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Fujitsu FTP604 User Manual

Controller for fujitsu thermal printers ftp604 series
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User Manual

Thermal printer controller
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    User Manual Thermal printer controller PRN604-S FOR FUJITSU THERMAL PRINTERS FTP604 SERIES 12-02-2003 Page 1-1 of - 1-1 -...
  • Page 2 Fujitsu is a trademark of Fujitsu Electronics LTD. Please read and understand these specifications thoroughly before using the printer. Please keep the specifications carefully in a place where they may be easily consulted when the printer is used.
  • Page 3 We would urge that these specifications should be thoroughly understood and the printer used safely in your company or associated organisation. Please indicate or describe in your products and in the user manuals those items, which are related to the prevention or avoidance of danger and draw these to the attention of the eventual client (the user).
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION ...1-7 INSTALLATION ...2-7 ...2-7 NPACKING ...2-7 ABELS ...2-8 NSTALLATION ...2-8 OWER SUPPLY ...2-9 ETTINGS ...2-12 ERIAL NPUT UTPUT 2.6.1 Serial data transfer ...2-12 Serial input/output port...2-13 2.6.2 Setting functions...2-13 THERMAL HEAD CONTROL ...2-14 2.7.1 Thermal Head Drive Operation ...2-14 2.7.2 Peak power limitation ...2-14 2.7.3...
  • Page 5 Underline on ...3-24 3.8.17 Bold off...3-24 3.8.18 Bold on ...3-24 3.8.19 Italic off...3-24 3.8.20 Italic on ...3-24 3.8.21 Initialise Printer ...3-25 3.8.22 Request Software version ...3-25 3.8.23 Request Status ...3-25 3.8.24 Request Analog voltage...3-25 3.8.25 Request Temperature ...3-26 3.8.26 Sub command set...3-26 3.8.27...
  • Page 6 EIKO COMPATIBLE COMMAND SET 7.1.1 Escape sequences, overview...7-41 UJITSU COMPATIBLE COMMAND SET 7.2.1 Escape sequences, overview...7-42 COMPATIBLE COMMAND SET 7.3.1 Escape sequences, overview...7-45 ESC/POS COMPATIBLE COMMAND SET 7.4.1 Escape sequences, overview...7-47 PTIONAL SENSOR DESCRIPTION 12-02-2003 Page 1-6 of ) ...7-41 OPTIONAL ) ...7-42 OPTIONAL...
  • Page 7: System Description

    1 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION This reference manual describes the specifications, functions, and operating procedures for the PRN604-SInterface Board. The PRN604-S is an interface board for the FTP604 series printer mechanisms. This reference manual also describes the print operation of the FTP604. Read this reference manual thoroughly before using the PRN604-S.
  • Page 8: Installation

    PRN604-Sis fastened in the product by 4 M3.3 screws. The cables (for the thermal head, the stepper-motor and detector) are placed in the thermal printer connector on the PCB. 1 Mounting hole is grounded. See drawing for more details. (a) To connect or remove the connector, always turn off the power in advance.
  • Page 9: Settings

    Test printout b. Select Command set (optional) i. I/F-COM command set ii. Seiko compatible command set (Optional) iii. Fujitsu compatible command set (Optional) iv. APS compatible command set (Optional) v. ESC/POS compatible command set (Optional) c. Baud rate i. 9600 ii.
  • Page 10 5 sec. n. Form feed length i. 0 mm ii. 1 mm iii. 2 mm iv. 5 mm 12-02-2003 Page 2-10 of a. Stop printer b. Send data to host a. Stop printer b. Send data to host - 2-10 -...
  • Page 11 v. 10 mm vi. 20 mm vii. 30 mm viii. 50 mm o. Grey scale printing i. On ii. Off p. Acceleration i. Slow ii. Medium iii. Fast iv. Disable q. Printing speed i. 25% ii. 50% iii. 75% iv. 100% v.
  • Page 12: Serial Input/Output

