Congratulations - Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

Platinum elite class
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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Platinum Elite spa
by Artesian. We know you will enjoy your spa. Although spas are
relaxing and fun, we believe they can be an indispensable part
of a healthy lifestyle. The spa lifestyle is one that encourages
health and well-being.
Owning a spa brings some responsibility. With proper care, your
spa will provide years of enjoyment and therapy for your family
and friends. Please take time to read and understand all of the
instructions provided before you install your Artesian spa. This
owner's manual is meant to be a supplement to the training you
should receive from your dealer when you purchase and start up
your spa for the first time.
Please remember your spa is a powerful piece of electrical
equipment. It is extremely important that you have it properly
installed to ensure safe use. This manual explains safety
precautions, installation instructions, and operating and
maintenance procedures. If you have any questions regarding
this manual, please call your competent Artesian spa dealer,
who will be happy to further assist you.
Before you do anything else, make sure you
visit our website at and
register your new Artesian spa.

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Table of Contents

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