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Installation Instructions =Electricdryer; Install Coin-Slide And Coin Box - Whirlpool CSP2760TQ0 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial stacked dryer
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Electrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Do not remove ground prong.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death,
fire_ or electrical
2. Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
3. Check dryer operation (some accumulated
time may be on
the timer due to factory testing).
Insert coins in slide and press slide in slowly. (Operating time
will accumulate per number of coins and type of timing cam
used.) Push START/RESTART button. Using a full heat cycle
(not the air cycle), let the dryer run for at least five minutes.
Dryer will stop when time is used up.
NOTE: Dryer door must be closed for dryer to operate. When
door is open, dryer stops, but timer continues to run. To
restart dryer, close door and push START/RESTART button.
4. If the burner does not ignite and you can feel no heat inside
the dryer, shut off dryer for five minutes. Check that all supply
valve controls are in "ON" position and that the electrical cord
is plugged in. Repeat five-minute test.
The collar houses the accumulator timer with actuating arm and
The factory-installed
timer is set to provide 45 minutes (4 pins)
of drying time when activated by the coin slide. Timer cams for
30-minute (6 pins) and 60-minute (3 pins) drying times are
included in the parts bag.
The coin-slide mechanism, control panel lock and key, and coin-
box lock and key are not included and are available from usual
industry sources.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install dryer.
Failure to do so can result in hack or other injury.
Open control panel and rest it on the bottom edge of the
opening. Attach slide extension (with flange pointing down) to
one of the coin-slide mechanisms.
A. slide extension
Insert the coin-slide mechanism through the opening to the
left of the control panel.
Using two or more people, move dryer to desired installation
2. Check that each leg is approximately
1" (2.5 cm) from base.
3. Wipe the interior of the drums thoroughly with a damp cloth.
4. Install coin vaults and locks (not supplied) into meter case
5. Install control panel lock and key (not supplied).
6. If you wish to change the 45-minute dryer timing cams to
either 30- or 60-minute timing cams, see "Changing to a
30- or 60-Minute Timing Cam," section. Complete all of the
steps given in that section before going to Step 7.
9. Secure coin slide mechanism from inside the control panel
using the 3/16"bolt and washer included with the slide
mechanism. Install coin box.
t0. Repeat Steps 7, 8 and 9 for the other coin-slide mechanism.
Close control panel.


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