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Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator Use & Care Manual

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Side by Side Refrigerator
Use & Care Guide
Lado a Lado Refrigerador
Guia para su uso y cuidado
C6te _ C6te R_frig_rateur
Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien
Sears, Roebuck
and Co,
IL 60179
Sears Canada,
Inc., Toronto,
M5B 2B8
(021 _)



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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Page 1 ® Side by Side Refrigerator Use & Care Guide Lado a Lado Refrigerador Guia para su uso y cuidado Compartiments C6te _ C6te R_frig_rateur Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien Sears, Roebuck and Co, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto,...
  • Page 2 Cor_gratulations on your purchase of a r_ewrefrigerator! We here at Sears are very proud of our product and we are completely committed to providir_g you with the best FOR YOUR SAFETY service possible. Your satiefactier_is our #1 priority. Do not store or use gaselir_e, or other flammable liquids We Knew you'll enjoy your new refrigerator and Thank You in the vicinity ofthis or ar_yo_er appliance.
  • Page 3 RE FRIGE RATO R WATER FI LTRATION CARTRI DG E If replacing a light bulb to avoid electrical shock. this Kenmore Refrfgerator Water Filtration Cartridge fails Performance may be affected if the voltage varies by due to a defect in material or workmanship within 30 days...
  • Page 4 CANADA m LIMITED WARRANTY Refri erators Sears Canada Inc., warrants every new Kenmore refrigerator to be free from defects in matedal or workmanship. What Sears will do, free of charge, in case of defect: The Compressor TEN ("10)YEARS ("10)YEARS FIVE...
  • Page 5 Maintenance Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your Your purchase has added value because you can new Kenmore _ appliance is designed and depend on Sears HomeCentral _ for service. With over manufactured for years of dependable operation. But...
  • Page 6 This Owr_er's Guide provides specific operatir_g ir_structior_s for your model. Use the refrigerator only as ir_structed in this Use & Care Manual. Before starting the refrigerator, follow these important first steps, LOCATION Choose a place that is r_eara grour_ded electrical outlet. Do Not use an extension cord or ar_adapter plug.
  • Page 7 Before Installing The Water Supply LIne, You Will Need Basic Tools: adjustable wrench, fiat-blade screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver Access to a household cold water line with water pressure between 20 and 100 psi. A water supply line made of ¼ inch (6.4 mm) OD, copper tubing. To determine the length of copper tubing needed, you will need to measure the distance from the ice maker inlet valve at the back of the refrigerator to your cold water pipe.
  • Page 8 ToolsNecessary: iiii !ii! ,. Disconnect e,ectrica, supp,y. Open both doors, then remove toe grille. Close doors. To Remove Refrigerator Door: Remove top hinge cover screw on refrigerator door and remove cover. Trace around hinge with soft lead pencil. This will make it easier to realign doors when they are replaced.
  • Page 9 Freezer and Refrigerator SpillProof'" g Shelf Controls Filter ®IQ Door r Bin Meat Keeper Small Items and Cover iIIIProof'" Fixed Shelf Special Item Largq Bottle Retainer Largq and Cover Door Bin Toe Grille Features may vary according to model...
  • Page 10 COOL DOWN PERIOD To ensure safe food storage, allow the refrigerator to operate with the doors closed for at least 8 to 12 hours before loading it with food. REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER CONTROLS TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT After 24 hours, adjust the controls as needed. Adjust ...........................
  • Page 11 TIP-UP SHELF (SOME MODELS) A Tip-Up shelf in the freezer section allows tall items to be easily stored. CANTILEVER SHELF ADJUSTMENT Refrigerator shelves are easily adjusted to suit individual needs. Before adjusting the shelves, remove all food. Cantilever Glass Shelf Cantilever shelves are supported at the back of the refrigerator.
