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Whirlpool SF387PEY Use And Care Manual

Self-cleaning gas range
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Use And Care
A Note to You .................
........ 6
Using Your Range ......... 7
Cycle ..... 30
Range ............................
If You Need
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    TO MAKE A HOME RUN." Use And Care A Note to You ....Important Safety Instructions ....Parts and Features ..6 Using Your Range ..7 Using the Self-Cleaning Cycle ..30 Caring for Your Range ......If You Need Assistance or Service .....
  • Page 2: A Note To You

    WHIRLPOOL ¢ appliance. Because your life is getting busier and more complicated, WHIRLPOOL ranges are easy to use, save time, and help you manage your home better. To ensure that you will enjoy years of trouble-free operation, we developed this Use and Care Guide. It is full of valuable information on how to operate and maintain your appliance properly and safely.
  • Page 3: Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Gas ranges have been thoroughly tested for safe and efficient operation. However, as with any appliance, there are specific installation and safety precautions which must be followed to ensure safe and satisfactory operation. WARNING: If the information in this manual is not followed...
  • Page 4 • Do not operate the range if it is damag- • Use only dry pot holders. Moist or damp ed or not working properly. pot holders on hot surfaces could result in burns from steam. Do not let pot • Do not use the range for warming or holder touch an open flame.
  • Page 5 Smother flaming satisfactorily meet the application pan by covering with a well*fitted lid, needs must be made by a Whirlpool cookie sheet, or flat tray. Flaming grease service company or Qualified Agency. outside of pan can be extinguished •...
  • Page 6: Parts And Features

    Parts and Features This section contains captioned illustrations of your range. Use them to become familiar with the location and appearance of all parts and features. Manual oven light switch Oven control panel Oven vent Surface burner panel Surface burners Broil burner and grates Lock lever_...
  • Page 7: Using Your Range

    Using Your Range In This Section Page Page Using the surface burners ....7 Adjusting the oven temperature control ..........Positioning racks and pans ....9 Broiling ..........For best air circulation ..... 10 Broiling tips ........The electronic oven control ..... 11 Energy saving tips ......
  • Page 8 Until you get used to the settings, use the following as a guide. For best results, start cooking at the high setting; then turn Fire Hazard the control knob down to continue cooking. Burner flame should not extend be- SETTING RECOMMENDED yond the edge of the cooking utensil.
  • Page 9: Positioning Racks And Pans

    Home canning information • Pans should be easy to clean. Check to be sure there are no crevices, rough edges, The larger diameter of most water-bath or or areas where food might collect. pressure canners combined with high heat settings for tong periods of time can cause •...
  • Page 10: For Best Air Circulation

    Extra oven rack position (roasting rack) When roasting food too large to be placed in oven with rack in lowest position, place rack on bottom of oven. For proper roasting, follow these guidelines: • The rack must be level. • Use adequate amount of liquid (meat juices or water) so food does not get overdone.
  • Page 11: The Electronic Oven Control

    The electronic oven control Electronic Clock set Minute Timer set display and off pads Oven Temperature Electronic Hour Minute Start/ Off/ selector pads MEALTIMER pads pads Enter Cancel pads control pads Command pads Display/clock The command pads tell the oven what to do •...
  • Page 12: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock CLOCK 1. Push the Clock/Set pad. The colon flashes and TIME will light up on the display. 2. Use the Hour and Minute pads to set the I_lI]l time of day. Push the "up" (A) or "down" (V) pad(s) until the correct time shows on the display.
  • Page 13: Using The Off/Cancel Pad

    3. PushtheStart/Enter pad.TheMinute Timerwillbegincounting downimmedi- atelyafterthetimeris started. When timeis up,"End" willshowonthe largedisplay andyouwillhearfour 2-second tones. Y ouwillalsohearfour 1-second reminder toneseveryminute untilyoupushoneofthetwoTimer pads. NOTE: T odisable the reminder tones, pushandholdtheTimerSetpadfor4 seconds. Toreactivate t hetones, f ollow thesameprocedure. To cancel Minute Timer: •...
  • Page 14: Baking/Roasting

    Baking/roasting NOTE: Do not attempt to light the oven burner during a power failure. See "Impor- tant Safety Instructions" on page 4 for more information. 1. Position the rack(s) properly before turning on the oven. To change rack position, lift rack at front and pull out. For further information, see "Positioning racks and pans"...
  • Page 15: Adjusting The Oven Temperature Control

