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Epson Perfection 610 User Manual

Epson perfection 610
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User's Guide



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  • Page 1 EPSON TWAIN User’s Guide...
  • Page 2: Copyright Notice

    SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this EPSON scanner. EPSON is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other scanners.
  • Page 3 Trademarks EPSON is a registered trademark of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. Perfection and EPSON FaxAdvice are trademarks and EPSON SoundAdvice is a service mark of Epson America, Inc. General Notice: Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Introduction System Requirements How To Use This Manual Scanning Scanning Overview Starting EPSON TWAIN Selecting Settings Previewing Your Scan Using Marquees Using the Start Button Preparing to Use the Start Button Scanning with the Start Button Contents Contents Page 4...
  • Page 5 Using the EPSON TWAIN Utilities Using the Scanner Monitoring Utility Using the EPSON Screen Calibration Utility Troubleshooting Problems Using EPSON TWAIN Problems Using the Start Button Problems with Image Quality Where To Get Help Glossary Index Contents Page 5...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Gives you settings for a variety of image types and output destinations EPSON TWAIN also comes with these utilities: EPSON Scan Events (Windows utilities that let you scan with Presto! PageManager using the EPSON Perfection EPSON Screen Calibration utility to calibrate your screen to your...
  • Page 7: System Requirements

    System Requirements Before installing the scanner software, make sure your system meets the following requirements. The color and tone of Windows 98 System Requirements your scanned image depend on the display An IBM capabilities of your computer system, Microsoft including the video...
  • Page 8: How To Use This Manual

    How To Use This Manual this update. Your operating system For instructions on installing EPSON TWAIN, see the Scanner Basics already includes full book. This User’s Guide tells you what you need to know to scan with support for the EPSON EPSON TWAIN and to use the TWAIN utilities.
  • Page 9: Using Electronic Links

    Using the Start Button gives step-by-step instructions on setting up and using your scanner’s Start button for one-touch scanning. Troubleshooting provides solutions to problems you may encounter. At the end, you’ll find a Glossary and an Index. Cautions, Notes, and Tips You’ll find this information throughout your manual:...
  • Page 10: Scanning

    Before scanning, make sure you’ve installed the EPSON TWAIN software (as described in the Scanner Basics book) and the application software that supports EPSON TWAIN, such as PictureWorks The screen examples Presto! PageManager. in this book are from This chapter includes the following information: EPSON TWAIN for Windows.
  • Page 11: Scanning Overview

    Scanning Overview Here is a brief overview of scanning steps using EPSON TWAIN (the Windows interface is shown; the Macintosh steps are the same): 1 Select the tab for your scan: Photo or OCR/Line Art. 3 Draw a marquee around the area you want to scan.
  • Page 12: Starting Epson Twain

    Starting EPSON TWAIN Follow the steps in this section to start EPSON TWAIN from your application software. The steps may vary, depending on your application. If you start your 1 Make sure you set up and plugged in the scanner. Then place the application software document you want to scan on the document table.
  • Page 13 4 Select EPSON TWAIN L and click Select. 5 Start EPSON TWAIN for scanning. Open the File menu and choose Import or Acquire and then select either TWAIN_32 (Windows) or TWAIN Acquire (Macintosh). Click to open EPSON TWAIN Scanning Page 13...
  • Page 14 The EPSON TWAIN window appears. The EPSON TWAIN window contains the basic settings you need to scan an image. See Selecting Settings for details. It also lets you preview your image. See Previewing Your Scan for details. To keep file size small when scanning at higher resolutions, you should use a marquee around only the scanning area.
  • Page 15: Selecting Settings

    Selecting Settings You need to scan using the tab for the type of image you are scanning (Photo or OCR/Line Art) and check the basic settings. Scanning Photographs 1 Select the Photo tab. 2 Select the correct Image Type setting. Select one of the following options: Color Photo or Black and White Photo.
  • Page 16 Scan button. The scanned image appears in your marquee to select the application window. scan area, especially if you are scanning at a 6 Click the Close button to close the EPSON TWAIN window and return resolution of 300 dpi, or to your application. higher. See Using...
  • Page 17 Scanning Text or Line Art 1 Select the OCR/Line Art tab. 2 Select a threshold setting. These automatically select resolution and sharpness settings appropriate for the output type. Select one of the following options: Newspaper, Magazine, Printout, Book, or User Defined.
  • Page 18 5 Click the Scan button. The scanned image appears in your application resolution of 300 dpi, or window. higher. See Using 6 Click the Close button to close the EPSON TWAIN window and return Marquees for details. to your application. To modify or save your scanned image using your application software, see your software documentation.
  • Page 19: Previewing Your Scan

