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Conettix ITS-D6682-INTL | Installation Guide | 3.0 Configuring and Programming the D6682
12. If you pressed [ENTER] within five sec, you
should see the following screen.
Refer to Figure 9.
Figure 9: Telnet Session
13. Press [0] + [ENTER] to set up the basic
Server Configuration. You must enter the
desired IP address.
If the D6682 was already programmed with
an IP address, the address appears in
For example, if this D6682 was originally
programmed to IP address,
the address should be changed to
14. To properly program IP Address, press the following keys:
The IP and MAC addresses used in this
example are not the same as the
numbers you are using. This procedure
is for demonstration only.
15. When asked to set the Gateway IP address
(Figure 10), type N and press [ENTER] to
accept the default.
Figure 10: Telnet session – Gateway Address
The Gateway IP address is needed with
a wide area network (WAN). In a local
area network (LAN), the Gateway is
usually not needed.
16. To change the Netmask from the default,
enter the number of bits that correspond to
the Netmask your network is using.
Refer to Table 2 on page 9).
See your network administrator for more
17. Press [ENTER] after entering the correct
number of bits for the Netmask.
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. | 2/09 | F01U126778-01


Table of Contents

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