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Water And Ice Dispensers - Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
If increased ice production
is desired at all times, set the
Freezer Control to a colder setting. Adjusting the freezer to a
colder temperature
may make some foods, such as ice
cream, harder.
The SmartSense
feature assists with regulating the
temperature inside the refrigerator. If a large quantity of warm
food is placed in the refrigerator or warm air enters the
refrigerator while the door is held open, SmartSense
to quickly restore the temperature
to the set point.
NOTE: SmartSense
is always on when your refrigerator is
operating. You do not need to press any buttons to activate it.
The LED light on the control panel indicates that the feature is
functioning properly.
Control Lockout
Control Lockout disables the control touch pads to allow easy
cleaning and prevent unintentional
control setting changes.
To disable the controls,
press and hold the LOCK button for
2 seconds.
To reactivate the controls, press and hold the LOCK button
for 2 seconds again.
NOTE: The lockout feature does not shut off power to the
refrigerator or freezer. It simply deactivates the control panel
buttons. The digital control panel display will remain lit and the
buttons will beep when pressed, but no settings will be changed.
Door Ajar Alarm
The Door Ajar Alarm feature sounds an alarm when the
refrigerator or freezer door is open for 5 minutes. The alarm will
repeat each minute until both doors are closed or Door Ajar
Alarm is silenced or temporarily turned off.
When a door is opened, the Door Ajar Alarm feature is activated
and the indicator lights up. The indicator light blinks when the
alarm sounds.
NOTE: The Door Ajar Alarm feature turns off when both doors
have been closed. It resets and will re-activate when either door
is opened again.
If alarm has not yet sounded and indicator light is on:
Press DOOR AJAR to temporarily turn the feature off. Press
the button a second time to re-activate the feature.
If alarm is sounding and indicator light is blinking:
Press DOOR AJAR to silence the alarm. The indicator will
stop blinking and remain on. If the door remains open for
another 5 minutes, the alarm will sound again.
To temporarily
turn the feature off, press DOOR AJAR a
second time before 5 minutes have passed. Once it is off,
Door Ajar Alarm can be re-activated at any time by pressing
DOOR AJAR again.
Cut Hazard
Use a sturdy glass when dispensing
ice or water.
Failure to do so can result in cuts.
Depending on your model, you may have one or more of the
following options: the ability to select either crushed or cubed
ice, a special light that turns on when you use the dispenser, or a
lock option to avoid unintentional
Do not use with water that is microbiologically
unsafe or
of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before
or after the system. Systems certified for cyst reduction
may be used on disinfected waters that may contain
filterable cysts.
If your model has a base grille filter system, make sure the
base grille filter is properly installed.
The dispensing system will not operate when the freezer door
is open.
After connecting the refrigerator to a water source, flush the
water system by dispensing water into a sturdy container
until you draw and discard 1.5 gal. (5.4 L) of water, or for
3 minutes after the water begins dispensing.
The flushing process cleans the water system and clears air
from the lines. As the air is cleared from the lines, water may
spurt out of the dispenser.
Allow several hours for the refrigerator to cool down and chill
Allow 24 hours to produce the first batch of ice. Discard the
first three batches of ice produced.
The Water Dispenser
IMPORTANT: Dispense enough water every week to maintain a
fresh supply.
To Dispense
1. Press a sturdy glass against the water dispenser lever.
2. Remove the glass to stop dispensing.
The Ice Dispenser
The dispensing
system will not operate when the freezer door is
open. Ice dispenses from the ice maker storage bin in the freezer
when the dispenser lever is pressed.
NOTE: Some models dispense both cubed and crushed ice.
Before dispensing ice, select which type of ice you prefer.
For crushed ice, cubes are crushed before being dispensed. This
may cause a slight delay when dispensing crushed ice. Noise
from the ice crusher is normal, and pieces of ice may vary in size.
When changing from crush to cube, a few ounces of crushed ice
will be dispensed along with the first cubes.


Table of Contents

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