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Errors & Troubleshooting; Symptom: Copy Key Status Displays "No Button Found - Toshiba STRATA CIX Net Server Installation Manual

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Net Server Troubleshooting
Errors & Troubleshooting
Errors & Troubleshooting

Symptom: Copy Key Status displays "No Button Found"

MAS – The latest version of Net Server available on FYI must be installed. Older versions of
Net Server may not be able to acquire the MAC address of the newer MAS platforms.
Parallel port dongle – The copy key (dongle) must be installed on the parallel printer port
(LPT1) of the Net Server PC. The LPT port must be configured as an SPP or "Compatible" port
at I/O address 378h and IRQ 7. See your PC documentation for instructions on changing the
system BIOS. Please
Sentinel driver – The copy Key (dongle) requires Sentinel Protection Server service which is
installed with Net Server. Please make sure the service is running in the Services Control Panel
as shown below.
Defective dongle – If the dongle is not functioning correctly it may need to be replaced. To test
the copy key, install it on a different PC, preferably from a different PC manufacturer. Install the
Net Server (without the Level 2 PBX Service). Run Net Server, and check the copy key status.
Most key problems are due to configuration problems with the physical LPT port or the Sentinel
driver in case of USB dongle.
Net Server Installation Guide 10/06


Table of Contents

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