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Fujitsu MB86292 Orchid Faq

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FAQ list for MB86291 Scarlet and
MB86292 Orchid
© Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH
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  • Page 1 FAQ list for MB86291 Scarlet and MB86292 Orchid © Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH History Date Author Version Comment 08.10.2003 First release...
  • Page 2: Warranty And Disclaimer

    Product or parts thereof, if the Product is returned to Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH in original packing and without further defects resulting from the customer´s use or the transport.
  • Page 3 List of questions: Go to Question Is the Scarlet just a "Cremson + embedded SDRAM" ? Is Orchid basically the same as Scarlet, but without embedded SDRAM ? Is Scarlet&Orchid Software-compatible to Cremson ? Video Capture Unit of Scarlet&Orchid : How can analog video signals be input to the interface ? Video Capture Unit of Scarlet&Orchid : Can different video input and display frame rates be used ?
  • Page 4 Graphic Controller frequently asked questions Jan 2003 MB86291 SCARLET AND MB86292 ORCHID QUESTIONS : back to top Is the Scarlet just a "Cremson + embedded SDRAM" ? No ! Scarlet is NOT just the combination of Cremson and SDRAM. We should be aware about the following major functional upgrade...
  • Page 5 back to top Is Orchid basically the same as Scarlet, but without embedded SDRAM ? The major difference is in fact the SDRAM which is limited to 2 MB (16 Mbit) in the Scarlet device. For all applications which require more than 2 MB, the Orchid can be used. In this case up to 32MB of SDRAM and FCRAM can be connected.
  • Page 6 back to top Can the video input signal be mixed with information by alphablending? Yes, for example it is possible to put text or graphics on the C-layer alphablended on top of the video (on W-layer). back to top There is a I2C interface implemented in Scarlet&Orchid. On which pins is this interface located ? The I2C pins of Scarlet are : 184 and 185 For details, see the I2C description of Scarlet !
  • Page 7 Q12: back to top Power consumption figures and temperature of Scarlet : Testcase: running 3D graphics demo for 10 minutes : 1. DAC Power down mode off (default) 1-1. Measurements The Temperature of package : 47 degree The Temperature of room(Ta): 25 degree The current consumption : 630mA @VDDI-pin(2.5V) 6mA @VCC-pin(2.5V)
  • Page 8 Q15: back to top There are two possible FCRAM-oprions mentioned in the Orchid-Manual : 16MBitx16Bit wth 32bit databus or 64bit databus (4 or 8MByte). Can you please specify which available FCRAM devices can be connected (partnumbers) SDR SDRAM type 16Mbit x16bit FCRAM Parts number:MB81E161622 Orchid is able to connect 2 or 4 devices of that type .
  • Page 9 Q19: back to top Recommendation for using the Orchid with the memory configuration: 2 x SDRAM 128MBit (x32) 64 bit bus width Example type : MT48LC4M32B2TG The following both connections are OK : Orchid MA12 --> SDRAM BA1 Orchid MA13 --> SDRAM BA0 Orchid MA12 -->...
  • Page 10 Q21: back to top What is the correct initialize routine for Scarlet ? To initialize the Scarlet correctly, you have to follow these steps : 1. Hardware reset sequence : after power-on, XRESET and S must be L to issue a reset S must be L for min 500ns after S is H, XRESET must be held low for min 300us 2.
  • Page 11 Q24: back to top DCLKO Jitter @ Scarlet 1. If the Clock comes from the internal PLL Although it depends on stability of supplied power for PLL, reference values are as follow. Cremson/Scarlet -150ps to +180ps 2. If the Clock is given via DCLKI If DCLKI does not include jitter, DCLKO does not include jitter also.

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