Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual
Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

Platinum elite class


Platinum Elite Class
Owner's Manual


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  • Page 1 Platinum Elite Class Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 3 This manual covers the following spas PELICAN BAY PIPER GLEN DOVE CANYON QUAIL RIDGE...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Congratulations.............. Safety Warnings.............. Line Drawing Key............Spa Configuration and Water Capacities..... Electrical Requirements and Installation..... 60 Hz Electrical Wiring........... 50 Hz Electrical Wiring........... Spa Start Up..............Selecting a Location..........Inspection.............. Filling the Spa with Water........Turning the Power On..........Verifying Water Circulation........
  • Page 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS cont... Maintaining Your Spa..........Draining Your Spa..........Pillow Care............Jet Care............Removing, Installing, and Cleaning Filters..Winterizing Your Spa........Replacing the Light Bulb........Spa Cabinet Care..........Cleaning Your Spa Interior....... Cover Care............Chemical Treatment of Water......Water Chemistry............Water Treatment Glossary.......
  • Page 6: Congratulations

    Congratulations... Congratulations on the purchase of your new Platinum Elite spa by Artesian. We know you will enjoy your spa. Although spas are relaxing and fun, we believe they can be an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. The spa lifestyle is one that encourages health and well-being.
  • Page 7 For your future reference and convenience, please record the Se- rial and Model number along with the installation date in the spaces provided below. STORE THIS MANUAL WHERE YOU CAN EAS- ILY FIND IT WHEN NEEDED. The serial and model numbers are mounted on the base of the equipment enclosure area, as shown below.
  • Page 8: Safety Warnings

    SAFETY WARNINGS PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ ALL OF THESE WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS PRIOR TO USING YOUR SPA PLEASE, be a responsible spa owner. When installing and using this spa, always adhere to basic safety precautions. Be sure to list emergency telephone numbers at the telephone nearest the spa, including physician, hospital, ambulance, police, and the fire department.
  • Page 9 SAFETY WARNINGS cont... 8. WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury: a) The water in a spa should never exceed 40ºC (104ºF). Water tempera- tures between 38ºC (100ºF) and 40ºC are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children and when spa use exceeds 10 minutes.
  • Page 10: Line Drawing Key

    5” Helix MSSG W / ESC 5” Helix Roto W / ESC 3” Helix Roto W /ESC 2” Helix Direct Helix Whirlpool 7” Jumbo Storm Massage W / ESC Jet Floor Sweeper Ozone / Drain Jet SS Line Drawings may not be exact models of your particular spa.
  • Page 11: Spa Configuration And Water Capacities

    SPA CONFIGURATION AND WATER CAPACITY PELICAN BAY Volume 550 gal 2082 l Weight (dry/filled) 1170/5755 lbs 531/2610 kg Dimensions 108x92x37in 274x234x94 cm Control in.XM in.XM Heater 4kW in.THERM 3.6kW in.THERM Circulation System Laing Hi-Flo Laing Hi-Flo Ozone Cartridge Filter Disposable Filter 6”...
  • Page 12 SPA CONFIGURATION AND WATER CAPACITY PIPER GLEN Volume 505 gal 1514 l Weight (dry/filled) 1120/5330 lbs 508/2418 kg Dimensions 92x92x37in 234x234x94 cm Control in.XM in.XM Heater 4kW in.THERM 3.6kW in.THERM Circulation System Laing Hi-Flo Laing Hi-Flo Ozone in.Zone, CD in.Zone, CD Cartridge Filter Disposable Filter 6”...
  • Page 13 SPA CONFIGURATION AND WATER CAPACITY QUAIL RIDGE Volume 345 gal 1174 l Weight (dry/filled) 900/3776 lbs 408/1713 kg Dimensions 92x79x34in 234x196x86 cm Control in.XM in.XM Heater 4kW in.THERM 3.6kW in.THERM Circulation System Laing Hi-Flo Laing Hi-Flo Ozone Cartridge Filter Disposable Filter 6”...
  • Page 14 SPA CONFIGURATION AND WATER CAPACITY DOVE CANYON Volume 475 gal 1514 l Weight (dry/filled) 1050/5010 lbs 476/2272 kg Dimensions 92x92x37in 234x234x94 cm Control in.XM in.XM Heater 4kW in.THERM 3.6kW in.THERM Circulation System Laing Hi-Flo Laing Hi-Flo Ozone Cartridge Filter Disposable Filter 6”...
  • Page 15: Electrical Requirements And Installation

    ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS AND INSTALLATION The following information is provided for hooking up electrical supply to your new spa. A qualified, licensed, electrician must perform this work. Failure to follow these instructions will terminate all warranty coverage and can cause serious injury or death. Your 60 Hz Artesian spa is preset at the factory to run on 240V with a 48 amp input.
  • Page 16: 60 Hz Electrical Wiring

