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miCoach SMART RUN User Manual

Cutting-edge fitness monitor and personal coach
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User Manual



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  Summary of Contents for miCoach miCoach SMART RUN

  • Page 1 SMART RUN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    3.8 Keyboard use 4.4.1 Battery and sync 3.9 Screen lock Battery status indicator 3.10 Display sleep mode Syncing Using your miCoach SMART RUN 4.4.2 Connectivity 4.1 Clock domain Flight mode 4.1.1 Stopwatch WLAN 4.1.2 Timer Bluetooth...
  • Page 3: Welcome To Micoach

    1. Welcome to miCoach miCoach customizable workouts give you the performance edge needed to get faster, stronger, and better at your sport. miCoach combines real-time audible coaching with an intelligent Web application to help every athlete, from beginner to advanced, get the most out of each training session.
  • Page 4: Your Micoach Smart Run

    RUN and enjoy a smooth start into the unique experience we’ve created for you. schedules, GPS mapping, and integrated heart rate monitoring technologies, your miCoach SMART RUN guides you to ensure you’re getting the most out of The miCoach SMART RUN is the most comprehensive and sophisticated sports each run.
  • Page 5: Overview

    2.1 Overview When you open your package, you’ll find everything you need to use your miCoach SMART RUN. miCoach SMART RUN Charger Contact points Optical heart rate monitor miCoach button USB cable...
  • Page 6: Compatibility

    2.2 Compatibility To give you a better, more complete experience, your miCoach SMART RUN works with devices compatible with Bluetooth Smart technology. ® SPEED_CELL™ Bluetooth Smart Compatible BLUETOOTH wireless headset* ® ® Note: If you haven’t paired your miCoach SMART RUN with a Bluetooth device, ®...
  • Page 7: Basic Steps

    It’s tempting to start using your miCoach SMART RUN right away, but you’ll need When your miCoach SMART RUN is turned on and connected to your PC / Mac, to charge it in the charging cradle before your first workout. This cradle is also the screen goes to the Settings domain.
  • Page 8 Battery Indication While wearing your miCoach SMART RUN, it will notify you if the battery is running low. You’ll see the following notifications. Battery below 3 % Device powers off automatically. The first notification will be when the The second notification will appear When the battery runs out, your Don’t worry about your data.
  • Page 9: Status Icons

    3.2 Status icons To make your miCoach SMART RUN easier to use, we’ve created status icons at the top of your miCoach SMART RUN screen to show active or enabled items. There are user-prompted icons and icons that are always active.
  • Page 10: Wearing Your Micoach Smart Run

    To get a good heart rate signal and the best results possible, follow following steps. the simple steps below. • Tighten the strap and / or move your miCoach SMART RUN further up your forearm. • If it’s cold outside, activate the heart rate reading while indoors and or wear a long-sleeved top to cover it.
  • Page 11: Turning Your Micoach Smart Run On /Off

    Press the miCoach button until the device vibrates to turn on your miCoach SMART RUN. 1. adidas logo 2. miCoach logo 3. Pulse animation Once it’s booted up, you’ll see the Clock domain and your miCoach SMART RUN will be ready to go (to change your Clock domain’s appearance, see section 4.1).
  • Page 12 Restarting your miCoach SMART RUN If your miCoach SMART RUN isn’t reacting or freezes, press the miCoach button for 8 –10 seconds to shut down your miCoach SMART RUN without any animations. Press it again to restart.
  • Page 13: Setting Up Your Micoach Smart Run

    3.5 Setting up your miCoach SMART RUN Before working out with your miCoach SMART RUN for the fi rst time or after Indicator for tapping resetting (see section 4.4.4), follow the directions on screen. This shows your selection and the direction of the animation for the next screen.
  • Page 14 You also have the option to connect to your WLAN via WPS if it’s available on your language and confi rm router. Once your miCoach SMART RUN is connected to your WLAN, you’ll see a connec- tion screen. Step 2: Connect to your WLAN.
  • Page 15 Step 3: Choose your time zone and confi rm / edit time and date. Step 4: Log in with your miCoach account. If you don‘t have a miCoach account, visit, sign up, and log in from your miCoach SMART RUN.
  • Page 16 3.8). a) With token To use the token-based sign in, go to to enter the token shown on your miCoach SMART RUN. After confi rming the code on the website tap “VERIFY” on the device to continue.
  • Page 17 The pairing process will start and your headset will be connected. ® section Pairing devices can be done repeatedly. To dismiss this option, tap “DONE“. Your miCoach SMART RUN will check for Bluetooth devices. Select the device ® you want to pair.
  • Page 18: Creating Customized Workout Screens

