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Maytag 335344 Installation Manual

Freestanding spark ignition gas range
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TO THE INSTALLER: Leave this guide with the range.
Read the Rules for Safe Use in your Use and Care
Manual before using your range.
For Future
The following tools are needed to install your new
1. l%",
lY16" and VZ" open wrenches or an ad-
justable wrench
2. Pipe wrench
3. YE" and f/g" flat blade screwdrivers
4. Pliers
WHPL # 4348091
Part No. 335344



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 335344

  • Page 1 The following tools are needed to install your new range. GUIDE 1. l%“, lY16” and VZ” open wrenches or an ad- justable wrench For Future 2. Pipe wrench Reference 3. YE” and f/g” flat blade screwdrivers 4. Pliers WHPL # 4348091 (St) Part No. 335344...
  • Page 2: Location And Preparation

    LOCATION AND PREPARATION Seal all openings in the wall behind and the floor below the range, before you slide the range into place. Do not put the range near an outside door or where a draft may affect use. CLEARANCES Cabinet storaoe soace.
  • Page 3: Electrical Connections

    SHIPPING REMOVE SHIPPINQ MATERIAL , SCREW Remove all tape, shipplng and packaglng materials and the oven rack packag- Ing. Lift the cooktop and remove the four shipping screws from the cooktop burners. These screws may be discarded. LEVEL RANQE For proper baklng results, the range must be leveled.
  • Page 4: Gas Connections

    GAS CONNECTIONS ‘55” BLACK IRON PIPE THROUGH WALL (ALTERNATE HOOK-UP) CAUTION Do not operate the burners of ihis range when usfng L.P. (bottled) gas before converting the pressure regulator, burner orifices. and oven pllot ad)ustment screw (If so equipped) for L.P. gas usage. High flames and torlc fumes could cause serious Injury.
  • Page 5: Gas Adjustments

    The range must be Isolated from the gas supply plplng s stem b clos- KeQos Ing Its lndlvidual shut off valve durlng any pressure test ng of t MAKING L.P. GAS ADJUSTMENTS supply system at test pressures equel to or less than M pslg. CAUTION as, all the adjust ments (bottled)
  • Page 6 MAKING BURNER ADJUSTMENTS If you are usin L P (bottled) all the adjustments described on t e previous page must be made before you mahe any burner adjustments or use the range. All ran es are factory adjusted for use with the natural gas used In most areas.
  • Page 7 MAKING BURNER ADJUSTMENTS Step 2: Adjust Orlfke Hoods Check the inner cone of the flame. It should be about ll~a ” Ion for burners 7 see cooktop burners and 35” long for the oven/broiler below). If the flame must be adjusted, use a 35”...