  • Page 12 TALL BOTTLE RETAINER (SOME MODELS) HUMIDITY CONTROL (SOME MODELS) The Tall Bottle Retainer keeps tall containers in the bin The Humidity Control, present on some models with from falling forward when opening or closing the crisper drawers, allows you to adjust the humidity within refrigerator door.
  • Page 13 Ice and Water Dispenser Panel (features may vary according to model) Crushed Press the Crushed Touch Pad O to get crushed ice. A red indicator will appear above the Touch Pad. Press glass against ICE dispensing paddleOas far up as possible to catch all ice. Cubed Press the Cubed Touch Pad O to get cubed ice.
  • Page 14 ICE AND WATER DISPENSER FEATURES The ice and water dispenser conveniently dispenses chilled water, and ice cubes or crushed ice, depending on the model. To operate the ice dispenser, select the ice option desired using the touchpad. Press a glass against the dispensing paddle as far up as possible to catch all ice.
  • Page 15 CLEANING THE ICE DISPENSER Clean the dispenser and ice container at regular intervals, particularly before you take a vacation or move, or if the ice dispenser sticks. Do not use th_ Stop ice production by lifting the wire signal arm to the "up" or ice chute as a OFF position.
  • Page 16 Kenmore Ice and Water Rear Filter (some models) NOTE: If you purchased a refrigerator with a Kenmore Ice and Water rear filter, please read the following use and care information. This ice and water filter system filters water to your ice maker and water dispenser. It is located in the upper right back corner of the fresh food compartment.
  • Page 17 FOOD STORAGEIDEAS Fresh Food Storage The fresh food compartment should be kept between 34 ° F and 40 ° F with an optimum temperature of 37 ° F. Avoid overcrowding the refrigerator shelves. This reduces the circulation of air around the food and results in uneven cooling.
  • Page 18 UNDERSTANDING THE SOUNDS Evaporator HEAR The flow of refrigerant through the evaporator may create a boiling or gurgling sound. Your new high-efficiency refrigerator may make unfamiliar sounds. These are all normal sounds and soon will B. Evaporator become familiar to you. They also indicate your refrigerator You may hear air being forced through the refrigerator is operating as designed.
  • Page 19 Keep your refrigerator and freezer clean to prevent odor build-up. Wipe up any spills immediately and clean both sections at least twice a year. Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners or strong alkaline solutions on any surface. Do not wash any removable parts in a dishwasher. Always unplug the electricalpower cord from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 20 REPLACING LIGHT BULBS Unplug refrigerator. Wear gloves as protection against possible broken glass. Remove light cover, if necessary. Unscrew and replace old bulb with an appliance bulb of the same wattage. Replace light cover, if necessary. Remember to plug the refrigerator back in. Refrigerator Light Replacement Cdsper Light Replacement (Some Models)
  • Page 21 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION RUNNING OF REFRIGERATOR • Freezer control is set to "O'. Compressor does not run. • Set freezer control See Temperature Controls section. • Refrigerator is in defrost cycle. • This is normal for a fully automatic defrost refrigerator. The defrost cycle occurs periodically, lasting about 30 minutes.
  • Page 22 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION TEMPERATURES TOO WARM Freezer/Refrigerator Doors are opened too Warm air enters the refrigerator whenever the door is temperature is too warm. frequently or too long. opened. Open the door less often. • Door is slightly open. • See PROBLEM section OPENINGICLOSlNG DOORSlDRAWERS, •...
  • Page 23 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION AUTOMA TIC ICE MAKER (CONTINUED} Ice maker is not making Ice maker is pradudng less ice Ice maker should produce approximately 4 - 5 pounds enough ice, than you expect, of ice every 24 hours. Extra Ice should produce up to 8 pounds of ice every 24 hours.
  • Page 24 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION WATER DISPENSER Dispenser will not • Household water line valve is • Open household water line valve, See PROBLEM dispense water, not open. section ICE MAKER IS NOT MAKING ANY ICE, • Freezer door is not closed. •...

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