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Arp Command Usage - Bosch Conettix ITS-D6682-INTL Installation Manual


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Conettix ITS-D6682-INTL | Installation Guide | 3.0 Configuring and Programming the D6682

ARP Command Usage

Perform the following procedure when using the ARP
command to assign an IP address to a D6682. The
MAC address shown below is used as an example.
The IP and MAC addresses used in this
example are not the same as the
numbers you are using. This procedure
is for demonstration only.
1. Select Start → Run to open an MS-DOS
2. At the Run dialog box, type COMMAND and
click OK.
A DOS window appears.
3. Type the arp –s command with the IP
address and the MAC hardware address.
For this example the IP address is and the MAC hardware
address is: 00-20-4a-01-b5-3d
If the computer responds with the
C:\WINDOWS> prompt after you enter the
ARP command, the address is accepted.
Refer to Figure 6.
Figure 6: MS-DOS Prompt
There is no indication that the operation
is properly performed. The absence of
an error message is an indication that
the ARP command was successful.
4. Type arp-g and press [ENTER] to verify that
the IP address was entered correctly:
arp -g [ENTER]
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