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Maytag 336125 Use And Care Manual

Drop-in self cleaning
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PART NO. 336125 (4348155)



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 336125

  • Page 1 If you call for service, or Model No.: with a question, have this information ready. Serial No.: Keep this book, your installation guide, your warranty sales slip Purchase Date: together. PART NO. 336125 (4348155)
  • Page 2 AND CARE ....12-l( SAFETY RULES ..... . .2-4 CLEANING .12,1: Oven Cleaning ...... Cleaning Chart ......Removable Knobs ......HOW TO USE YOUR RANGE ....
  • Page 3: Important Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this appliance ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT ACCIDENTS GENERAL Never leave children alone or unwatched where a range IS in use. Never leave the oven door ope Keep thus book for later use watching the range Be sure your range is installed...
  • Page 4 Never wear loose clofhlng while usmg your range. Such clothes could catch Always use care when touching cooktop elements, areas near cook~of fire elements. oven heating elements or insrde the oven. Heatrng elements couk be hot enough to burn you even rf they are dark In color. The oven ven duct (see page 8) and the oven door may also become hot dunng rang6 use.
  • Page 5: Self-Cleaning Oven

    Never leave co&top elements unwatched at high heat settings. Boilovers cause smoking and greasy spillovers may catch fire. PUTTING OUT A GREASE FIRE When broiling, always take the broiler pan out of the range and clean 11 A dry chemical, foam or Halon type fire extinguisher should be when you are finished cooking.
  • Page 6: Cooktop Controls

    COOKTOP CONTROLS ENERGY SAVING TIPS A symbol near the cooktop control knobs shows which element IS lurned Check the Choosing Cookware char? on page 9 to see which type of on by each knob cookware is best for each type of cooking you do. Pans must cover the entire element to absorb the full heat output An undersized pan WIII expose part of the element and the uncovered part The cooktop controls can be set anywhere...
  • Page 7 CLOCK AND OVEN CONTROLS Turn SET knob until desired temperature IS displayed. The oven begrns to heat wrthin two seconds, and the drsplay WIII show the temperature The oven of your new range is entirely controlled by the Electronic Range as rt rises (In 5FO steps).
  • Page 8 TO START NOW AND STOP LATER TONES Push COOK TIME button. End of Cycle Tone (3 long beeps one second on, one second offj shows that a timed oven operation has reached STOP TIME or that the Timer Set length fo bakrng time with SET knob has counted down.
  • Page 9: New Oven Odor

    NEW OVEN ODOR OVEN LIGHT (Some Models) During the first baking and broiling cycles on your new oven, there may The switch for this light is located on the control panel. See page be some odor. This is normal and is caused by the heating of new parts more information.
  • Page 10: Positioning Broiler Pan

    POSITIONING BROILER PAN PREHEATING Preheatrng lets Ihe oven heal evenly before Ihe food is put in Allow 10 minutes Brorlin is cooking by drrect heat from the upper oven element. Tender at temperature less than 35O’JF and about 15 minutes al temperatures at 35tYJF cuts o P meat or marinated meat should be selected for brorlrng.
  • Page 11: Roasting Tips

    ROASTING TIPS USING A MEAT THERMOMETER Stick the thermometer into the center of the largest muscle of meat, or in Roasting time WIII depend on the oven temperature, meat temperature, the Inner thigh or breast of poultry. For an accurate reading, the tip of the sze.
  • Page 12: Choosing Cookware

    CHOOSING COOKWARE COOKTOP COOKWARE COOKING NOTES Alumrnum Spreads heat qurckly and evenly Best for Iryrng, brarsrng and pot roasts. Cast Iron Slow to change lemperature and holds heat. Good for browntng. frying and stewrng. Coppper. Trn-lrned Oulck to change temperature. Great for gourmet cwkrng, wane sauces and egg cookery Tin-linrng will wear thin with use and must be relrnned lo avord a porsonous reactron between the copper, the heat and the food...
  • Page 13: Be.fore A Clean Cycle

    BE.FORE A CLEAN CYCLE DO NOT use commercial oven cleaners or oven protectors In or near the ’ Remc>ve the t’roll pan and grid. oven racks, all utensils and any foil oven These products plus the high tremperature of the clean cycle may lhat ‘nav be IT ‘he (oven If oven racks are IeH or- the range during a damage the porcelain llnlsh clean &c!e they ~811 darken, iose their luster and become hard to slide...
  • Page 14: To Set A Clean Cycle

    TO SET A CLEAN CYCLE Slide Ihe door handle left lo unlock Ihe door You WIII not be able lo unlock Ihe oven unless the oven lemperalure IS at a sale level Never The sell-cleaning cycle IS preprogrammed for 3’12 hours You can also set lorce Ihe door IocWunlock handle the electronic range control for a delayed start of the clean cycle WHEN A CLEAN CYCLE IS FINISHED...
  • Page 15 PART CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS Control Panel Pull knobs off (see page 15 for easy removal method) and soap and water,rrnse, then, dry with a paper towel. Important: wash at sink In soap and water. Wash control panel wrth See page 15 for correct replacement of knobs.
  • Page 16 REMOVABLE KNOBS All control knobs may be removed for easy cleaning by pullrng the knob straight off the stem. See the cleaning chart on page 14. Hnt: Slip a thrn cloth (such as a handkerchief) or a piece of string under and around the knob edge and pull up.
  • Page 17: Lift-Up Cooktop

    LIFT-UP COOKTOP Your range has a IMt-up cooktop. You can clean the area under the cooktop If spills flow through the opening In the reflector bowl Raise the front of the cooktop and raise the support to hold the cooktop. ii -, See the cleaning chart on page 14 When flnlshed cleaning, carefully lower the cooktop...
  • Page 18: Removable Oven Door

    REMOVABLE OVEN DOOR To remove: 1. Open the door to the stop posItIon (see illustration) Grasp the door at each side and lift up and off the hinges See the cleanmg chart on page 14. NOTE: When the door is removed and hinge arms are at stop position. do not bump or try lo move the hinge arms.
  • Page 19 IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OVEN GIVES OFF AN ODOR Save lime and money -- check this list before you call for service. See the section on new oven odor on page 8. To elirnlnate unnecessary service calls, first read all the instructions in this BROILING PROBLEMS manual carefully.