    50Hz Electrical Wiring Diagram Pack Terminal Block from GFCI MUST BE DONE BY A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN 1) The black and red wires from the main electrical box* must be con- nected to the input lugs in the GFCI. 2) The white wire from the main electrical box* must be connected to the dedicated neutral bar inside the GFCI box.
  • Page 17: Electrical Wiring

    Electrical wiring Main electrical box GFCI panel Warning! For units for use in other than single-family dwellings, a clearly labeled " emergency switch shall be provided as part of the installation. The switch shall be readily accessible to the occupants and shall be installed at least 5 feet (1.52 m) away, adjacent to, and within sight of the unit".
  • Page 18: 50 Hz Electrical Wiring

    Electrical wiring 50 Hz Warning! This product must always be connected to a circuit protected by a residual-current device (RCD) having a rated operating residual-current not exceeding 30 mA. Proper wiring of the electrical service box, RCD and in.xm.ce terminal block is essential! Check your electrical code for local regulations.
  • Page 19 Electrical wiring 50 Hz Case 1 Case 2 The installation of electrical In the case of an input supply circuit jumpers is needed wiring for a dual phase system in certain input supply 2 x 230 VAC (16 A max), you'll configurations.
  • Page 20 Electrical wiring 50 Hz 1 x 230 VAC (2 x 16A) Dual-phase* 1 x 230 VAC (1 x 32A) Single-phase 1 x 230 VAC (3 x 16A) Three-phase An IEC certified bushing that will maintain the IPX5 rating must be used. The power cord must be in accordance with the national electrical code of the country in which the in.xm.ce is to be installed.
  • Page 21: Spa Start Up

    SPA START-UP Please read each step of the Start-up section prior to doing the step. SELECTING A LOCATION In preparation for installing your new Artesian spa, you should en- sure that your chosen location meets some minimum guidelines: 1) Place your spa on a surface that is large enough for the entire spa to fit.
  • Page 22: Inspection

    8). If the spa is placed on the ground, even for a short period of time, it must be supported by stones that are at least 2 inches thick and 12 inch- es square. A solid foundation is recommended as soon as possible. INSPECTION You will want to inspect your spa, prior to filling it up with water.
  • Page 23 SPA START-UP cont... FILLING THE SPA WITH WATER cont... 4) Fill the tub from the circulation pump line until water level is above the foot-well. Note: This will purge all the air out of the circulation pump. An air lock can cause damage to the circulation pump and is not covered under warranty.
  • Page 24: Turning The Power On

    TURNING THE POWER ON Turn the power to the spa on at the main circuit breaker. Verify that your spa has no error codes. (See page 47) Verify that there is good water circulation in the spa. The pumps will come on in cycles, for 1 minute each cycle.
  • Page 25: Priming The Pump

    SPA START-UP cont... TESTING THE GFCI BREAKER cont... NOTE: When power is turned on, your spa is automatically pro- grammed to start circulating water through the circulation pump. Each pump and/or blower will come on consecutively for approxi- mately 1 minute to automatically purge the system. Adjust your temperature by pressing the up button on your touch pad until the desired temperature is displayed.
  • Page 26: In.xm Controller Diagram

    IN.XM Controller Diagram...
  • Page 27: Icon Introduction

    Icon Introduction Pump Icons Light Icon AM/FM (F /C ) Time, temperature & message digits Set Point Icon Progress bar icon Service Icon Program Icon Smart Winter Heating Filtering Mode Icon Economy Icon Icon Mode Icon Icon Description Light icon: The “Light” icon lights up when the light is on.
  • Page 28 Keypad Introduction Plus Key OK Key Light Key Pump 4 Key Pump Keys Minus Key Pump 5 Key Program Key Standby Key Key / Function STANDBY KEY Standby Mode: When this feature is activated, it allows all pumps to stop at the same time by a simple click of a button! Use the On/Off key to pause all pumps.
  • Page 29 Key / Function PUMP 4 KEY Press Pump 4 key to turn Pump 4 on at high speed. Press a second time to turn Pump 4 off. A built-in timer automatically turns pump off after 20 min- utes, unless pump has been manually deactivated first. PUMP 5 KEY - Press Pump 5 key to turn Pump 5 on at high speed.
  • Page 30: Spa Functions

    SPA FUNCTIONS Standby key Standby Mode: When this feature is activated, it allows to stop all pumps at the same time by a simple click of a button!. Use On / Off key to pause all pumps* Progress bar will display the remaining time before the system automatically exits Standby mode (user can also exit Standby mode at any time by pressing again on On...
  • Page 31: Light Key