    Settings will be effective upon turn off and on. 2.6 Serial Input/Output If BUSY control is selected: When 236 bytes of data have been stored in the input buffer, the SBUSY signal becomes high to request that the computer temporarily stop sending data.
  • Page 13: Serial Input/Output Port

    switches. However, the hardware error code (a) has the same conditions as those for parallel input. When transferring data, data control by SBUSY and Xon/Xoff is not executed and the data is transferred with no conditions. All of the transmission conditions of serial data transfer for sending hardware error codes are fixed at the selection of parallel input as follows: Serial input/output port...
  • Page 14: Thermal Head Control

    Generally, when the line thermal head is operating, the line is divided into several blocks, which are activated one after another in succession. For the line thermal head of the FTP604 printer mechanism, the line is divided into 7 blocks called physical blocks, 216, 288 or 416 dots with each.
  • Page 15: Head Control Circuit

    The PRN604-S measures the resistance of the thermal head and detects the errors at initialisation. Based on the measurement, the PRN604-S determines how much energy to apply. No adjustment is needed for replacing the FTP604 to get the best printing. 2.7.4 Head temperature measurement circuit The thermistor is mounted on the FTP604 to measure the temperature of the thermal head.
  • Page 16: Specifications

    Serial RS232C, USB or IRDA 115.200 baud, 8 data bit, none parity, 1 stop bit, hardware Data format serial handshake.Baud rate can be changed by software. USB Printer class specification. Data format USB IRDA (Ircomm specifications) Data format IRDA
  • Page 17: Function

    3 Function General Notice, when data is sent from the external equipment to the printer controller, all data has to be sent as binary file. If data is being sent as a character file, and some data in the file is equal to EOF, the rest will not be received.
  • Page 18: Firmware Upgrade

    1. Power the system off. 2. Disconnect printer. 3. Short circuit the pins “upgrade firmware” 4. Turn on printer 5. Write the following command “mode com1:9600,n,8,1”, this command ensure that the serial port is at a known state. 6. Write the following command “xmode 1 +”, this command sets the baud rate to 115.200, the xmode program can be...
  • Page 19: Character Design

    Character design The following figures describes the design of different types of characters (small): 3.7.1 Normal Character. 3.7.2 Low Character 12-02-2003 Page 3-19 of - 3-19 -...
  • Page 20: Underline

    3.7.3 Underline When underline characters are printed the last line in the character matrix will be marked. 3.7.4 Bold When bold characters are printed the character is or with itself shifted right. 3.7.5 Reverse When reverse characters are printed the character matrix will be negated.
  • Page 21: I/F-Com Simple Command Set

    3.8 I/F-COM simple command set. The following commands are use when communicating with the printer controller. All other commands is ignored 3.8.1 Small Font [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.2 Low Font [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.3 Narrow Font [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.4 Normal Font...
  • Page 22: High Font

    Xlarge Font (64x112) ASCII Decimal Chooses Xlarge font from the current print position. Line Feed ASCII Decimal When the printer controller receives this byte the text data in the buffer will be printed Barcode on ASCII Decimal Barcode 39 - 3-22 -...
  • Page 23: Feed Forward

    ‘*’ Feed Forward ASCII Decimal When this command is received the printer will print whatever data it has in the buffer and feed forward 50mm ASCII Decimal...
  • Page 24: Underline On

    [Description] 3.8.16 Underline on [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.17 Bold off [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.18 Bold on [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.19 Italic off [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.20 Italic on [Name] [Format] [Description] 12-02-2003 Page 3-24 of Decimal This command will switch off underline printing Underline on ASCII Decimal...
  • Page 25: Initialise Printer

    [Format] 12-02-2003 Page 3-25 of Initialise ASCII Decimal When the printer controller receives this byte a reset of the printer will be initialised. This command can be treated even if buffer is full. Request software version ASCII Decimal When the printer controller receives this byte the software version will be transmitted.
  • Page 26: Request Temperature

