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Virtual Server - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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routers on your network and at least one of the routers is connected to more
than one network (or subnet). To route TCP/IP, do the following:
1. Click Advanced Configuration
routing table.
2. Click Add to add a new entry into the static routing table.
v Network Address: The IP address of the destination network
v Subnet Mask: The network mask of the destination network address
v Gateway: IP address of the gateway or router to which the packets
destined for the destination network will be forwarded
v Interface: Output interface to which packets will be forwarded. It can be
the LAN Ethernet or Internet-broadband port.
3. Click Apply. A new entry is added to the routing table.
Note: The configuration changes made through the Web-based setup utility
are automatically saved into the flash memory within 30 seconds
after clicking Apply.

Virtual server

With the IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway, you can make some servers
on the LAN accessible to users through the Internet. These servers are called
Virtual Servers.
Only one server for each IP service can be run (for example, http or ftp). Each
service is defined by the service type (TCP or UDP) and the TCP or UDP Port
number, respectively.
Static Routing Table to display the static
Part 5: Using tools for advanced configuration