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Packet Filtering - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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Click Advanced Configuration → MAC address clone to display the MAC
address clone page.
Select one of the following:
v Auto acquire from first connected PC. Make sure the PC with the desired
MAC address is the only PC connected to the Gateway. Then select auto
acquire and click on Apply.
v Manual configuration. Manually enter the desired MAC address
v Reset to Default. This will reset the MAC address to the factory default.

Packet filtering

By default, all users can access all services on the Internet. With packet
filtering, the network Administrator can block users from specific sites or
applications on the Internet.
Note: The type of packet filtering used by the Gateway is not the same as the
packet filtering used by the built-in firewall.
To configure packet filtering, click Advanced Configuration, and then click
Packet Filtering Configuration to display the Packet Filtering table.
High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway: User's Guide