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Korg PS60 Owner's Manual: Using Controllers; The Sound

Performance synthesizer.
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Using controllers

In addition to its keyboard, the PS60 lets you modify
the sounds by using controllers such as the joystick
and button, or optional damper pedal, foot switch or
foot pedal.
You can modify the sound by moving this joystick up/
down/left/right. Many of the preload programs will
vary the pitch in response to left/right movement,
apply vibrato for upward movement, and apply a wah
effect for downward movement. However, there are
also many programs that apply distinctive effects in
response to the joystick.
Near the joystick is a LOCK button that memorizes the
position of the joystick even after you release the
You can assign a different effect to each direction of the
joystick as desired.
Standard Joystick functions
Move the joystick...
Up (away from yourself )
Down (towards yourself )
Joystick Lock function
When you release the joystick, it will automatically
return to the center position and the effect will
disappear. However if you press the LOCK button to
make it light while you're still applying the effect, the
effect will be maintained even after you release the
For example if you move the joystick away from
yourself and then turn Lock on, the operation of the
joystick will be locked (held) at that state, so that
modulation will continue being applied even after the
joystick returns to its normal position. You can then
operate the joystick in the –Y direction (toward
yourself) to apply both types of modulation
Normally controls...
Pitch bend down
Pitch bend up
Filter LFO (wah)
Playing Using controllers
Note: You can use the Global mode Controllers -JS
Lock setting to specify the direction (X or Y) in which
the Lock function will be effective. (The default setting
is +Y.) (p. 51).
Switching the rotary speaker
simulator between slow/fast
As you select various programs for the ORGAN
timbre, you'll notice that the ORGAN FAST/SLOW
button blinks for some of the programs. These sounds
use an insert effect that simulates the rotary speaker
that has become an expected part of such organ
sounds (63: Rotary SP).
The ORGAN SLOW/FAST button lets you switch this
effect between slow/fast speeds. When playing an
organ sound, you can control this switching at the
touch of a button.
Velocity refers to the speed (force) at which you play a
key, and this can be used to control various aspects of
the sound. Normally, velocity is used to control the
volume and brightness of the sound. This will affect
the character of the sound's initial attack.
Example: Velocity affecting the volume
Played slowly
Played quickly


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