Spa Start Up; Selecting A Location - Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

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In preparation for installing your new Artesian spa, you should en-
sure that your chosen location meets some minimum guidelines:
1) Place your spa on a surface that is large enough for the entire spa to
fit. Consider the space needed to easily access equipment compartments
and circuit breakers. Remember, all electronics must be kept dry.
2) The spa must be on a solid, level foundation. Recommended: 4 in
cement slab that has cured for at least 72 hours. Your warranty will be
voided if the spa is not properly installed. Structural damage due to an
improper foundation is not covered under warranty.
3) To avoid potential water damage to the skirt and frame, your spa should
be placed on a site where it will not be in the way of water sprinklers.
(4) OUTDOOR SPAS: Consider building codes, electrical and plumbing
codes, desired proximity to house, wind and sun exposure, location of
trees (falling leaves, shade), dressing area, landscaping and lighting when
selecting a location.
5) INDOOR SPAS: Floor surface must have traction to prevent slipping
when wet. A floor drain is optimum. As room humidity will increase be-
cause of the spa, provide ample ventilation to prevent dry rot, mildew and
mold. Use materials that will withstand humidity. There may be a need for
cross-ventilation fans and/or dehumidifiers. The spa chemicals may cor-
rode some household metals. Provide ample room if servicing should be
needed. Strong foundational support is vital, particularly if a second-story
site is selected.
6) Ensure the equipment compartment is in a location where it will not
be damaged by water drainage. Cover the equipment compartment with
a heavy screen if rodents are a problem. Damage due to rodents is not
covered under warranty.
7) Have the spa deck installed by a knowledgeable contractor to ensure
proper support.

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Table of Contents

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