    During your Free Workouts and coached workouts, you can check your realtime feedback on the screen (see section and for more information). When your miCoach SMART RUN is ready, you’ll see a check mark. Swipe to You can also create your own customized workout screens with one, two, reveal the Clock domain and start using your miCoach SMART RUN.
  • Page 19: Navigating Your Micoach Smart Run

    3.7 Navigating your miCoach SMART RUN There are four domains on your Your miCoach SMART RUN screens Swipe left and right for the main menus miCoach SMART RUN. To move from work two ways: screen-based scrol- one domain to the next, swipe the ling and free scrolling.
  • Page 20: Keyboard Use

    3.8 Keyboard use To select a specifi c screen when scrolling freely, tap on the screen. This slides the Your miCoach SMART RUN’s virtual keyboard allows you to manually enter infor- following view into place from the right. mation. To access the keyboard’s multiple layers, swipe the screen vertically. The keyboard views are paging so that each keyboard snaps into place when entering the view.
  • Page 21 Uppercase letters Lowercase letters Numbers and symbols Note: Special characters from other languages aren’t supported. To connect your miCoach SMART RUN with your miCoach account, use the token sign in (see section 3.5).
  • Page 22: Screen Lock

    Pressing and holding the miCoach button produces a lock symbol and a pro- You can also wear your miCoach SMART RUN as a regular watch. When wearing gress bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar advances as long as the button it as a watch and using it in workout mode, the screen will automatically go into is pressed.
  • Page 23: Using Your Micoach Smart Run

    4. Using your miCoach SMART RUN 4.1 Clock domain 4.1.1 Stopwatch When you unlock your miCoach SMART RUN or press the miCoach button while Your miCoach SMART RUN also has a stopwatch. Using the stopwatch during it’s locked, the Clock domain will appear.
  • Page 24: Timer

    To create a lap, start the stopwatch. Once you’ve completed the lap, press the miCoach button. Your miCoach SMART RUN will vibrate and the lap will appear on the screen. To review your laps, stop the stopwatch and tap the area between the header and...
  • Page 25: Flight Mode

    To set the timer, scroll using the tumblers. You can also move between h / min and When paused, the timer can be resumed or reset to current default. min / sec. The default timer value for fi rst-time use is 00:00. The “START” button is disabled whenever the value is zero.
  • Page 26: Micoach Domain

