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Korg PS60 Owner's Manual Page 50

Performance synthesizer.
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This command saves the edited program to the PS60's
internal memory ( "Writing a program (WRITE),"
p. 25).
You must save important programs. An edited
program will be lost if you turn off the power or
select a different program before saving it.
Note: Before you can write a program, you must turn
the memory protect settings off in Global mode.
Specify the name of the program. Use the  buttons
to select a character location, and use the  buttons
or the VALUE knob to specify the desired character at
that location. You can enter up to 24 characters.
Cat (Category)
Specify the category of the program you're saving.
The program you write will be assigned to one of the
timbres (A.PIANO–SYNTH) according to the category
you specify here.
Note: The following restrictions apply when you
change the category and save the program.
• If you modify a Strings timbre and save it, the insert
effect will be unavailable.
• If you save from a String timbre to another timbre,
the insert effect will be set to 00: No Effect.
• If the insert effect 62: Organ V/C or 63: Rotary SP is
assigned to an Organ timbre, saving it to a different
timbre will change the insert effect setting to 00: No
Specify the save-destination for the program. The PS60
allows you to save 512 programs.
Use the program's bank number (e.g., A000) to specify
the save-destination.
Note: We recommend that you save to a initial pro-
gram. When the PS60 is shipped from the factory, D56–
D127 are initial programs. These are indicated as INIT
(Initial). When saving a program, use the "To" field to
specify one of these programs as the save-destination,
and then save it. The program will be assigned to a
timbre, and can be selected.
If you change the save-destination, the index number
within the performance is automatically assigned in
ascending order of the program's bank number. This
means that if you change the program's category or
save it in a different number, the program's index
number might move up or down. If you save your
edited program to a user program that's located after
the preload programs, the index numbers of the
preloaded programs won't change.
Note: The bank number is displayed if you press the
CURSOR/VALUE  buttons simultaneously when
the program name of the performance is shown
(p. 18).
Press the  button to execute the Write operation.
[space, !...~]
[A000...D127: name]


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