50 Hz Electrical Wiring - Whirlpool 11-0086-11 Owner's Manual

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Electrical wiring 50 Hz
This product must always be connected to a circuit protected by a residual-current
device (RCD) having a rated operating residual-current not exceeding 30 mA.
Proper wiring of the electrical service box, RCD and in.xm.ce terminal block is
Check your electrical code for local regulations. Only copper wire should be used,
never aluminum.
To install the wiring for the in.xm.ce spa control, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver, a 14
mm (
") nut driver or a flat screw-driver. Loosen the 2 screws of the spa pack door
and open it. Remove 200 mm (8") of cable insulation. Strip away 25 mm (1") of each
wire insulation. Pull the cable through the cutout of the box and use an IEC certified
plastic bushing that will maintain the IPX5 rating. Also, the power cord must be in
accordance with the national electrical code of the country in which it's to be installed
and must maintain IPX5 rating. Make sure that only the uncut sheathing is clamped
at this opening. Push the color-coded wires into the terminals as indicated on the
sticker, use the 14 mm (
terminals. After making sure wire connections are secure, push them back into the
box and close the door. Tighten the 2 screws of the spa pack door.
Connect the bonding conductor
to the bonding lug on thel eft side of the in.xm.ce spa
pack (a grounded electrode conductor shall be used
to connect the equipment grounding conductors).
CE and UL /CSA parts are
not interchangeable!
This note applies to all in.xm.ce spa packs, in.therm.
ce heating systems & in.link connectors.
") wrench or flat screwdriver to tighten the bolts on the
Bonding lug

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Table of Contents

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