    4.2 miCoach domain 4.2.1 Custom Workouts The miCoach domain is divided into four subdomains: Custom Workouts, Your Custom workouts are divided into Free Workouts and Interval Workouts. Plans, Extras, and Track. If no workouts are planned, you’ll see the quick start screen.
  • Page 27 The get ready screen will open. Scroll down to access the settings and the sensor With the Auto Laps feature, your miCoach SMART RUN can automatically track list. laps based on time or distance. You can set interval values by tapping “Set inter- val.”...
  • Page 28 In the sensor list, all sensors you’ve already paired with your miCoach SMART During a workout RUN will appear. If you’re working out inside, you can disconnect GPS in this view. During your workout, you’ll be able to check your real-time feedback. Depending Once you’re done with the settings, tap “GET READY”...
  • Page 29 Heart rate screen: The metric and main number coloring is based on your Manual Splits current heart rate zone. Metrics on this screen include current heart rate, dis- Pressing the miCoach button creates manual splits while working out. tance, and workout time. This screen is shown for 4 seconds before it returns to the workout realtime feed- Pace screen: Metrics on this screen include current pace, current lap, current back screen.
  • Page 30 During a workout, you can access your main stats screen as well as the Music Pause your workout with a long press on the miCoach button. domain. Scroll sideways to access both screens. Warning: Avoid using headphones at high volume. Hearing experts advise against continuous and extended play at high volumes as this may impair your hearing.
  • Page 31 Tap “RESUME” to continue your workout or “END” to finish and save your workout Tapping “RESUME” returns you to your workout. To end your workout and see summary. your workout summary, tap “SAVE.” When you choose to end your workout, you’ll be asked to confirm to continue. You can rate your workout on the summary screen.
  • Page 32 Run Score Split data shows all the information about recorded splits. In the summary screen, you’ll see your Run Score. This feature is only available after Free Workouts. Whether you’re planning to run a race or you just want to keep track of your improvements, the Run Score feature can help. You’ll be assigned a Run Score between 0 and 1000.
  • Page 33: Interval Workout Interval Workout Interval Workouts improve strength, speed, and endurance. This style of working To set an interval or rest period, tap on the desired zone. This jumps to the time out keeps workouts fun and fresh and helps you avoid burning out. selector.
  • Page 34 To set repetitions, tap “Repetition” and use the tumbler. The Interval Workout screen is similar to the Free Workout screen (see section, but it has a built-in graphic displaying the colored intervals. Heart rate screen Interval Workout op- tions are similar to Free Workouts.
  • Page 35 Changing your zones (heart rate or pace) during Interval Workouts works the Pausing and ending an Interval Workout works the same as in a Free Workout same as changing your zones in coached workouts. (For more details about (see section changing zones, see section The only difference is the wording.
  • Page 36: Your Plans

    As your fi tness level improves, retake your Assessment Workout to update your zones. To retake your Assessment Workout, go to Single Workouts (see section Once you set up your plan, sync your miCoach SMART RUN (syncing instructions on section to see your plan.
  • Page 37: Cardio Plan Cardio plan Cardio workouts focus on burning calories rather than developing muscle mass. Touch on any list item in the previous view to open coached workouts. In this view, you’ll see the workout graph in a bigger format and coach notes detailing The plan view initially shows upcoming workouts in the order they’ll be per- the workout.
  • Page 38 Coached workouts work differently from the Free Workouts (see section During a workout The voice coaching setting opens a list of voice coaching options. Selecting any The main screen displays an elastic band with current heart rate, pace, and target of these returns you to workout options and changes the status label of this zones.
  • Page 39 The workout plan graph shows current time and position. This graph dims as Prior to an upcoming zone change, the workout time passes and the marker moves accordingly. At the halfway point, the time time displays the countdown. As the zone change indicator moves to the other side of the marker.
  • Page 40 During your coached workout, you have access to the same screens – stats and Creating manual splits or using Auto Laps during coached workouts is handled in music – as the Free Workout. the same way as it is in Free Workouts (see section If auto scroll is active (see section 4.4.4), you’ll always return to the main workout When you pause a coached workout, the screen looks similar to the Free screen after 6 seconds if left untouched.
  • Page 41: Strength & Flex Plan Strength & Flex plan Coached workout summaries are similar to Free Workouts, but they display the Using Strength & Flex plans with Cardio plans provides you with the balanced, graphs (see section The graph visually shows how well you followed the well-rounded training you need to take your training to the next level.
  • Page 42 The Strength & Flex plan view shows your next workout as the fi rst item. The Workout options in Strength & Flex plans are similar to Free Workout options. initial number of items in this view is 10. The title of each item is the date and Marathon mode isn’t available for Strength &...
  • Page 43 A vibration confi rms the exercise has been completed. Your miCoach SMART RUN will automatically take you to the next exercise to ensure Note: There are no manual splits or Auto Laps in Strength & Flex plans. A short a smooth transition through your plan.
  • Page 44 Time-based exercises are marked with a timer icon next to the play icon. Selec- Below is an overview of actionable icons shown during Strength & Flex exercises. ting play starts the sequence. The countdown is supported by short vibrations. Tap the “x” button to cancel the countdown and the specifi c exercise. Icon Icon Name What it Means...
  • Page 45: Extras