    [Name] [Format] [Description] 12-02-2003 Page 3-26 of Decimal When the printer controller receives this byte the digital value of the head voltage will be transmitted. This command can be treated even if buffer is full Request Temperature ASCII Decimal When the printer controller receives this byte the digital value of the head temperature will be transmitted.
  • Page 27: Automatic Sending Status

    3.8.29 Automatic sending status [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.30 Stop sending automatic status [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.31 Color/Grey scale graphic [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.32 Enable saving data [Name] [Format] 12-02-2003 Page 3-27 of If n > 1 and < 254 then the output will be turned on in n/4.096msec, and then turned off again.
  • Page 28: Save Data To Board

    [Description] 3.8.33 Save data to board [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.34 Change dot size [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.35 Change form feed length [Name] [Format] [Description] 3.8.36 Change baud rate [Name] [Format] 12-02-2003 Page 3-28 of Decimal This command will enable that the boards save values to the flash, this is made to ensure that a wrong transmission not will change settings in the board, remember to...
  • Page 29: Change Form Feed Time

    Feed Paper ASCII GS n Decimal n: [-128;127] When the printer controller receives this command the paper will be fed n-dot lines. If the value is negative a reverse form feed will be made. Compensate burn time ASCII RS n Decimal n: [-15;15]...
  • Page 30: Graphic Data - Non Compressed

    Y: [-X;-2] n: [0;255] X=54 for FTP624MCLxxx, X=72 for FTP634MCLxxx, When the printer controller receives a byte that is –Y to –2 (Decimal 256-Y to 254) the following data is compressed data. The number of compressed graphic bytes is the negative value.
  • Page 31 Forward feed Reverse off Reverse on Underline off Underline on Bold off Bold on Italic off Italic on Initialize printer Request software version Request status Request analogue voltage Request temperature Feed paper Burn compensate Print graphic line - 3-31 -...
  • Page 32: Maintenance

    4 Maintenance Daily use Printer and interface board must be switch off while in idle mode. Store/Transport The product has to be stored under ESD safe conditions, and to be packed safely during transportation. 12-02-2003 Page 4-32 of - 4-32 -...
  • Page 33: Specifications

    Environmental Data Operation: Temperature: Humidity : Storage: Temperature: Humidity: Transport: Temperature: Humidity: EMC & ESC The printer controller is tested according to: Emission: E-Field: Conducted: Immunity: E-field: Conducted transients: Over voltage: Medical equipment: 12-02-2003 Page 5-33 of 6-8,5VDC 1000mA max. 10 msec. 10 – 90% Voltage applied max.
  • Page 34: Temperature Test

    ESD: 4 kV contact discharge against parts exposed to contact at normal use. 8 kV air discharge. 5.5 Temperature Test Temperature shock: (no voltage applied) -28°C to +100°C at 1 sec. 100 times: no damage. 12-02-2003 Page 5-34 of - 5-34 -...
  • Page 35: Connector Pin Assignment

    6 Connector Pin Assignment 6.1.1 Motor connector Connector CN1: 5501-4S Mating connector part number: 6.1.2 Thermal Head connector FTP624MCLxxx Connector CN2: JS-1125-16 Mating connector part number: 12-02-2003 Page 6-35 of Function Function /ST1 /ST2 /ST3 /ST4 - 6-35 - Function /ST5 /LAT /ST6...
  • Page 36: Thermal Head Connector

    6.1.3 Thermal Head connector FTP634MCLxxx and FTP644MCLxxx Mating connector: TBA Connector CN4: JS1125-11 6.1.4 Thermal Head connector FTP634MCLxxx and FTP644MCLxxx Mating connector: TBA Connector CN3: JS1125-10 12-02-2003 Page 6-36 of Function /ST5 /ST6 /ST7 /ST7 /CLK /LAT Function - 6-36 - Function Function /ST1...
  • Page 37: Irda Connector

    If paper jam is used, then will the printer stop printing if this signal is going low, the value of this bit can be seen on the LED on the aux output connector, it...
  • Page 38: Power Connector

