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Maytag 336126 Use And Care Manual

Drop-in electric range
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Model and Serial numbers
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front frame. If you call for service, or
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Part No. 336126



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 336126

  • Page 1 If you call for service, or Model No.: with a question, have this information ready. Serial No.: ___ Keep this book, your installation guide, your warranty sales slip Purchase Date: together. Part No. 336126...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SAFETY RULES .2-4 CLEANING AND CARE TO-13 Oven Cleaning Cleaning Chart HOW TO USE YOUR RANGE RemovableKnobs ::..::::::...::. Cooktop Controls Removable Cooktop Unrts Energy Saving Tips Lift-Up Cooktop Cooktop Setting Gurde Removable Oven Door Baking and Broiling ReplacingtheOvenLight ....113 New Oven Odor Removable Oven Racks...
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT INSTRU~IONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this appliance ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT ACCIDENTS Never lea/e chi d-en alone 0’ unwatched where a range IS In use Never leave the over (:oor ‘Jpen when you are not watching the range GENERAL Keep this book lor later use...
  • Page 4 Never wear loose clothlqg whm Q IJsing your range Such CW’es could ca’cf- Always use care when !ouchlng cookfop elements areas near cooklop ‘,‘C elemen!s ‘:ver ‘leatlnq e;emenls or Inslae the oven Healing elements could be hst erlougt- .o bJ;:i 1’0~ even II they are dark n ~010~ The oven dent Ul~ct (see 6) and ‘he oben door may also become hot during range page...
  • Page 5 Never use aluminum lo11 to line drip bowls or oven bottoms Only use folf as shown on page 7 of this book, Improper use of foil can start a fire Never leave jars or cans of fat or drtpplngs on or near the range Never let grease build up on your range You can keep grease fires from starting PUTTING OUT A GREASE FIRE If you clean up grease and splllovers after each range use...
  • Page 6: Cooktop Controls

    COOKTOP CONTROLS ENERGY SAVING TIPS ‘4 >y7 lo rredr the ~os<cp cc trol knobs shows whrch element IS turned Check the Chocs~ng Cookware chart on page 9 to see whrch type of cookware 15 bes! for each type fo cookrng you do ,+a:, inob Pans must cover lhe en:lre element to absorb the full heat output An...
  • Page 7: New Oven Odor

    TO BAKE OR BROIL OVEN VENT When the oven IS on, heated air IS vented through a vent under the right Set OVEN CONTROL knob to BROIL or needed temperature rear cooktcp element On the cooktop. thls hot air make pot handles hot When fInIshed turn knob to OFF or met plastic l!ems left too near the vent The vent IS netessary for proper air circulation In the oven and good bake...
  • Page 8: Cooking Hints

    CRt=4!=ATl~r, nreneatrng lets lhe oven rleat evenly before the food IS put in Allow IO mrnutes at temperatures less than 3500 F and 15 minutes at 3500 F or more Nith recipes tnat call for an oven preheated to a certain temperature. IS very important that you follow those rnstructrons It IS not lrkely that you rv~~l ge: good bakrng results every trme wrthout preheatrng to the needed...
  • Page 9: Roasting Tips

    POSITIONING BROILER PAN ROASTING TIPS Broiling IS cooklng by drrect heat from the upper oven element. Tender Roastrng time WIII depend on the oven temperature, meat temperature, cuts of mear or marlnated meat should be selected for brorlrng. For best size, shape and type of the meat, the proportron of bone and fat, and the results steaks and chops should be at least W’...
  • Page 10: Common Baking Problems

    CHOOSING COOKWARE COOKING NOTES COOKTOP COOKWARE Spreads heal quickly and evenly Besl lor trying braising and pot roasts I--- Slow lo change temperature ano holds heal Good for browning frying and slewlng CiS’ IrO” ~~~~~~~ ’ Qufck to change temperalure Great for gourmet cookIng Wine sauces and egg cookery TInlInIng ~111 wear thin with...
  • Page 11: Oven Cleaning

    OVEN CLEANING Some rlcml el? t ;i~e a standard porcelain oven flnlsh and some models have a co’ clean flnlsh on the oven top, back and sidewalls Stan- !I~UO~JS dard :)orcF ~111 15 %mootP The continuous clean flnlsh has a rougher texture See t.le r.l.>an I g :nstrJctlons on page 11 to out how to best clear find...
  • Page 12: Chart

    PART CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS Control Panel Pull knobs off and wash at srnk In soap and water. Wash water and dry wrth a paper towel. Important: See page 12 for 1 and Knobs control panel wfth soap and water, rinse wrth vineoar and correct reolacement of knobs.
  • Page 13: Removableknobs

    REMOVABLE KNOBS Al control knobs may be removed for easy cleaning by pulling the knob straight off !he sierl See the cleaning InstructIons on page 11 HIit Slip a thin cloth (such as a handkerchlefl or a piece of string under arc1 around the knob edge and pull up SEE.
  • Page 14: Lift-Up Cooktop

    LIFT-UP COOKTOP To raise the cooktop so the area underneath can be cleaned. grasp the cooktop at the front and lift up Some models have a cooktop support Raise the support to hold the cooktop while cleaning. See the cleaning Instructions on page 11 When flnlshed cleaning. Igwer the cooktop To avoid chipping or damaging porcelain...
  • Page 15: Adjusting Oven Control Knob

    SEMOVABLE OVEN RACKS TO ADJUST OVEN TEMPERATURE Be careful not to scratch the oven finish when installing or removing Turn OVEN CONTROL knob to OFF and remove the knob by pulling the oven rack. strarght otf IMPORTANT Before you replace the OVEN CONTROL knob, turn to page To nstall: 12 and carelully read the InstructIons for replacIng the knob Do not force Set the raised back edge of the rack on a pair of rack guides...
  • Page 16 IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OVEN/BROILER ELEMENT DOES NOT WORK Save time and money - check this list before you call for servlce. Check to be sure the range cord IS plugged into the outlet completely Check for a blown fuse or tripped ctrcult breaker Check for power --o ellmlnate unnecessary service calls, first read all the Instructions tn thls outage...