    4.2.3 Extras Pausing a Strength & Flex workout works the same as in Free Workouts. The Extras is the third subdomain in the miCoach domain. Scroll down past your fi rst screen shows basic workout data. Tapping “RESUME” takes you back to the plans to fi nd it.
  • Page 46: Fit Test Single Workouts Extras is divided into Fit Test and Single Workouts. Single Workouts are individual workouts that you can perform anytime. These workouts can be created on A preset number of workouts are already available when you initially create your miCoach account as easy and simple reference workouts for you to try.
  • Page 47: Track

    4.2.4 Track Track consists of two main parts. The fi rst is the main screen visual area and the You can change the main graph’s view (see the end of this section to learn how to second is a group of buttons. change the graphs).
  • Page 48 The workout history view shows all workouts you’ve performed with your miCoach SMART RUN and any other miCoach device or service you use. If you run with your miCoach SMART RUN today and compete in a football match with the miCoach SPEED_CELL™...
  • Page 49 Your miCoach SMART RUN holds up to 20 workouts in your workout history. Tap- Lifetime stats ping on any item in this view will take you to the workout summary so you can Lifetime stats are a compiled list of all of your stats across all completed work- review your stats for those workouts.
  • Page 50 Charts This setting allows you to change the miCoach view main chart (see section 4.2.4). The “SET AS DEFAULT” button is disabled for the currently selected graph. Selecting a new default graph re- turns you to the main screen.
  • Page 51: Music Domain

    Pacer or a SPEE 15:12 You will fi nd your miCoach SMART RUN on your desktop or under My Computer on your PC / Mac. SMART RUN * Warning: Avoid using headphones at high volume. Hearing experts advise against continuous and extended play at high volumes as this may impair your hearing.
  • Page 52: Using The Music Player

    4.3.2 Using the music player Music main view Current song Player and cover art The current or last played album cover is shown in the Main controls background. Volume level (%) Volume controls The main volume control displays the volume level in Increase volume percentage.
  • Page 53 Music player main controls Volume control Tap on the plus and minus buttons to adjust the volume in 5 % increments. Tap and hold to adjust the volume slowly but continuously in 5 % incre- ments. When volume adjustment reaches the minimum level, the volume percentage is replaced by a muted Icon Icon Name...
  • Page 54: Managing Music During A Workout

    4.3.3 Managing music during a workout To power your workout with music and stay motivated, make your music selec- Get real-time feedback Manage your music tions before starting your workout. The music starts playing when your workout starts. You can also choose to not listen to music at all by tapping “None” from the collection view.
  • Page 55: Settings Domain

    4.4 Settings domain The Settings domain is divided into four subdomains. Scroll down to fi nd your The status icons indicate the basic state of your miCoach SMART RUN at the top miCoach SMART RUN setting options. of selected screens. (For status icon details, see section 3.2.)
  • Page 56: Battery And Sync

    The battery icon on the main settings screen provides a status on the current Manual sync battery level of your miCoach SMART RUN. Any charge below 15 % is indicated You can manually sync your workouts, profi le, device settings, and training plans by a red outlined battery icon (for charging instruction, see section 3.1).
  • Page 57: Connectivity

    In this section, you’ll learn more about fl ight mode, WLAN, and Bluetooth ® gress overlay is shown. connectivity. Flight mode Flight mode disables your miCoach SMART RUN’s wireless features to reduce potential interference with aircraft operation and other electrical equipment. This includes WLAN, GPS, and Bluetooth functionality. ®...
  • Page 58: Wlan WLAN If you try to sync to despite fl ight mode When setting up your miCoach SMART RUN (section 3.5), WLAN is also confi - being active, the next screen overlay will appear to gured. inform you of the current fl ight mode state accompanied If you want to set up a new WLAN later, you can use the virtual keyboard or WPS.
  • Page 59 Note: If WLAN auto sync is disabled, you can still sync your miCoach SMART RUN manually. If you activate fl ight mode, sync won’t be available. If you already have a WLAN set up, the selected network item moves to the top of the view and the connection icon becomes animated.
  • Page 60 A successful connection is confi rmed by an overlay that automatically disappears Disconnecting WLAN after 1–2 seconds and a vibration. Selecting the current network item provides access to the network info and the disconnect option. Join a hidden network To connect to a hidden network, tap “OTHER NETWORKS” and enter the network name using the virtual keyboard.
  • Page 61: Bluetooth

