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Using The Call Log - Toshiba Strata CTX SoftIPT Technical Bulletin

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Using the Call Log

Using the Call Log
The SoftIPT keeps a log of incoming and outgoing calls.
To access the Call Log
1. Click
2. Click
displays (shown right).
From this screen, you can:
3. Click
last outgoing number
...or click on an incoming
or outgoing number to
dial it.
You can click
close this screen and
return to the dial pad to
enter an access code or to
access the
or other buttons.
Uninstalling the SoftIPT
To remove SoftIPT from your PC
1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
2. Select SoftIPT, click Remove.
To remove the SoftIPT folder, select Start > Programs > File Explorer.
Select My Documents > My Device > Program File > Toshiba > SoftIPT, then select Delete.
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until you see the
. The log
to dial the
Click Redial to dial the
last outgoing number.
Installing and Operating the SoftIPT
Click on an
or outgoing
number to
dial it.
Click Close
to return to
the dial pad.