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  • Page 2: Warnings And Safety Precautions

    Safety information TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRICSHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER SERVICEABLEPARTS INSIDE. RISK OF ELI_(7*RIC St lOCK REFERSERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. DO NOT OPEN This symbol indicates important This symbol indicates "dangerous voltage" inside the product that instructions accompanying the presents a risk of electric shock or product.
  • Page 3 Warnings and Safety Precautions IMPORTANTTIPS: Caring for Your The monitor is designed and manufactured to provide long, trouble- Monitor flee service. No maintenance other than cleaning is required. Use a soil dry cloth to clean the panel. Never use solvents such as alcohol or thinner to clean the panel surface.
  • Page 4: Setting The Picture Size For Rgb Input Signals

    This page intentionally left blank.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Reducing Noise in the Picture ............22 Command ReferenceList ..............The AUDIO Menu ............... Specifications ..............The SCREEN Menu ............. Troubleshooting ..............Selecting a Viewing Size..............Supported Resolution ............Adjusting the Picture Position and Size ........25 RCA Limited Warranty ............Auto Picture ..................Accessories .................
  • Page 6: Contents Of The Package

    Contents of the Package Cinema Screen monitor Power cord Ferrite cores RGB cable (Mini D-Sub 15-pin to Mini D-Sub 15- pin connector) Remote control unit with two AA batteries User's manual It is highly recommended that you have your monitor installed by a professional. If you are installing the monitor yourself, refer to the Reference section.
  • Page 7: Part Names And Functions - Front View

    Connections and Setup Part Names and Functions - Front View |. MENueOK If no menu is displayed, brings up the menu. If 4. INPUT • GOBACK - Switches the input, in the following order: a menu is displayed, press to select a highlighted option. 2.
  • Page 8: Part Names And Functions - Back View

    Connections and Setup Part Names and Functions - Back View r- (]--_ RIGHT • l. EXT SPEAKER L and R - Connect speakers here. 2. AC 1N - Connect the included power cord here. VCRs,DVDs, 3. VIDEO I, 2, 3 - Connect Laserdiscs, etc.
  • Page 9: Battery Installation

    Replace cover. Connecting an HD Receiver RCA and PROSCAN HD {high definition) receivers come equipped with an RGB outputjack for optimum quality. Using the RGB cable provided, connect the HD MONITOR OUTjack on the back of your HD receiver to the RGBI (HD MONITOR 1N)/AUDIOI 1Njack on the back of the monitor.
  • Page 10: Connecting Your Vcr Or Laserdisc Player

    1. Turn off the power to the monitor and VCR or laserdisc player. 2. Connect one end of your RCA cable to the video output connector on the back of your VCR or laser disc player. Connect the other end to the video input on the monitor.
  • Page 11: Connecting Components To The Monitor

    Connections and Setup Connecting Components to the Monitor VIDEO VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3 L{MONOI VCR or Laser Disc Player LIMONOI DVD Player Signal cable (supplied) To Mini D-Sub 15pin connector on the RGB 1 PlasmaSync4210W IBM VGA or Compatibles =,,,, --- I LIMONO} ____ Macintosh or Compatibles...
  • Page 12: Connecting External Speakers To The Monitor

    Connections and Setup ,-- <1--_ RIGHT LEFT Connecting External Speakers* to the Monitor qNremonitor doesn't have internal speakers, so in order to get sound you must connect external speakers. External speakers can reproduce sound from VIDEO or RGB signal sources. External speakers may be connected directly to the SPEAKERS terminals or indirectly by connectin 9 a stereo system amplifier to the audio outputs.
  • Page 13 Connections and getup The Remote Control AUX Operates the component you've MONITOR Turns the monitor on and puts the ONeOFF Toggles power on and remote in Monitor mode. programmed to work with the AUXbutton. off |br the components that you have programmed.
  • Page 14: The Remote Control

    Remote The universal remote control that came with your monitor is already programmed to operate most RCA, GE, and PROSCANVCRs, DVD players, laserdisc players, and satellite receivers. This remote is also capable of operating many other brands of remote-controllable electronic components, but you must program it to do so.
  • Page 15: After You'veprogrammed I T

    2068, 211t,2123 Quasar ............2021,2022, 2126 Candle ... 20t3, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 KLH ..................206t RCA ..... 2000,2001,2003,2013,2021,2065, 2066, Canon ............2021, 2022, 2114 Kodak ................ 2014, 202t 2082,2083,2084,2085,2080,2087,2088,2089,2090, Capehart ..............2020, 2110 Lloyd ................. 2002, 2026 2091,2107,2t15,2120,2126 Carver ..................
  • Page 16 5011 Audio (AUX button only) Starqucst ................5018 Colour Voice ............5 012, 5013 randy ................... 5040 Comtmnles ............. 5014,5015 {For RCA and Dimensla bmnds only) Televlew ................5014 Contec ................. 5016 AM/FM ................. 4003 Tocom ............5004,5023,5041 Eastern ................
  • Page 17 This page intentionally left blank.
  • Page 18: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Power To turn the monitor on and off: I. Plug the power cord into an active AC power outlet. 2. Press the ON-OFF button on the remote control or the monitor button on the unit. The monitor's POWER/STANDBY indicator turns green when the monitor is on.
  • Page 19: The Multi-screen Feature