    Check Save Preview Image and Settings if you want to see the preview with the same settings the next time you open EPSON TWAIN. Previewing Your Image Manually If you did not select Automatic Preview in the Configuration settings and you want to see a preview of your scan, click the Preview button on the EPSON TWAIN window.
  • Page 20: Using Marquees

    Using Marquees A marquee is a frame around an entire image, or a portion of an image so you can scan only the most important part. To create a marquee, follow these steps: 1 Move the mouse pointer over the preview image; the pointer becomes If the mouse pointer a cross hair.
  • Page 21: Adjusting A Marquee

    Adjusting a Marquee To resize a marquee, place the mouse pointer over its edge; the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow. Click the mouse button and drag the box up, down, sideways, or diagonally to the size you want. To resize a marquee and retain its width-to-height proportions, hold down the Shift key as you drag the edge of the marquee.
  • Page 22: Using The Start Button

    With one-touch scanning, you can load a document in the scanner, press the Start button, and watch while PageManager starts and then opens EPSON TWAIN automatically. You can even set up PageManager to automatically load your scanned document into another application—...
  • Page 23 Enabling Scanner Monitoring When you installed EPSON TWAIN on your system, the installer automatically installed the TWAIN utilities, including these scanner monitoring utilities: Scan Events monitor in the Scanners and Cameras utility (Windows 98) EPSON Scanner Monitor (Macintosh) These utilities let your scanner’s Start button communicate with your operating system and open PageManager (or another Windows 98, Start button compliant program).
  • Page 24 2 Click the Scanners and Cameras icon. You see this dialog box: Devices tab scanner name Properties button 3 If necessary, click the Devices tab. Click your scanner name in the box, then click the Properties button. Using the Start Button Page 24...
  • Page 25 4 Click the Events tab. You see this dialog box: 5 To disable Start button scanning, click the Disable device events checkbox; a check appears in the checkbox. To enable Start button scanning, click the Disable device events checkbox to uncheck it. Then click the checkbox for each application you’d like to be able to use with the Start button.
  • Page 26 Macintosh is automatically enabled and set up to scan with PageManager when you press the Start button. If you ever want to disable the EPSON Scanner Monitor, do the following: 1 Select EPSON Scanner Monitor Setup from the Apple menu; you see the EPSON Scanner Monitor dialog box.
  • Page 27 Setting Up PageManager for Start Button Scanning To use PageManager with your scanner’s Start button, you must set up PageManager’s Scan Buttons palette and assign a destination program or device to the Start button. For example, if you want the images you...
  • Page 28 2 To change the program or device assigned to the Start button, click its icon in the Select target application box. 3 If you want to automatically launch EPSON TWAIN within PageManager when you press the Start button, make sure the Execute Scan Button automatically checkbox is checked.
  • Page 29 Adding a Destination to the Scan Buttons Palette If you want to add program or device icons to the Scan Buttons palette, follow these steps: 1 Open the File menu and select Scan Buttons Setting. You see the Scan Buttons Setting dialog box. Click the Properties tab, if necessary.
  • Page 30 Start button. For the best results, don’t suppress the If you don’t check the checkbox, the EPSON TWAIN dialog box EPSON TWAIN appears after you press the Start button and PageManager opens. interface when Then you can preview, select settings, and click Scan when you’re...
  • Page 31 If these settings are active, select the scan settings you want to use whenever you press the program or device icon; see Button Settings 7 If you want to assign a new destination program or device to the Start button, see 8 When you’re finished adding programs or devices, click OK.
  • Page 32 Reassigning Destinations on the Scan Buttons Palette You may want to reassign an existing icon to a different program or device, or just change its settings. For example, if you use more than one printer, you may want to reassign the printer icon to each printer as you need it.
  • Page 33 5 If you want to assign a new program or device to the Start button, see Assigning a Destination to the Start Button 6 When you’re finished reassigning destinations, click OK. Selecting Scan Button Settings If you select a device or program for which you’ve checked the Suppress TWAIN User Interface checkbox, the PageManager scan settings become active.
  • Page 34 The table below describes the settings and their available options. Setting Options Document Type Magazine (Text and Picture) (Windows only) Magazine (Picture) Photograph Document Letter Business Card Others Scan Mode Color Gray Black and White Scan Size Legal 8.5 Letter 8.5 A4 210 B5 182 A5 148...
  • Page 35 Select the scanning resolution you want to use. You can’t type in a custom resolution. The document feeder option is not available for this scanner. Adjust the brightness of the scan as necessary. This setting appears only when the Scan Mode is set to Color or Gray.
  • Page 36: Scanning With The Start Button

