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| ID
* This ul_it is equipped
with fl_e display
To cancel it, see page
* Esta unidad
estfi eguipada
co_ demostracidn
e_ la pantalla.
Pm'a cm_celarla,
la pfigina 14.
* Cet appm'eil est dquipd d'une
de ddmonstratio_
des affichages.
Pour l'anuuler,
vous _tla page
For h_staHadon and com_ecdons, refer to the separate mmmaL
Para Ja insm_acidn y Basconexiones, refi&ase a_ manual separado.
e[ Jes raccordellleJltS,
se rd}_rer
au i11anueJ sd )ard,
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   Summary of Contents for JVC EXAD KD-AV7000

  • Page 1

    DVD FIECEJVEFI WiTH MONITOR RECEPTOR DVD CON MONITOR FtECEPTEUR DVD ET MONITEUR c_ crLc_ c_ _2_ _D C_D c47 c_? C_?l _gTi ............MP.._ _;£ RROUND | ID * This ul_it is equipped with fl_e display demonstratio_. To cancel it, see page * Esta unidad estfi eguipada co_ demostracidn...

  • Page 2

    Thank you tkw purchasing a JVC product. Please read all instructions carefully before operation, to ensure your complete understandirig to obtain the best possible performance from tile unit. INFORMATION (For U.S.A.) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits t_.w a Class B digital...

  • Page 3

    [ WARF_NGS I CAUTIO[_S on the m0Nter ° DO HOT install any unit in _ocations where; o This product has a fluorescent lamp = it may obstruct the steering whee_ and that contains a small amount gearshift _ever operations, as this mercury.

  • Page 4

    Surround Mode Operations ......How to reset your trod'oduciug surrotmd/DSP mode ....Important! (How to read this mauua[) ..... 3 Turning on amd off the surrouud/DSP mode,... introduction--Playable Discs ....... 5 Hound Modes (iEQ) Operations ....39 Quick Guide--How to Use the Controls ..

  • Page 5

    Discs you can pJay DVD Video--d_gital audio formats You cau play back the folIowil_g discs (m this The System cau play back the tbllowing digital unit: audio tbrmats. Linear PCM: Uucompressed digital audio, the • DVD Video: whose video format is NTSC same tormat used Rw CDs and most studio al_d whose region code is "1."...

  • Page 6

    General operations To do: Turn on the main unit, Turn off the main Unit. Attenuate sounds, Select "TUNER=" Select "DISC" and "CD-CH? Select external components: TV _- AVl _ AV2 Adjust the volume, VOLUME Set the main or sub- MA_JB operation for Dual Mode, _ ZOOM Turn on/off Dua! Mode.

  • Page 7

    Tuneroperations Disc operations--continued Buttons 1"o do: Buttons To do: Select the band, RE:rUiN Return to the previous screen while operating the Start Auto Search, disc menu, Start Manual Search. Change preset numbers, Select title/chapter/track number. "_ Select preset numbers directly, CD changer operations Buttons To do:...

  • Page 8

    CB changer operations General operations Buttons To do: To do: Select tracks. Turn on the main unit. Search. Turn off the main unit. Attenuate sounds. MODE SOURCE Change the sources. (once): Display "DISC"=* select discs. _VOLUME (twice): Display ' FOLDER" =_ select folders." Adjust the volume, DISP TVtuner operations...

  • Page 9

    WARNINGS on the battery: , Store the battery in a place where children] (back side calmot reach. If a child accidemaHy swallo'a.s the battery, co_]sult a doctor immediately. , Do not recba_Ne, short, disassemble, heat the battery or dispose of it in a fire. These behaviors may cause the battery...

  • Page 10

    You ca_ operate this refit u sh_g three _ ypes ofoperation methods. oThis i_struction mamm[ explains the operation, smainly _sil_g the Touch Pane[ lco_s show_ o_ the monitor. o Using the Touch Panel Icons dked:ly (See "BL]IND CONTROL" on page 46.) Press the Touch Pane[ Icons with yo_r fi_ger dhecdy (if you wear a glove, take it off).

