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Emerson 3000 User Manual

Emerson 3000 User Manual

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User Manual–1000/1500/2200/3000, 120VAC
AC Power
For Business-Critical Continuity™


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  • Page 1 AC Power For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert PSI XR ® ™ User Manual–1000/1500/2200/3000, 120VAC...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4 3000—rear view ........
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    MPORTANT AFETY NSTRUCTIONS SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS This manual contains important instructions that should be followed during installation and mainte- nance of the UPS. • Intended for installation in a temperature-controlled, indoor area free of conductive contaminants. • Maximum ambient temperature 104°F (40°C). Read this manual thoroughly before attempting to install or operate this UPS.
  • Page 6 This UPS provides conditioned power to connected equipment. It is not intended for use with life-sup- port and other designated “critical” devices. Maximum load must not exceed that shown on the UPS rating label. If uncertain, consult your local dealer, local Emerson Network Power representative or Channel Support Applications.
  • Page 7: Glossary Of Symbols

    LOSSARY OF YMBOLS Risk of electrical shock Indicates caution followed by important instructions Indicates the unit contains a valve-regulated, lead-acid battery Recycle DC voltage Equipment grounding conductor Bonded to ground AC voltage ON/Alarm Silence/Manual Self-Diagnostic Test Status Change Button...
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction NTRODUCTION The Liebert PSI XR is a 2U, line-interactive UPS that may be installed in a rack or used as a tower ™ UPS. Status indicators on the front of the Liebert PSI XR display load level, battery level, buck/boost, site- wiring fault, overload, battery status and UPS operation.
  • Page 9: Figure 3 2200-Rear View

    15A Output Circuit Breaker Protection Receptacles #1 and #2 DIP Switch for Receptacles #5 & #6 Figure 4 3000—rear view 15A Output Circuit Breaker for Receptacles #3 & #4 Power Cord; L5-30P Receptacles #3 and #4 (not shown for clarity)
  • Page 10: What S Included

    What’s Included ’ NCLUDED The Liebert PSI XR is shipped with the following items: • Multi-Language User Manual on CD • Liebert MultiLink Software and User Manual, downloadable at • Contact Closure (ML9P9S) Cable • USB Cable • Tower Stands •...
  • Page 11: Installation

    Installation NSTALLATION Preparation CAUTION The UPS and battery cabinets are heavy (see Table 6 and Table 7). Take proper precautions when lifting or moving either the UPS or battery cabinets. The Liebert PSI XR may be installed in either a tower or rack configuration. Determine the method that suits the application and proceed.
  • Page 12: Tower Ups Installation

    Installation Tower UPS Installation See Figure 7 when using the Liebert PSI XR in a tower configuration. Figure 7 Tower configuration—attach Tower Stands Step 2 Step 1...
  • Page 13: Rack-Mount Ups Conversion And Installation

    Installation Rack-Mount UPS Conversion and Installation See Figure 8 when installing the Liebert PSI XR in a rack. External battery cabinets are installed in same manner. Figure 8 Convert the Liebert PSI XR for rack installation Step 1 Step 2 Step 4 Step 3 Step 5...
  • Page 14: Orient Display For Installation

    Orienting the UPS display Charge Batteries and Perform Battery Startup Before connecting input power or connecting the load, Emerson recommends these steps: • Charge the battery for at least 8 hours. • Start the UPS on battery to ensure the battery is fully functional and charged.
  • Page 15: Connect Network Surge Protection

    Installation Connect Network Surge protection Connect a 10 base-T/100 network cable to the network surge protection IN jack on the rear of the UPS. Connect from the OUT jack with network cabling to network equipment (see Figure 11). Figure 11 Connect network surge protection Network Equipment INPUT...
  • Page 16: Set Up Liebert Multilink Software

    • Connect one end of the USB cable (supplied) to the USB port on the rear of the UPS. Connect the other end to a USB port on the computer. See the Liebert MultiLink user manual for operating instructions. NOTE Emerson recommends connecting the USB cable directly to the computer WITHOUT using a USB hub. 3.10 EPO Switch The Liebert PSI XR is equipped with an Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch.
  • Page 17: External Battery Cabinet Installation

    Installation 3.11 External Battery Cabinet Installation Optional Liebert external battery cabinets may be connected to the UPS to provide additional battery run time. External battery cabinets are designed to be placed all on one side of the UPS or stacked beneath the UPS.
  • Page 18: Figure 15 Connect Battery Cabinets To Ups