    The Menu System The Multi-Screen Feature The Multi-Screen feature is used to show either a single picture or two pictures on the screen at the same time. One of the pictures must be from the RGB input. SINGLE - Displays a single picture on the screen. SIDE BY SIDE - Displays two pictures from different input signals side-by-side.
  • Page 20: On-screen Menu Operation

    The Menu System On-Screen Menu Operation To access the main menu, press the MENUbutton on the remote. The MAIN MENU is displayed on the screen. The main menu contains a list of all the menus that control your monitor. To select a menu, use the up/down arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the desired menu.
  • Page 21: Adjusting The Picture Settings In Memory Mode

    The Menu System Adjusting the Picture Settings in MEMORY Mode In MEMORY mode, you can set and save the following picture adjustments: CONTRAST - Changes the picture's contrast (between light and dark). BLACK LEVEL- Makes the picture lighter or darken SHARPNESS - Changes the picture's sharpness.
  • Page 22: Setting The Color Temperature

    The Menu System Setting the Color Temperature The color temperature setting controls how warm [red) or cool [blue) your picture is. The COLORTEMP option has 4 settings: Normal Warm Pro [lets you select settings individually) Cool For regular viewing, Normal, Warm or Cool is recommended. The PRO setting is generally used only for professional applications.
  • Page 23: Reducing Noise In The Picture

    The Menu System Reducing Noise in the Picture Noise is a term used to describe extraneous bits of information in the signal that affect the clearness of the picture. You can use the Noise Reduction (NOISE REDUCE)setting if your reception is poor or when playing video tapes that have poor picture quality. The NOISE REDUCE option has four settings, including OFF.
  • Page 24: The Audio Menu

    The Menu System The Audio Menu The AUDIO menu allows you to adjust the treble, bass and left/right balance of your external speakers. BASS - Changes the level of low frequency sound. TREBLE- Changes the level of high frequency sound. BALANCE - Changes the balance of the left and right speakers.
  • Page 25: The Screen Menu

    The Menu System The Screen Menu The SCREEN menu allows you to set the monitor to automatically select the correct mode for viewing a particular movie and to change the positions of on-screen menus. Selecting a Viewing Size When viewing with a component other then your HD receiver*, you can set the screen mode to one of four screen sizes to suit the type of input you are watching.
  • Page 26: Adjusting The Picture Position And Size

    The Menu System To change the viewing size: 1. Press the CINEMA button on the remote control. 2. The current viewing size will be displayed. Press the CINEMA button again to switch to the next size. The size switches as follows: y FILL NORMAL FULL...
  • Page 27: The Function Menu

    The Menu System The Function Menu The FUNCTION menu contains options that control on-screen displays (other than the menu system) and how the picture is displayed. On-Screen Displays On-screen displays (different than the menu system) appear by default to give you information about an option you have selected.
  • Page 28: Setting The Powersaver For Computer Images

    The Menu System Setting the POWER SAVER for Computer Images The POWERSAVER function can be used when the signal source to the monitor comes from a computer conforming to the VESA DPMS format. This function automatically reduces the monitor's power consumption if no operation is performed for a certain amount of time.
  • Page 29: Setting The Gray Level For The Sides Of The Screen

    _?i, ]L'_IN I Setting the Gray Level for the Sides of the Screen The GRAYLEVEL function allows you to set the gray level for the sidesof the screenwhere nothing is displayed [on the left and right sides of the screen when it is s_t to 4:3 size).The level can be adjusted From 0 to 15.Thefactory setting is 3 [dark gray].
  • Page 30: Adjusting The Display In Rgb3 Input Mode

    Adjustingthe Monitor in RGB3 Input Mode If the picture is not stable in RGB3mode, usethe RGB3ADJUST feature to adjust it. I. From the main menu, highlight and select OPTIONS. The OPTIONS menu is displayed. 2. Highlight the RGB3ADJUST option. 3. Usethe • button to select the desired adjustment I1, 2 or 3). The choices scroll asfollows: This is _:heFUNCTIONmenu wiLh Lhe RGB3ADJ.
  • Page 31: Turning Orbiter On