    7. When baking/roasting is done, push the Off/Cancel pad. The time of day will show on the display and all other displays will go off. Adjusting oven temperature control Although your new oven is properly adjusted to provide accurate temperatures, it may cook faster or slower than your old oven.
  • Page 16: Broiling

    Broiling 1. Position the rack before turning the oven on. See "Broiling rack position chart" on page 17. 2. Preheat the broiler for 5 minutes before using. 3. Push the Broil pad The small display will show "HI °''. The time of day and BROIL will light up.
  • Page 17: Broiling Tips

    Broiling tips )osition chart • Use the broiler pan and grid for broiling. Broiling rack They are designed to drain excess liquid RACK POSITION and grease away from the cooking surface FROM BOTTOM FOOD to help prevent spatter, smoke, or fire. •...
  • Page 18: Energy Saving Tips

    Energy saving tips • "Oven peeking" may cause heat loss, Although the energy used for cooking is usually a very small percentage of the total longer cooking times, and unsatisfactory baking results. Rely on your timer to keep energy used in the home, cooking energy can be used efficiently.
  • Page 19 2.PushtheBakepadtoenterthe Bake mode. U setheTemppad(s) t osetthe desired temperature. Push• to raise the temperature o r • to lower the tempera- ture in 5°F increments. Use these pads until the desired temperature shows on the small display. After you have set the desired tem- perature, the display will show the set temperature and the time of day.
  • Page 20 7. When the baking/roasting time is completed, the oven will turn off auto- matically, four tones will sound, and "End" will show on the display. You will also hear four 1-second tones every minute until you push the Off/Cancel pad. NOTE: To disable reminder tones, push and hold the Cook Time pad for 4 sec- onds.
  • Page 21 5. Push the Start/Enter pad. "Lo °'', HEAT, TIMED, and BAKE will light up on the display to indicate that the oven is heating. NOTE: The display will show "door" and a tone will sound once a minute for 5 min- utes if the door is latched when you try to bake/roast.
  • Page 22 3. Push the Cook Time pad. "0:00" with the colon flashing and COOK TIME will show on the display. 4. Use the Hour and Minute pads to set the desired cooking time. Push the "up" (A) or "down" (V) pad(s) until the correct time shows on the display.
  • Page 23 8. When the start time is reached, a one- second tone will sound and DELAY will go off. The display will show the set cook time. "Lo °'', HEAT, TIMED, and BAKE will light up on the display to show that the oven is heating.
  • Page 24 4. UsetheHourandMinute padstosetthe desired starttime.Pushthe"up"(A) or "down" ( V) pad(s) u ntilthecorrect t ime shows onthedisplay. Thisexample shows a desired starttime of2 o'clock. 5. PushtheStopTimepad.Thetimeofday withthecolon flashing willshow onthe display andSTOP TIMEwilllightup. 6. UsetheHourandMinute padstosetthe i'__a];] I_i_Lea d_l desired stoptime.Pushthe"up"(A) or "down"...
  • Page 25 8. When the start time is reached, a one- second tone will sound and DELAY will go off. The display will show the set cook time. "Lo°'', HEAT, TIMED, and BAKE will light up on the display to show that the oven is heating. The display will count down the baking/roasting time in minutes.
  • Page 26 4. UsetheHourandMinute padstosetthe l'_o_'.] _qlJ_L_ desired cooking time.Pushthe"up"(A) or "down" ( V) pad(s) u ntilthecorrect t ime shows onthedisplay, This example shows a desired baking/ roasting time of 30 minutes. 5. Push the Stop Time pad. The time of day with the colon flashing will show on the display and STOP TIME will light up.
  • Page 27 8. When the start time is reached, a one- second tone will sound and DELAY will go off. The display will show the set cook time. "Lo °'', HEAT, TIMED, and BAKE will light up on the display to show that the oven is heating.
  • Page 28: The Oven Vent

    The oven vent Hot air and moisture escape from the oven through a vent located in lower part of backguard. The vent is needed for air circulation. Do not block the vent. Poor baking/roasting will result. NOTE: Never store plastics, paper, or other items that could melt or burn near the oven vent, or any of the surface burners.
  • Page 29: The Anti-Tip Brackets