    Installation Figure 15 Connect battery cabinets to UPS INPUT OUTPUT FUNCTION VOLTAGE=110V VOLTAGE=120V VOLTAGE=127V DC 24V See Table 8 for approximate battery run times.
  • Page 19: Controls And Indicators

    Controls and Indicators ONTROLS AND NDICATORS Buttons on the front panel display control the Liebert PSI XR. Eight LEDs indicate the UPS’s status. Refer to Figure 16 and Table 2. Figure 16 Display and status indicators Load Level Battery Level Table 2 Display and status indicators function, legend Item...
  • Page 20: Control Buttons

    If LED still indicates the battery is weak after the battery has been retested, contact your local dealer, local Emerson representative or Channel Support Applications. If LED indicates a Battery Fault: Contact your local dealer, local Emerson representative or Channel Support Applications.
  • Page 21: Battery Level Indicator

    Controls and Indicators 4.2.3 Battery Level Indicator The five LEDs illuminate with a steady glow to indicate battery capacity. Battery capacity is shown for five seconds after the Status Change button is pressed. The LEDs show the battery capacity as a range, ±...
  • Page 22: Operational Modes

    Operational Modes PERATIONAL ODES Normal Mode When the UPS is in Normal Mode, the Normal Mode Indicator illuminates green. Buck/Boost Mode The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) circuitry compensates for fluctuations in utility power, such as voltage surges and sags. When the Liebert PSI XR detects an abnormality, it raises the undervolt- age (boost) or lowers the overvoltage (buck) as needed.
  • Page 23: Communication

    Communication OMMUNICATION DB-9 Connector The UPS has a DB-9 (9 pin female) connector on the rear to allow UPS status communications with a computer running Liebert MultiLink software in contact closure mode. The connection provides On Battery and Low Battery notification. When power is interrupted and battery power is low, Liebert MultiLink software can signal the host computer to gracefully shut down the operating system.
  • Page 24: Ups Communications

    Communication UPS Communications The Liebert PSI XR is equipped with a Liebert IntelliSlot port to provide advanced communication and monitoring options. Liebert MultiLink software continually monitors the UPS and can shut down your computer or server via USB, contact closure and SNMP (via IS-WEBRT3 card) in the event of an extended power failure. The Liebert IS-WEBRT3 provides SNMP and Web-based monitoring and control of the UPS across the network.
  • Page 25: Battery Maintenance

    UPS is switched Off. If the Liebert PSI XR will be stored for an extended period, Emerson recommends connecting the UPS to input power for at least 8 hours every four to six months to keep the batteries charged.
  • Page 26: Pecifications

    NEC limits the input current rating of the PS2200RT3-120XR and PS2200RT3120XRW models to 80% of the input plug's rating. Up to 2200VA/1980W is available by contacting a certified electrician to change the input plug to 30A plug. Emerson Network Power assumes no...
  • Page 27: Table 7

    Specifications Table 7 Battery cabinet specifications Model Number PSRT3-24VBXR PSRT3-48VBXR PS1000RT3-120XR PS2200RT3-120XR PS1000RT3120XRW PS2200RT3120XRW Used w/UPS Model PS1500RT3-120XR PS3000RT3-120XR PS1500RT3120XRW PS3000RT3120XRW Dimensions, W x D x H, in (mm) Unit 17.3 x 19.3 x 3.5 (440 x 490.5 x 88) Shipping 22 x 26.6 x 9 (560 x 675 x 228) Weight, lb (kg)
  • Page 28: Table 8 Liebert Psi Xr Battery Run Times

    Specifications Table 8 Liebert PSI XR battery run times Number of Batteries Load % 1000 1500 2200 3000 Internal Battery Internal battery + 1 External Battery Cabinets Internal battery + 2 External Battery Cabinets Internal battery + 3 External Battery Cabinets...
  • Page 29 Specifications Table 8 Liebert PSI XR battery run times (continued) Number of Batteries Load % 1000 1500 2200 3000 Internal battery + 4 External Battery Cabinets Internal battery + 5 External Battery Cabinets 1140 Internal battery + 6 External Battery Cabinets...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Remove the load and turn on the Short circuit or UPS output is UPS again. For help, contact your abnormal; LED 10 and LED 11 local dealer, local Emerson illuminate and sound audible representative or Channel Support alarm Applications.
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