    Pump 4 key Press Pump 4 key to turn Pump 4 on at high speed. Press a second time to turn pump off. A built-in timer automatically turns pump off after 20 minutes, unless pump has been manually deactivated first Pump 5 key IPress Pump 5 key to turn Pump 5 on at high speed.
  • Page 32: Basic Programming

    BASIC PROGRAMMING Program key Use Program key to display time or enter Programming menu by pressing and holding key. In Programming mode, the following parameters can be set: time, filter cycle's start time, duration and frequency, also, Economy mode's start time as well as its end time and finally the choice of temperature display unit.
  • Page 33: Filter Cycle Frequency

    Filter cycle frequency Press Ok key a fourth time. The display will show FFxx, with "xx" representing the number of filter cycles per day (up to 24 depending on selected duration). Use (+) or (-) key to change setting. Setting Economy mode The Economy mode allows you to lower the temperature set point of the spa by 20 °F (11 °C) during a certain period of the...
  • Page 34: Setting Temperature Unit

    Setting temperature unit Water temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit (˚F) or Celsius (˚C). Press Ok key a seventh time. The display will show either ˚F or ˚C. Use (+) or (-) key to change setting. Press Ok key a last time to go back to normal mode.
  • Page 35: Maintaining Your Spa

    MAINTAINING YOUR SPA DRAINING YOUR SPA Your spa needs to be drained, cleaned, waxed, and refilled about every six months. More frequent water changes may be necessary if bather load is heavy. A hose bib has been provided below the left side of your front access panel, to assist you in draining your spa.
  • Page 36: Jet Care

    JET CARE We recommend that you clean your jets when you drain your spa. However, if you do need to clean your jets in between this can be accomplished with a full spa. 1) To remove the jet inserts turn the jet counterclockwise to the off position until it stops.
  • Page 37: Removing, Installing And Cleaning Filters

    MAINTAINING YOUR SPA cont... REMOVING, INSTALLING AND CLEANING FILTERS These are the steps needed to successfully replace your filters You should replace your disposable spa filters and clean your nondispos- able filters every four months. 1) Turn off all power to your spa and re- move the filter lid by lifting it out towards you.
  • Page 38: Winterizing Your Spa

    WINTERIZING YOUR SPA It is not recommended that you drain your spa completely during freez- ing conditions. We recommend that you leave your spa full of water with the power on to keep the tub from freezing. If you decide to drain your spa during freezing conditions, contact your dealer for help.
  • Page 39: Spa Cabinet Care

    MAINTAINING YOUR SPA cont... SPA CABINET CARE Your spa comes standard with a PermaWood, or faux wood, cabinet. This cabinet requires no maintenance. You may wish to clean the cabi- net with mild soap and water from time to time. If you elected to pur- chase your spa with a wood cabinet, this cabinet is stained and sealed with an oil based acrylic stain.
  • Page 40: Cover Care

    you with the proper cleaning solution for your spa. After cleaning, make sure all residues are removed prior to filling the spa. This will help pre- vent sudsing and improper chemical balance. COVER CARE Cleaning of your spa cover is an important part of routine maintenance. Dirt acts as an abrasive to the vinyl topcoat, and can also cause wear to folds, seams, and stitching.
  • Page 41: Chemical Treatment Of Water

    MAINTAINING YOUR SPA cont... CHEMICAL TREATMENT OF WATER Water from your tap is fine for showers, bathing and drinking. However, in a contained recirculating system such as in a spa, water must be treated with chemicals. The main purpose of chemical treatment is to keep the water sanitary and to maintain a specific balance of the water.
  • Page 42: Water Chemistry

    WATER CHEMISTRY CAUTION: The chemicals used to maintain the pH balance of the water and to sanitize the water can be dangerous. Always follow these basic guidelines when handling the chemicals: 1. Always read and follow the directions on the label, unless directed otherwise.
  • Page 43 WATER CHEMISTRY cont... WATER TREATMENT GLOSSARY cont... The effects of low PH can be rapid sanitizer loss, eye and skin irritation, expedited corrosion of metals, as well as staining throughout the spa. High PH can result in cloudy water, low sanitizer efficiency, as well as eye and skin irritation.
  • Page 44 9 - Organic Matter: These are carbon-derived substances typically generated by living organisms. In a spa, they are most frequently intro- duced into the water by bathers. Enzyme products such as Spa Perfect by Natural Chemistry are most effective at eliminating organic matter from your body of water.
  • Page 45 WATER TREATMENT GLOSSARY cont... 17 - Chloramines: Irritating, odorous forms of combined chlorine, formed by the reaction of chlorine with nitrogen containing waste prod- ucts. Chloramines are ineffective as a pool or spa sanitizer. High lev- els of chloramines can cause the problems of “Red Eyes” or “Stinging Eyes.”...
  • Page 46 of erosion and do not require electrical components. Most include some type of replaceable cartridge, that contains the copper, silver or zinc materials. 24 - Biguanide: The generic name for a non-chlorine, non-bromine, sanitizer that utilizes the polymer PHMB (polyhexamethylene bigu- anide).
  • Page 47: Spa Chemicals Glossary

