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Wireless Settings - Status Monitor; Ieee 802.11B Wireless Lan Access Point General Information - IBM 22P6415 User Manual

High rate wireless lan gateway
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Block or Allow: You can list specific MAC addresses to block or allow in this
window. Blocking a specific MAC address will allow everyone else with the
correct settings to access the LAN and the Gateway. Allowing a specific MAC
address will allow only that MAC address access to the LAN and Gateway as
long as WEP and ESSID are correct.

Wireless Settings - Status Monitor

The Status monitor is an advanced function for experts only. Click Status
monitor in the left-hand navigation bar to display the following window.
IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN Access Point General
v MAC Address (BSS ID): 00-00-00-00-00-00
v Frequency Domain
v Statistics
v Wireless Transmit
v Wireless Receive
v Fragments: 0
v Fragments: 0
v Unicast Packets: 0
v Unicast Packets: 0
v Unicast Bytes: 0
v Unicast Bytes: 0
Part 3: Setting up the wireless access point in the IBM High Rate Wireless LAN Gateway