images represented only by the intensity of luminosity. Optical Character Recognition. The technology that allows computers to “read” text from physical objects. OCR requires a graphical representation of text to interpret, which usually comes from a scanned image. page sequence The type of color scanning in which the entire image is scanned once for each separate color.
  • Page 114 tone curve The graph that shows the contrast ratio between the input (original image) and output (image data) in image processing. A Universal Serial Bus. A hardware interface for connecting low-speed peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, scanner, or printer to the computer. USB hub A device that normally provides four TYPE A sockets to increase the number of USB ports on a PC.
  • Page 115 Effect, 4-11 utility, 3-10 to 3-12 Electrical specifications, A-3 Carriage, 1-4, 2-6, 6-3 Environmental specifications, A-4 CE marking specifications, A-5 EPSON Choosing a place, 2-2 Scanner Monitor, 4-19, 5-2, 5-8 to Close, 4-14 document cover, 4-5 Screen Calibration utility, 3-10 to...
  • Page 116 4-8 to 4-17 See OCR/Line Art menu Type, 4-10 Important safety instructions, 1 to 2 Indicator, error, 6-5 Initialization, 2-6 PageManager for EPSON, 4-18, 4-19, methods, A-7 5-2 to 5-11 Installation software, Chapter 3 Photo menu, 4-10 Installation software...
  • Page 117 Video cards, 6-19 Select Source, 4-8 Settings OCR/Line Art menu, 4-16 to 4-17 Photo menu, 4-10 to 4-15 Windows, 3-2, 3-3 to 3-7, 3-10, 5-2, Setup, EPSON TWAIN, 3-3 to 3-9 5-10 to 5-12 Software requirements, 3-2 Specifications electrical, A-3 environmental, A-4...
  • Page 118 IN-4...
  • Page 119 EPSON OVERSEAS MARKETING LOCATIONS EPSON AMERICA, INC. EPSON UK LTD. 20770 Madrona Ave. Campus 100, Maylands Avenue, P.O. Box 2842 Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Torrance, CA 90509-2842 HP2 7TJ, U.K. Phone: (800) 922-8911 Phone: (+44) 01442 261144 Fax: (310) 782-5220 Fax: (+44) 01442 227227 EPSON DEUTSCHLAND GmbH EPSON FRANCE S.A.
  • Page 120 Color Image Scanner User's Guide Printed in Japan 99.06-.1...

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