    Scanning with the Start Button Once you’ve set up your scanner monitoring utility and configured PageManager to handle your scanned images the way you want, you’re ready to scan with the Start button. The sequence of steps varies (as noted in the text), depending on whether you’ve elected to suppress the TWAIN interface or not, and...
  • Page 37 Follow these steps to scan with the Start button: 1 If you’re scanning a single page on the scanner’s document table, place the document face down and align its horizontal and vertical edges with the scales on the top and right side of the document table.
  • Page 38 Enabling Scanner Monitoring. Click Presto! PageManager for EPSON and click OK. (If the dialog box disappears before you select an application, press the scanner’s Start button again.) If you suppressed the 4 If PageManager wasn’t running when you pressed the Start button, TWAIN interface, you PageManager starts on your system.
  • Page 39 If you didn’t suppress the TWAIN interface, the EPSON TWAIN window opens in PageManager, along with the Scan Buttons bar. Go to step 5. 5 To scan a document for an OCR application, select the following settings in EPSON TWAIN: Select the OCR/Line Art tab.
  • Page 40 EPSON TWAIN scans the document. When scanning is finished, click you are scanning at a the Close button to close the EPSON TWAIN window. (If you resolution of 300 dpi, or suppressed the TWAIN interface, the EPSON TWAIN window doesn’t higher.
  • Page 41: Using The Epson Twain Utilities

    These sections give instructions for using the utilities installed along with EPSON TWAIN to help you scan and calibrate your system: Using the Scanner Monitoring Utility Using the EPSON Screen Calibration Utility Using the EPSON TWAIN Utilities Using the EPSON TWAIN...
  • Page 42: Using The Scanner Monitoring Utility

    Using the Scanner Monitoring Utility When you installed EPSON TWAIN on your system, the installer automatically installed one of these scanner monitoring utilities: Scan Events monitor in the Scanners and Cameras utility (Windows 98) EPSON Scanner Monitor (Macintosh) The scanner monitoring utilities let you use one-touch scanning with the scanner’s Start button and the Presto! PageManager software.
  • Page 43: Using The Epson Screen Calibration Utility

    When you installed EPSON TWAIN on your system, you calibrated your screen at the end of the installation sequence. If you change your monitor or want to re-calibrate your screen, you can run the EPSON Screen Calibration utility again. Calibrating your screen improves the accuracy of your preview images in EPSON TWAIN.
  • Page 44 3 If necessary, click the Devices tab. Click your scanner name in the box, then click the Properties button. 4 On the next screen, click the Utility tab. You see this dialog box: Screen Calibration Utility icon 5 Click the Screen Calibration Utility icon. You see the following:...
  • Page 45 8 Click OK at all the open windows to close them and return to the Control Panel. Calibrating the Macintosh Screen Follow these steps to calibrate your screen: 1 Open the EPSON Scanner folder and select EPSON Screen Calibration. You see the following dialog box: View the screen from a short distance when you calibrate it.
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    If you encounter any problems using EPSON TWAIN, try the solutions in these sections: Problems Using EPSON TWAIN Problems Using the Start Button Problems with Image Quality If the information here doesn’t help you solve the problem, check with your dealer or contact EPSON. See information.
  • Page 47: Problems Using Epson Twain