    The anti-tip brackets The range will not tip during normal use. However, tipping can occur if you apply too much force or weight to the open door without the anti-tip brackets properly secured. Personal Injury Hazard To reduce risk of range tipping over, secure range with properly installed anti-tip brackets supplied with range.
  • Page 30: Using The Self-Cleaning Cycle

    Using the Self-Cleaning Cycle In This Section Page Page Setting the controls ......31 How the cycle works ......30 Special tips ........Before you start ........ The Self-Cleaning cycle saves you from the toil and mess that often come with hand-cleaning the oven interior.
  • Page 31 • Remove any pots and pans being stored in the oven. NOTE: You can clean the broiler pan Burn Hazard and grid in the oven if you have first Do not touch the oven during the Self- removed most of the soil by hand-cleaning Cleaning cycle.
  • Page 32 If a cleaning cycleotherthan3 hoursis desired, u sethe HourandMinute padsto setthedesired cleaning t ime.Push the "up"(A) or "down" ( Y) pad(s) u ntila time between 2-4hoursshows onthedisplay. • Use 2 hours for light soil. • Use 3-4 hours for moderate to heavy soil.
  • Page 33 To delay the start using Delay Start Time: Push the Clean pad. Push the Delay Start Time pad. START, TIME, CLEAN, and "cln" will light up. Use the Hour and Minute pads to set the [',','_l]]d I_li_i ]Ha d=1 desired start time. Push the "up" (A) or "down"...
  • Page 34 When the oven reaches normal baking/ roasting temperatures, LOCKED goes off and "End" and CLEAN TIME come on. Move the Lock Lever back to the left. DO NOT FORCE IT. Wait until it moves easily. To stop Self-Cleaning cycle at any time: 1.
  • Page 35: Caring For Your Range

    Caring for Your Range In This Section Page Page Surface burner grates ....... 35 Cleaning chart ........Surface burners and cooktop ..36 The oven light ........Your range is designed for easy care. You can do most cleaning with items found around your home.
  • Page 36 Surface burners and cooktop The cooktop and burner box areas are specially designed to make cleaning easier. Because the four burners are sealed, cleanups are easy and convenient. To clean the cooktop, wipe with a damp sponge and dry. NOTE: Do not remove the cooktop. Doing so could result in product damage.
  • Page 37 7. Turn on the burner to determine if it will light. If the burner does not light after cleaning, contact an authorized Whirlpool service technician. Do not service the sealed burner yourself.
  • Page 38 Cleaning chart Use the following table to help you clean your range. PART HOW TO CLEAN WHAT TO USE Control knobs • Turn knobs to OFF and pull straight Sponge and warm, soapy water away from control panel. • Wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly. Do not soak.
  • Page 39 PART WHAT TO USE HOW TO CLEAN Oven racks Steel-wool pad and • Wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly. warm, soapy water The Self-Cleaning cycle • Leave in oven during Self-Cleaning cycle. NOTE: Racks will permanently discolor and become harder to slide if left in oven during Self-Cleaning cycle.
  • Page 40 The oven light The oven light will come on when you open the oven door. To turn on the light when the oven door is closed, press the Oven Light Switch on the backguard. Electrical Shock Hazard Make sure oven and light bulb are cool and power to the range has been turned off before replacing the light bulb.
  • Page 41: Assistance Or Service

    (See Installation Instructions.) with proper voltage. Range is not properly Contact an authorized Whirlpool service technician to reconnect range connected to gas supply. to gas supply. (See Installation Instructions.) A household fuse has blown...
  • Page 42 POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Burner flames Burner ports are clogged. Clean with a straight pin. (See page are uneven 37.) If this fails, call an authorized Whirlpool service technician for service, Burner makes Burner is wet from washing. Let dry. popping noise...
  • Page 43 Call the Whirlpool Consumer Assistance Center telephone number, Dial toll-free FSP is a registered trademark of Whirlpool from anywhere in the U,S,A,: Corporation for quality parts. Look for this symbol of quality whenever you need a 1-800-253-1301 replacement part for your WHIRLPOOL ®...
  • Page 44: Warranty

    Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your authorized Whirlpool distributor or military exchange. If you need service, first see the "If You Need Assistance or Service" section of this book. After checking "If You Need Assistance or Service," additional help can be found by calling...

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