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Korg PS60 Voice Name List

Performance synthesizer.
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Voice Name List Liste de sons Klangübersicht Lista de nombres de las Voces Performance........2 Program.

  • Page 2: Performance

    Voice Name List Performance Name Stereo Piano :single SpaceE.Piano :layer Piano&Strngs :layer E.P.&Strings :layer Piano layer :layer Bass & Piano :split Bass&E.Piano :split Bass & Organ :split Bass & Vibe :split Bass & E.Guitar :split Funk Slapper :split OrchestraWinds :layer CrescendoPad :layer ClassicTapeY :split Pad&LeadGT Y :split...

  • Page 3: Program

    Program Program Index # Name Sub Category A.PIANO Grand Piano A.Piano Studio Piano A.Piano Classic Piano A.Piano Classic SG-1D A.Piano SG-1D Piano A.Piano M1 Piano A.Piano Solo Piano A.Piano Stage Piano A.Piano ClassicPianoMono A.Piano Rock Piano A.Piano E.Grand A.Piano HonkyTonk Piano A.Piano SoloStretch Grand A.Piano...

  • Page 4

    Once you have saved an edited sound in one of these numbers, you'll be able to recall it from a timbre of the corresponding category. - The PS60 itself does not show the sub category. Programs can be selected by sub category only from within PS60 Editor.

  • Page 5

    Program Index # Name Sub Category STRINGS Analog Strg1 Ensemble Strings Analog Strg2 Ensemble Strings Film Strings Ensemble Strings BeautifulBows Ensemble Strings LargeVox Pad :Airy Airy Split Voices :Vocal Vocal IntimateStrgs Ensemble Strings SymphonicBows Ensemble Strings HollywoodStrgs Ensemble Strings LegatoStrings Ensemble Strings Legato Bows Ensemble Strings...

  • Page 6

    Voice Name List Index # Name SYNTH Pods In Pads :Motion Motion Synth Swirling Pad :Motion Motion Synth Ready To Fly :Motion Motion Synth Super Pad :Slow Slow Synth SynthBrasPad :Slow Slow Synth SlowSine Pad :Slow Slow Synth Freedom Pad :Slow Slow Synth Attack Synth :Fast Fast Synth...

  • Page 7

    Program Index # Name Sub Category Pick Bass :Bass Bass HB Fretless :Bass Bass FretlessBass :Bass Bass FretlessDark :Bass Bass Slap Bass :Bass Bass DarkDeckBass :Bass Bass Dist.Synbass :Bass Bass Funk Synbass :Bass Bass Saw Bass :Bass Bass Pulse Bass :Bass Bass DarkTag Bass :Bass Bass...

  • Page 8: Audition Riff

    Voice Name List Audition Riff Name (Audition Riff) Key-C2-short Key-C2-middle Key-C2-long Key-C6-short Key-C6-middle Key-C6-long Key-Cmajor Key-Cmaj7 Key-Cm7 Key-Cm9 Key-Cs-Up Key-Cs-UpDown Kbd-Ballad Kbd-Baroque Kbd-Classical 1 Kbd-Classical 2 Kbd-Dark Warm Kbd-Digi Jazz Kbd-Funky Clav Kbd-Funky Kbd-House Kbd-Jazzy Kbd-Phantom Kbd-Pro Dyno Kbd-R&B Ballad Kbd-Ragtime Kbd-Rock Kbd-Sound Track...

  • Page 9

    Name (Audition Riff) Bas-Slap Bas-Stein Bas-Super Slap Slw-Antartic Slw-Bowed Glass Slw-Brass Pad Slw-Cinema Slw-Ghost Slw-Goliath Slw-Harmonic Slw-Meditate Slw-Money Slw-Ravelian Slw-Rez.Down Slw-Sine Slw-Sweep Slw-Throat Slw-Tsunami Fst-Ana Brass Fst-Calliope Fst-Chiffy Fst-Cosmic Fst-Cyber Fst-Digital Fst-Dirty Fst-Echo Fst-Future Fst-Gliding Fst-Grain Fst-Ice Fst-Jazzy Fst-Mega Fst-Metal Rez Fst-Pianoid Fst-Pop Fst-Power...

  • Page 10: Effect

    Voice Name List Effect Name No Effect St.Comp (Stereo Compressor) Red Comp St.Limitr (Stereo Limiter) MulLimitr (Multiband Limiter) St.MstLmt (Stereo Mastering Limiter) St.Gate (Stereo Gate) St.P4EQ (Stereo Parametric 4EQ) St.G7EQ (Stereo Graphic 7 Band EQ) St.Excitr (Stereo Exciter) St. Isolat (Stereo Isolator) St.

  • Page 11: Multisample

    Multisample Name Mono: A.PIANO 0000 A.Piano EqualTemp-L 0001 A.Piano EqualTemp-R 0002 A.Piano Stretched-L 0003 A.Piano Stretched-R 0004 Piano Damper EqualTemp-L 0005 Piano Damper EqualTemp-R 0006 Piano Damper Stretched-L 0007 Piano Damper Stretched-R 0008 A.Piano Mono 1 EqualTemp 0009 A.Piano Mono 1 Stretched 0010 A.Piano Mono 2 0011...

  • Page 12

    Voice Name List 4015-2 Yanokuchi, Inagi-city, Tokyo 206-0812 Japan © 2010 KORG INC.

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