Inspection; Filling The Spa With Water - Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

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8). If the spa is placed on the ground, even for a short period of time, it
must be supported by stones that are at least 2 inches thick and 12 inch-
es square. A solid foundation is recommended as soon as possible.


You will want to inspect your spa, prior to filling it up with water. Look for
and remove any debris in the spa tub and in the filter. Verify that pump
plugs are installed on the pumps and the pump unions are tight.


NOTE: DO NOT fill your spa with hot water straight out of your
water heater or tap. This water may be as hot as 180 degrees F and
will cause damage to the surface and plumbing of the spa. This
will void your warranty. Level the spa before filling.
1) Prepare to fill the tub by removing all debris.
2) Remove the filters from your spa (see Removing, Installing and
Cleaning Filters, page 30.)
3) Place your garden hose in the center of the filter as shown in the
picture below.

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Table of Contents

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