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Services Tab - Toshiba STRATA CIX Net Server Installation Manual

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Net Server Operation

Services Tab

Services Tab
This tab-view shows which services are presently operating with the server. Some services (like
COPYKEY, MSG, and SERVICE) run as components of the Net Server and should always be
present when the server is functioning properly. Other services will appear in this list when they
have properly initialized. For example, the Level 2 PBX Service (LVL2OAI) and CALLROUTER will
appear when they have launched and have initialized correctly. Each of the services can be
hidden, shown or shutdown using this screen. It is highly recommended that most services be left
in the hidden state in order to reduce the chances of accidentally shutting down a service
necessary for your application. The Net Server Administrator provides settings for automatically
starting, hiding, shutting down, etc.
By highlighting a service and right clicking on the service, you can bring up a menu that gives you
the option to Show Service Window, Hide Service Window, or Shutdown Service. If you select
Show Service Window, and there is a window for the selected service, the window for that service
will be displayed. If you select Hide Service Window, the service window will disappear. There will
no longer be an icon on the taskbar; however, the service will still be running. If you select
Shutdown Service, the service will be shut down.
Engineering and technical support personnel use this view to monitor program activity. End users
can use this view to determine if their Call Router service, for example, is currently running.
Net Server Installation Guide 10/06


Table of Contents

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