  • Page 11

    * Using the Graphk User laterface (GUI) from the remote controller You can use the Graphic User Interface in the same way as you touch the panel icons. Examples: Move the Display GU1 on the monitor CtlFSO_ tO all icoB ConfimL (the curaor_yellow h'ame--...

  • Page 12

    Adjust the volume CAUTION on the monitor: Do _tot _en or Nose d_e mo*_itor by han& Do _ot apply anyjbree to the momtor wkfle it is moving_ Such a behavior may damage the monitor loadhtg mechanism. _ANGLE • See page 55 for details. "WAITING"...

  • Page 13

    8_t_ ..You can also set the clock system to 24 horn's or /2 }tours. Exit While playing any source..° When t_e trait is turboed of{'_{he clock time is displayed on the display of the main unit for a while. )n the main unit * If the touch panel icons are not shown on the monitor, touch tt_e cel_ter portion of...

  • Page 14

    While p]ayh_g ally source°- select of eight graphics iu tile picture view wiudow. , See page 74 for each graphic screeu. Whetl sh_oped f?_m_ the fuc'tory, all.splay demo:I._tration has been :_c tivated, a /idstart_ :imomadcal/y whet_no operationsat: done,fi:r about 30 sec'ond_ ('ept while playing a DVD/ VCD).

  • Page 15

    While listening to radio (FM/AM): You can display tile level mete* on the graphic screen, by selecting fl'om four p_eset patterns. . While viewing the playback picture or display demonstration, you cannot show the level meter. While pla}ing any source.., hi_Lights tlp when Dolby Pro Logic lI is activated (see page 36), 1121 M ain information--Frequency/Band/...

  • Page 16

    Dual Mode indicator (see page 33) SOURCE icon (see pages 14 and 33) Current band/Preset no, Station frequency FM reception mode Search mode Sound mode (see page 39) Surround/DSP mode (see page 36) Volume level appears when adjusted, Not available for AM. Available only after pressing "M"...

  • Page 17

    , T{} time in to a station _si_l$ Preset Search, first store yam favorite statiuns into memory (6 statiuns for each band: see page Is). I Select the Tuner AUTO: To start Auto Search. MANUAL: To start Manual Search. PRESET: To select preset station mlmbers (only possible...

  • Page 18

    Tune in to a station. You can p_'eset 6 stations t_.weach ba_d. FM station automatic presettiog--SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) . This tm_ctionsonly for FM bm_ds. Select "MANUAL' (or 'AUTO'), Select the FM band _FM1 = FM3) yon want to stove FM stations into. Stove the station into a preset numbe_: ii!il ¸''...

  • Page 19

    To tune in to a preset station To store a station using the preset I)et • See also "Listening to file Radio" (m page [7. 1 Select the band )FM1 FM3, a_d AM) you _ant to store a station into. "I D!$piay_n ,the p_ese_ !Ms_ ..

  • Page 20

    Dual Mode indicator (see page 33) SOURCE icon (see pages 14 and 33) PBC indicator (for VCD; see page 25) Current track no. (for VCD) Current title/chapter no. (for DVD) Play time information (see page 30) Audio signal format Playback mode (see page 30) Sound mode (see page 39) mode (see page 36) Playback picture will be...

  • Page 21

    Dual Mode indicator (see page 3 3) SOURCE icon (see pages 14and 33 Current track n o= ( for C D) Current folder/track no= (for M P3) Play t ime information (see p age 3 0) Audio signal format (only f orDTS C D Playback mode (see page 3 0) Sound mode (see page 3 9)

  • Page 22

    3 Operate the disc Befiwe perfbrming any operations, observe the fblRm, h_g..For DVD playback, change the Setup Selects the folder (only for Menu setting (see [)age 43). MP3). . if "_" appears ou file monitor, the disc canuot accept tim operatiou you have tried. : Stops (see "Stoppiug play"...