    _?i, IL'_IN I Turning ORBITER on The factory setting for ORBITER is OFF. T o turn ORBITER ON: 1. From the main menu, highlight and select FUNCTION. The FUNCTION menu is displayed. 2. Highlight the SCREEN SAVER option [the SCREEN SAVERmenu is displayed]. 3.
  • Page 32: The Options Menu

    i_'_._I_, ,, I'._: _ _,',_,': ' 1'(_'h'l The Options menu Setting the Audio inputs The monitor's audio sourcesare programmable to each of the monitor's video sources. Forexample,you can program AUDIO1source to work with the RGB2video source. This feature is used if optional speakersare connected and for commercial applications. 1.
  • Page 33: Setting A Computer Image To The Correct Rgb Select Mode

    _?i, IL'_I(I I Setting a Computer Image to the Correct RGB Select Mode The RGBSELECT f unction allows you to select the correct viewing mode for the type of computer image you are displaying The RGBSELECT f unction has six modes: AUTO- Automatically selects the most suitable mode for displaying the input signal.
  • Page 34: The Setup Menu

    i_'_._ I, , ,I'._;_: _':,_,": _1 '(_? h "l Settingthe Picture Size for ROB input The PICTURE SIZEoption is usedto adjust the picture size when the input signal is ROB.Usethis feature for graphic arts and checking photos. In TRUEmode, there is no distortion of the picture. In NORMALmode, the picture will be sealedvertically but will keep the correct aspect ratio.
  • Page 35: Selecting The Language For The Menus

    _?:, IL'_ifl I Selecting the Language for the Menus The menu display can be set to one of three languages: English, Frenchor Spanish.The default is English.To change the default setting: From the main menu, highlight and select the SETUP option. The SETUP menu is displayed.
  • Page 36: Sleep Timer

    SleeD Timer The sleeptimer is ufeature that allowsyou to set the monitor to turn off after u prescribed amount of time. It can be set to turn the power off after 30, 60, 90 or 120 minut_. Setting the Sleep Timer 1.
  • Page 37 This page intentionally left blank.
  • Page 38: Installing The Monitor

    Installina the Cinema Screen Monitor IMPORTANT -This device cannot stand on its own. Be sure to use a stand or original mounting unit. For correct installation and mounting it is strongly recommended to use a trained, authorized Cinema Screen dealer. Failure to follow correct mounting procedures could result in damage to the equipment or injury to tile installer.
  • Page 39: External Control

    External Control These specifications cover tile communications control of the monitor by Type of connector: D-sub 9 Pin Male external control. Connections are made as fbllows: I. ltle connector on tile monitor side is tile EXTERNALCONTROLconnector (an illustration of the pin assignment is on tile right). 2.
  • Page 40: Command Referencelist

    Command Reference List CMD2 Powder ON 9F>I Powi'r OFF 9FTI Input Switch Change OETI VOLUME Oai_l Data DETI 05, /_UUIO Mute On 9FI-I 06, ?(bOlO Mute Off 9FI-I Gain Data 07, CONTWKST BR]GHTGain Data DFTI SHARPNESS Oai_l Data DFTI Color Gai_ Data DFTI 'Tint Gain Data DFTI...
  • Page 41: Specifications

    RCA-pin X 1 Video 2 BNCX1 * HD/DVD/DTVinput signets supported on this syste{t Video 3 S-Video: DIN4-pinX 1 DVDiRD/DTV RCA-pin (Y,P,,[C_] P _[C_]) 480P (60 Hz) 4801(60 Hz) Stereo RCA X 3 Audio 525P (60 Hz) 5251(60 Hz) Externa! Control...
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before requesting service, check the adjustments, operations, etc, Symptom Possible Problem Solutions Picture is disturbed, • Is a connected component set directly in front • Leavesome space betweenthe display and Sound is noisy or at the side of the monitor? connected components.
  • Page 43: Supported Resolution

    Supported Resolution _3), When se_erl mode is NORMAL, each signal is converted 1024 dot X 768 line signal {except * When se_en mode is TRUE, pietu_ is display, ed in its original resolution, When sc_en mode is FULL, each signal is converted to 1364 dot X 7(58 line...
  • Page 44: Rca Limited Warranty

    * Maein_h is a r_gist_d _radcmark ofAl_ple Com;pc_ Inc of*_ U_Lc'd St'at_s RCA Plasma Monitor Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: I3ef_ets in materials or workmanship, For how longafter your purchase: o One year from date of purchase for labor.
  • Page 45 What your warranty does not cover: Customer instruction. [Your Owner's Manual describes }low to install, adjust, and operate your unit. Any additional information should be Obtained from your dealer.) • Installation and related adjustJnenLs. • Damage resulting from non-approved installation methods. •...
  • Page 46: Accessories

    Accessories The accessories listed below are available from your Cinema Sc_e_ Dealer. See your dealer for prices, Attachable Speakers - SPK50 Monitor Stand - PLBSO...
  • Page 47 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson multimedia Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2000 Thomson...

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