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Step 2: Start The Softipt; Making A Call - Toshiba Strata CTX SoftIPT Technical Bulletin

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Step 2: Start the SoftIPT

On a PC, double click on the SoftIPT icon on your PC desktop.

Making a Call

The Toshiba SoftIPT integrates the power of a PC with all of the features available on a DKT3000-series
telephone, except background music. The main difference is that you use a mouse or stylus to select
Other than these few differences, you can use most of the features described in the Strata CTX DKT/IPT
User Guide, available on the Internet FYI site, Documentation >
instructions on using the other features.
To make a call
1. Click
. Hear dial tone.
(If you have "hot dialing," skip this step.
Click on a button on the dial pad and if you
hear dial tone, you have "hot dialing.")
2. Click or select the on-screen dial pad
buttons to dial a call.
...or if the dialed numbers don't appear
on-screen, click
clicking on the dial pad buttons on-screen.
3. When connected to a call, you can select
any of the call buttons, such as
4. Click
Do not use BGM (#490) on the SoftIPT.
It conflicts with incoming calls.
Installing and Operating the SoftIPT
, then dial by
to end the call.
Select or click on
dial pad buttons
to call.
When you are on a call, the Call button changes
to Hangup. Click Hangup to end the call.
Step 2: Start the SoftIPT
Guides. Refer to this guide for
If dialed numbers
don't appear,
click Intercom,
then dial.
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