    SPA CHEMICALS GLOSSARY 1 - Alkalinity Up: The total alkalinity of your spa water should be be- tween 80-140 PPM. A proper alkalinity will help buffer your spa water against sudden changes in pH. Every 2.5 tablespoons of Alkalinity Up will raise your alkalinity by 10 PPM in a spa holding 500 gallons of wa- ter.
  • Page 48: Maintaining The Proper Ph

    7 - pH Up: The effects of low pH can be rapid sanitizer loss, eye and skin irritation, expedited corrosion of metals, as well as staining through- out the spa. pH up can be purchased from your dealer in either liquid or solid granular form.
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Auto-diagnostic module with multiple detection levels, in.scan continu- ously reads current at input to monitor breaker status. It also identifies corrective actions by displaying error codes on the box display. All errors will be displayed on the keypad and on the in.xm display, which ever is the easiest to read when troubleshooting is required.
  • Page 50 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... A hardware error was detected in in.xm. • Restart the spa pack and start and stop all pumps and blower. • If error reappears, contact local dealer to schedule a service call. User tried to set input current rating lower than the sum of current for all pumps.
  • Page 51 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... In.xm internal temperature’s too high (overheat). • Remove spa skirt and let system cool down. • A system reset may be required to clear error. OH and blinking temperature higher than 122º F on the keypad display In.xm detects water temperature higher than 112º...
  • Page 52 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... This code is displayed when a “no flow” condition is detected by in.therm. Important: System will make three continuous flow checks during 9 minutes before displaying this error. • Make sure water valves are open and water level is high enough. •...
  • Page 53 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... High Limit hardware circuit tripped. • Add cold water in spa and let heater cool down. • Reset spa pack using current breaker. System hasn’t detected any current change when turning on or off Pump 1. • Make sure Pump 1 is connected properly. •...
  • Page 54 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... System hasn’t detected any current change when turning on or off circulation pump. • Make sure circulation pump is connected properly. • Manually change output status (on/off) of circulation pump. • Reset spa pack. • If error does not clear, call your local dealer and schedule a service call.
  • Page 55 TROUBLESHOOTING cont... System hasn’t detected any current change when turning on or off fiber box. • Make sure fiber box is connected properly. • Manually change the output status (on/off) of fiber box and cycle through all possible speeds. • Reset spa pack. •...
  • Page 56: Warranty Information

    Artesian Spa Platinum Elite Class Warranty This section is a description of your warranty. Here you will find de- scriptions of what is covered under your PLATINUM ELITE Class Spa warranty and what can void your warranty. PLEASE READ THE WAR- RANTY THOROUGHLY.
  • Page 57 OWNERSHIP. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS AND ALL WARRANTIES. The spa must be set on a level solid surface that is sufficient to support the entire length and width of the spa. Standard building practices must be followed. Damage caused by failure to have a leveled and supported foundation under the spa is not covered under warranty.
  • Page 58 WARRANTY cont ... Five Year Plumbing Warranty The plumbing is described as all piping, jet bodies, valve bodies and air controls. The manufacturer warrants all plumbing for a period of five years from the date of delivery. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER, AND TERMINATES UPON TRANSFER OF OWNER- SHIP.
  • Page 59 Other Items Not Covered In This Warranty Some items are not covered in this warranty. These items either have a different warranty, or are warranted through the manufacturer of that item. Stereo and Stereo Components The stereo and stereo components, including speakers, sub woofer, power supply, wire harness, and remote control are covered for 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Page 60 WARRANTY cont... Limitations This warranty is void if this Artesian Spa has been subjected to altera- tion, misuse, or repairs have been performed by anyone other than an authorized agent of May Manufacturing LLC. Misuse or abuse is defined as: use of the spa in a nonresidential application, water temperature outside the range of 32º...
  • Page 61 Draining and filling the Spa Acts of Nature Travel Charges Cabinet Screws Incorrect Wiring Shipping Charges Any alteration of the spa that has not been pre-authorized by the manufacturer will void all warranties. If the maunfacturer approves an alteration, verify that this alteration is covered under warranty. Dam- age caused by moving a spa that is blocked in or that has been re- cessed, along with additional charges for labor, is not covered by this warranty.
  • Page 62: Interior Spa Diagram

  • Page 63 1) Spa Pack 2) Heater 3) Therapy Pump 3) 24-hr Circulation pump...
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