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System Services; System-Level Client Applications; Desktop-Level Client Applications - Toshiba STRATA CIX Net Server Installation Manual

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System Services

System Services
System Services run under the Net Server and provide core functional services to other services,
system-level client applications, and desktop-level client applications.
Level2 PBX Service – This is the service sub-component of the Net Server that actually
connects to the PBX CSTA link to exercise call control on the PBX.
Call Router – Provides intelligent call routing capability with advanced features that attach
additional information to calls for "screen pop" of desktop client applications.
Voice Assistant – Provides advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice announcement,
and other universal voice port capabilities.
MSG (Chat) Service – This service sub-component of the Net Server allows clients equipped
with Chat to send and receive instant text messages in the form of "chat calls".
Text Reader Service – Provides Text-to-Speech (TTS) services that can be accessed by Voice
Assistant IVR applications.
Database Assistant Service – Provides setup and management of ODBC connections to host
databases and query services for Voice Assistant and other applications.
Copy Key Service – Provides software license and maintenance validation for all services and
Dial Plan Service – Provides rules based "Number to dial" services for services and clients.

System-Level Client Applications

System-level applications are designed to run on a single server PC (usually the Net Server PC).
These system-level applications make use of the services of Net Server to perform their functions
and run on the Server PC.
Net Server Administrator – This is the configuration program for the Net Server. Typically, it
runs on the Net Server PC, but it can be onto another PC to remotely administer the Net Server
via the LAN.
Strata ACD – This optional application typically runs on the Net Server PC and provides
services for offering Call Center features for controlling Agent and Supervisor telephones.
Strata ACD uses two sub-applications:
Toshiba Keyset Interface (TKI) – This service monitors and controls telephone features and
displays used by Agents and Supervisors assigned Call Center features.
Management Information System Interface (MIS) – This service passes call events from the
PBX via Level2 and the ACD events created by Strata ACD to an external MIS reporting

Desktop-Level Client Applications

Desktop-level applications are those that are designed to be run on multiple desktop PCs which
are connected via LAN to the Net Server PC. These desktop-level applications make use of the
services of Net Server remotely over the LAN. Following are examples of some of the existing
applications available from Toshiba
Net Phone – This is a Windows PC Phone client that can be used to operate the desktop
telephone or optionally provide a VoIP audio path through the PC, retrieve call history, and
provides a platform for screen-pop and database dialing to/from various 3rd-party applications
(such as Microsoft Outlook, Act!, Goldmine).
Chat – This is a text based instant messaging program that can be used to initiate and receive
"chat calls" to and from other desktop PCs running Chat. This program utilizes the MSG
Service of Net Server.
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Table of Contents

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