    Flash 1Hz Flash 2Hz 6.1.7 Power connector Power connector CN10: KLD-0202-B Mating connector 6.1.8 USB connector USB connector CN8: UBBR-04SW11 Mating connector: Function 6.1.9 AUX connector Connector type CN11: 5501-5TS Mating connector 12-02-2003 Page 6-38 of The LED will show these conditions Both paper jam and near end Function +8.5V...
  • Page 39: Serial Connector

    Function Using output as cash drawer solenoid time must be set. By default solenoid time is 0,5 sec. Using output for winding motor, connector must be applied. Upon feeding with motor the winding motor also turns. Please see manual for winding motor for more information 6.1.10 Serial connector Connector type CN12;...
  • Page 40: Mechanical Drawings

    Mechanical Drawings 12-02-2003 Page 6-40 of - 6-40 -...
  • Page 41: Appendix

    7 Appendix 7.1 Seiko compatible command set (optional) 7.1.1 Escape sequences, overview. ESC+ ‘ J ’ +n ESC+ ‘ j ’ +n ESC+ ‘ 2 ’ ESC+ ‘ 0 ’ ESC+ ‘A’+n or ESC+ ‘3’+n n- ESC+ SP+n ESC+ ‘ s ’+nl+nr ESC+ ‘...
  • Page 42: Fujitsu Compatible Command Set (Optional)

    DC3+ ‘ F ’+n1+n2 DC3+ ‘ + ’ DC3+ ‘ - ’ DC3+ ‘ P ’ DC3+ ‘ C ’ DC3+ ‘ (’ 7.2 Fujitsu compatible command set (optional) 7.2.1 Escape sequences, overview. ESC RS: ESC US: ESC !+n: ESC %+n: ESC &+y+c1+c2+x+[d]k...
  • Page 43 Line Feed [Name] Line Feed [Format] ASCII Decimal 12-02-2003 Page 7-43 of Printer initialisation Line spacing setting Page length (number of lines) setting Horizontal tab position setting Printing and minimum-pitch-unit paper feed Backward paper feed International character specification Internal processing setting...
  • Page 44 [Description] When the printer controller receives this byte the text data in the buffer will be printed Horizontal tab [Name] Horizontal tab [Format] ASCII Decimal [Description] When the printer controller receives this byte the text data in the buffer will be printed...
  • Page 45: Aps Compatible Command Set (Optional)

    Set printing speed / Maximum peak current Set print Intensity Send printer status Send printer identity Resets printer Puts the printer in sleep mode Serial Communication setting Set parallel port Busy line hold time Select internal Character Set Select international character Set...
  • Page 46 Send printer status Format: <1Bh> <76h> Comments: The printer returns a single byte that reflects the status of the printer in accordance with the following table: BIT FUNCTION BIT = 0 BIT = 1 0 Head temperature OK Too high or too low...
  • Page 47: Esc/Pos Compatible Command Set (Optional)

    Print and Line feed Print and return to standard Mode Print and carriage return Real Time status transmission Real time request to printer Cancel print data in page mode Print data in page mode Set right side character spacing Select print mode(s)
  • Page 48 GS B n Turn white/black reverse printing mode GS H n Select printing position for HRI characters GS I n Transmit printer ID GS L nL nH Set left margin GS P x y Set horizontal and vertical motion units...
  • Page 49: Optional Sensor Description

    7.5 Optional sensor description Top view PIN1 PIN2 PIN3 Bottom view 12-02-2003 Page 7-49 of - 7-49 -...
  • Page 50 Please note that distance from top of sensor to paper must be Min 0,5mm and Max 1,00mm 12-02-2003 Page 7-50 of - 7-50 -...
  • Page 51 Example showing how to connect PRS600 to AUX Input connector CN4 on PRN604-S standard board. 12-02-2003 Page 7-51 of WHITE BLACK WHITE BLACK - 7-51 -...

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