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Help Feature - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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– DHCP: Displays the status (enabled or disabled) of the DHCP and the
range of IP addresses controlled by the DHCP server
v Internet-Broadband Status:
– MAC Address: The Ethernet MAC address of the Internet-Broadband
interface of the Gateway, displayed in six hexadecimal numbers
– IP Address: The IP address of the Gateway as seen by external users on
the Internet (including your ISP)
– Subnet Mask: The local subnet mask of the Internet-Broadband interface
of the Gateway
– Gateway: The Gateway IP Address provided by your ISP
– DNS Server: The IP address of the DNS Server
Note: If PPPoE has been enabled, there will be a PPPoE Status button on the
System information page. This button will display the PPPoE status and
buttons for you to manually disconnect and reconnect the PPPoE session
with your ISP.

Help Feature

The GUI Management tool provides an easy help function to help you
configure the Gateway. You can click Help in each configuration window for
help with configuring each parameter, or you can click Help on the left-hand
navigation bar to get general help information, or to choose the parameter you
need help with from the list.
High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway: User's Guide