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Part 5: Using Tools For Advanced Configuration; Advanced Configuration; Dhcp Configuration - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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Part 5: Using tools for advanced configuration

This section provides instructions for using the advanced configuration tool in
the Web-based setup utility.

Advanced configuration

Click Advanced Configuration to display the Advanced Configuration table.

DHCP configuration

With dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), you can automatically
configure the TCP/IP settings of the computers on the LAN, including the IP
address and subnet mask.
The Gateway integrates a DHCP server to simplify the setup of TCP/IP
networks. The server can provide the following settings to the client
v IP Address
v Subnet Mask
v Default Gateway
v DNS Server
To adjust the DHCP configuration on your Gateway, do the following:
1. Click Advanced Configuration, and then click DCHP Configuration to
display the DHCP Client table. The DHCP Client Table displays the DHCP
IP addresses assigned by the DHCP server the last time the Gateway was
turned on.
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