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Spa Chemicals Glossary - Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

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1 - Alkalinity Up: The total alkalinity of your spa water should be be-
tween 80-140 PPM. A proper alkalinity will help buffer your spa water
against sudden changes in pH. Every 2.5 tablespoons of Alkalinity Up
will raise your alkalinity by 10 PPM in a spa holding 500 gallons of wa-
2 - Bromine Tablets: These slow-dissolving tablets work especially
well in the hot water of your spa. Keep a base of tablets inside of an
in-spa floater/feeder in order to maintain between 2 and 5 PPM. Add
2 tablets per 100 gallons of water and adjust the floater's opening to
regulate the PPM level.
3 - Foam Gone: Foam in spas is typically caused by residue from soap,
shampoo, and cleansers. A small amount of Foam Gone will dissipate
the foam and will not affect the water balance. Most foam removers are
compatible with all sanitation programs.
4 - Liquid Filter Cleaner: Regular use of Filter Cleaner will greatly in-
crease the life and performance of your filters by cutting away grease,
body oils, scale, and lotions. Clean filters also contribute to better wa-
ter circulation and superior spa performance, because dirty filters can
substantially impede water flow. Keeping your filters clean with filter
cleaner will also help keep your water filtered and clear. This is accom-
plished by mixing one pint of filter cleaner with 2.5 gallons of water and
submerging the filters in the mixture for at least 12 hours.
5 - Dichlor Grandular: This concentrated, stabilized, and quick- dissolv-
ing chlorine granular is simple to use in your spa as a sanitizingshock
treatment. The downside to Dichlor is that it will not sustain a
PPM base
for long in hot water. However, as a rule of thumb, if you treat your water af-
ter bathing with half a capful of Dichlor, you will maintain clear and comfort-
able water, providing your pH is controlled and your filters cleaned. Dichlor
dissolves quickly and leaves no residue.
6 - pH Down: If your pH level remains high, you can struggle with scaling,
cloudy water, rapid sanitizer loss, and possible skin and eye irritation. pH
Down can be purchased from your dealer in either liquid or solid granular
form. Please see your dealer for recommended dosage.

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Table of Contents

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