    ® Manage your devices / sensors If you’ve already paired devices with your miCoach SMART RUN, those are always accessible regardless of Bluetooth being on or off. Under Paired devices, you’ll ®...
  • Page 62 Note: If your headset only has the antenna located on one side, wear your “UNPAIR.” miCoach SMART RUN on the same side of your body to ensure a strong signal and smooth audio quality. If your device isn‘t supported, an overlay will appear.
  • Page 63: Workout Settings

    4.4.3 Workout settings Your workout settings controls everything related to the miCoach SMART RUN’s • Volume balance settings while working out. You can control the following in this section: The volume balance setting allows you to adjust the audio coaching volume in relation to the music player volume.
  • Page 64 With miCoach, you can select your personal coach from a list of coaching voice ween time- or distance-based updates. For example, if you want 1 km updates packages we’ve created for you. You can be coached by your favorite adidas for time, calories, and pace, you’ll hear an audio update every kilometer for athlete and / or a coach who speaks your native language.
  • Page 65: Device Settings

    Scroll down to see different clock faces. The “SELECT” button for the clock miCoach SMART RUN is within range of a previously set face you currently have set up will be disabled.
  • Page 66 Set 12 h time. Set 24 h time. • Regional formats Select the unit, the date format, and the number separator under Regional Formats. The day and month are set sepa- rately from the year. • User profi le Under User Profi le, you’ll fi nd details about your account. You can also sign out and change to a different account.
  • Page 67: About Menu

    • About If you want to clear your miCoach SMART RUN’s settings and history or it keeps Under About, you’ll fi nd details about your miCoach freezing, use the factory reset option. This will delete all stored information. SMART RUN, including software version, legal info, While resetting, a progress bar provides feedback on the ongoing reset process.
  • Page 68: Care And Maintenance

    • Don’t scratch the sensor area. Protect it from damage. • Wipe your miCoach SMART RUN with a damp cloth as needed. Use mild soap to remove oil or dirt. • Don’t expose your device to strong chemicals such as gasoline, cleaning solvents, acetone, alcohol, or insect repellents.
  • Page 69: Specifications

    SW Environment Based on Android OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean) adidas miCoach coaching application UI Music player audio formats supported: MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis Weight miCoach SMART RUN device: 80.5 g miCoach SMART RUN charger: 9.7 g USB cable: 0.01 g...
  • Page 70: Customer Service Information

    3. The warranty is void in case of any exclusions or limitations indicated in sec- tion 3 of the adidas miCoach warranty. 4. With regard to section 4 of the adidas miCoach warranty, the modalities of how to obtain warranty service must be followed.
  • Page 71: Legal Notes And Disclaimer

    8. Legal notes and disclaimer 8.1 Trademark and copyright © 2013 adidas AG. adidas and the 3-Stripes mark are registered trademarks of FCC regulatory information the adidas Group. Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 72 Modification Statement colocalisé ni fonctionner conjointement avec à autre antenne ou autre émetteur. adidas AG has not approved any changes or modifications to this device by the FCC Class B Digital Device Notice user. Any changes or modifications could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 73 1999 / 5 / CE. English Hereby, adidas AG declares that this G76792 is in compliance Hér með lýsir adidas AG yfir því að G76792 er í samræmi Icelandic with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions við...
  • Page 74 Annex IV of Directive 1999 / 5 / EC has been followed with the involvement of the 1999 / 5 / ES. following Notified Body Notified Body: adidas AG izjavlja, da je ta G76792 v skladu z bistvenimi Slovenian zahtevami...
  • Page 75: Legal Notes And Disclaimer Within Micoach Smart Run

    When you work out, you assume all inherent risks. The optical heart rate component build into the miCoach SMART RUN provides very accurate heart rate measurements. However, it’s not a medical device.
  • Page 76: Precautions

    The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by ® Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by the adidas AG is under license. ® Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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