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Troubleshooting - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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v Connect the router with the DHCP service to a LAN port on the
Note: The Gateway configuration page is still available at the new LAN
IP address. Be certain the other router can accommodate the fixed
IP address of the Gateway.
Note: The configuration changes made through the Web-based setup
utility are automatically saved into the flash memory within 30
seconds after clicking Apply.


This section provides information on troubleshooting problems with your IBM
High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway.
v Power LED is off
If the power LEDs are off while the Gateway is turned on, be sure that the
power adapter is properly connected to your Gateway. Be sure that you are
using the 12V dc power adapter included in your option package. If the
problem persists, contact the IBM HelpCenter.
v Self-test LED stays on for more than 30 seconds
If you experience problems with the Self-test LED, turn the power off and
on to the Gateway and check that the LED turns off after a short amount of
time. If the error persists, contact the IBM HelpCenter.
Note: If you have recently upgraded the firmware and the LED stays on,
use the FirstAid Utility for an emergency firmware upgrade.
v Check your LAN connections to the Gateway.
After checking the Ethernet connection between your computer and the
server, use the TCP/IP PING command to determine if the TCP/IP settings
are correct for the server and the computer:
1. If you are using a Windows-based computer, click Start
2. Type
Note: If you have changed the IP address of the Gateway, type the new
IP address after PING.
If you receive replies for this command, the IP address of your computer
is set up correctly.
If you do not receive replies for this command, check that you typed the
correct IP address. If the problem persists, contact the IBM HelpCenter.
v Test the path from your computer to a remote device:
High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway: User's Guide
Command Prompt.