    Make sure the cables are connected properly. Also make sure your ready. scanner is plugged in and connected before starting EPSON TWAIN. If you started EPSON TWAIN first, exit the program, unplug your scanner, then plug it in again, and restart your system.
  • Page 48 Make sure EPSON TWAIN can access enough system memory. See more memory. the section on memory allocation in your computer manual. EPSON TWAIN is not EPSON TWAIN may not be selected as the TWAIN source in your selected as your application. See TWAIN source.
  • Page 49 You cannot scan images at all or only a few dots appear in the scanned image. Problem Solution You may have selected Select different EPSON TWAIN settings. You may have scanned from incorrect scan settings. the wrong tab or selected an incorrect Image Type or Threshold setting. Troubleshooting Selecting Settings for details.
  • Page 50: Problems Using The Start Button

    You see the message “No Push button scanner detected.” on your Macintosh. Problem Solution Scanner monitoring The EPSON Scanner Monitor (Macintosh) periodically checks on the doesn’t detect the status of your scanner to make sure it’s ready. Sometimes the scanner scanner.
  • Page 51 Start button to another application, scanning may take longer. This is the Start button in because your system must use extra resources to open PageManager PageManager. and EPSON TWAIN, and then scan your image, process it, and send it to another application. Troubleshooting Enabling Scanner Monitoring for instructions.
  • Page 52: Problems With Image Quality

    You may have moved the document during scanning. Check the position of the document. Make sure the scanner isn’t tilted or placed on an unstable surface. Color is patchy or distorted at the edges of the document. Problem Solution The document isn’t...
  • Page 53 Depending on your monitor, its resolution/color settings, and your be calibrated correctly. EPSON TWAIN settings, the screen colors may be different from the original colors. This may be normal, especially if the colors in the printed image more closely match the original. Make sure you have correctly...
  • Page 54 The printed image is larger or smaller than the size of the original. Problem Solution You may have changed Check the image size settings in your application. (In HotShots, click the image size. Get Info in the Image menu.) Also, some applications display high resolution images on lower resolution monitors so they appear larger than their original size.
  • Page 55 (in this case, double) the resolution to 600 dpi to retain the same image quality. See changing the Resolution setting. For additional information on selecting scanning resolution, see your Scanner Basics book. Moiré (crosshatch) patterns appear in the scanned image. Problem Solution You have scanned a To minimize moiré...
  • Page 56 Character recognition is inaccurate after OCR scanning. Problem Solution You scanned the Scan the document again using the OCR/Line Art tab in EPSON document using TWAIN. This automatically turns on the Text Enhancement Technology incorrect source tab. setting that eliminates background document noise. See...
  • Page 57: Where To Get Help

    EPSON Internet FTP Site EPSON Forum on CompuServe Troubleshooting Access From the Internet, you can reach EPSON’s Home Page at If you have Internet FTP capability, use your Web browser (or other software for FTP downloading) to log onto with the user name anonymous and your...
  • Page 58 Troubleshooting Access For pre-recorded answers to commonly asked questions about EPSON products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call (800) 922-8911. Access EPSON’s technical information library by calling (800) 922-8911. You must provide a return fax number to use this service.
  • Page 59: Glossary

    Glossary Short for binary digit. The smallest unit of data in computer processing. A bit can represent two values, on and off, or 1 and 0. bit/pixel The unit that indicates the number of bits allocated for a pixel. The larger the value, the more detail a pixel can represent.
  • Page 60 “reads” the colors in an image, and sends the color information to the computer as digital data. Threshold An EPSON TWAIN option that sets the point at which gray values in an image are represented as either black or white. Glossary...
  • Page 61: Index

    Color correction options, Color Management settings, ColorSync, 8, De-screening, Destination setting, problems, Destinations for Start button, Document position problems, Index EPSON Accessories, help, Help, Image Color Matching (ICM), Image problems, Image size, adjusting, Image Type setting, Manual preview, Manual, how to use,...
  • Page 62 Problems printing, using Start button, using TWAIN, QuickTime, Resolution setting, 16, problems, Scan button settings, PageManager, Scan Events, 6, 23, Scanner monitoring, 6, Scanning, basic, with Start button, Screen calibration problems, 47, utility, Service, Settings, problems with, to 25, 42,...
  • Page 63 Software installation problems, 47, Source settings, 12, sRGB, Start button enabling scanner monitoring, preparing to use, problems, scanning with, setting up PageManager, Support, System requirements Macintosh, Windows, Threshold setting, Troubleshooting, TWAIN previewing, problems, settings, starting, suppressing interface with Start button,...

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