  • Page 23

    The %[[owing marks used in this ]naJm ]1 _l) fast4)rward or reverse the chapter n_') h-idicate the playable discs. or track, press _ or _-_ on the remote controller while playing a disc. Each thne you press the button, the search speed changes as follows: VCD with...

  • Page 24

    You can lock a disc i_ the loadi_g slot. You can change the aspect ratio of the playback pictm'es. While playing any source-. This flmction is o_fly possible using the bntto_s iI_airl tlnit remote SOURCE o11/A_ comroller. * Aspect ratio cam-_ot be changed while the GUI operatio_ mode...

  • Page 25

    ¸¸ , i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!i!ii!i!!!!!i!ii i i!i!ili!ii!i!!i!!i!ii!!i!iiiiii!i i,i ,! usiw When t.Oo remote controller 1 Press TOPMENU or MENU. 2 Push the cursor controller (OK) up/down/ left/right (ak/V/,,_/_) to select a_l item. Menu-driven playback is pessible while playi*_g 3 Press OK to confirm. back a DVD with menu-drive,_ features or a...

  • Page 26

    a :0 When using the numberbuttons on the remote controller o To select number 5, press 5. To select number !0, press 10. You ca_ zoom into a particular portio_ of the To select number 23, press +10, +10, then 3. picture.

  • Page 27

    e :aim iiii .ibi il li i! i i i ! i ii:i!i!iiiii!iiii!ii!!i!ii!ii!ii!i i i !i!ii ;!iiiiiiiiiii!ii! i!ii ii i ¸¸ While playing a chapter containing subtitles For I)¥D: While playing a chapter containing different langlmges, you can select fl_e subtitle audio lang_lages, you can select tile language...

  • Page 28

    When playing VCD: While playing a disc contah_h_g muJfi-a_gle views, you can view tile same sce_e at differem angles. Select a view angle you wahl, STEREO -"->C_) LEFT '='_(_D RIGHT , STEREO: To [iste_ to _ormal stereo (left/ right) playback. , LEFT: To listel_ to the left audio charmel.

  • Page 29

    <'> ¸¸¸i¢¸¸%¸¸ <i{X :i:_) ' {iii!!i;; i il!!!!!!!!! ; To locate a folder by displaying folder list * This ftmcfions o_fly for MP3. Select a track you want. Current folder name or ID3 Tag (for MP3) Disc name (for CD) or CD Text Select a _blder you _vant.

  • Page 30

    You can use only one of tile following playback modes at a time Repeat Play, Random Play, and lutro Scan. , For VCD: While PBC is not iu use. With Auto Scroll or Scroll selected, you cml display tile text and scroll it on the monitor if it Repeat...

  • Page 31

    Random Play You ca_ play back tracks at raw,dora. When playing VCD/CD: I_R0SOA_TRAOK---* I_TRO%A_OFF When playing MP3: INTRO$CANTRACK '-'--_ INTROSCANFOLDER q INTRO SCANOFF ]INTRO SCAN When playing VCD/OD: • TRACK: Plays the beghming of all tracks. FOLDER: Plays the first tracks of all [-+ RANDOM PLAY DISO ---* RANDOMPLA¥OFF--]...

  • Page 32

    Enter a lml"d_er, then c(mfirm. Enter a nmnbel; then confirm° Ex. when playing DVD: Ex. when playing DVD: Clear the entry. Clear the entry. Ex. when playing CD: Whenusing themtmberbuttonson the remote controller ° 7_ select m_mber 5, press * To select mmTber !O, press lO, , 7_ select number 23, press +10, +10, then 3,...

  • Page 33

    To show main/subsidiary source You can play back two diffcreut sources the main source (MAIN) and subsidimy operation screen on the monitor source (SUB). ¥olt can listen to the main source tbrot@l speakers, while the subsidiary somve through the monitor iuserted into the cradle or the one connected...

  • Page 34

    • For Dual Mode operations... Select anappropriate voImne level forthe When coutrollmg tile m(mitor comlected componem com_ected totileAVOUTPUT to tile AV OUTPUT jacks, aim tile jacks o l_ the hideaway refit. remote controller at the remote sensor , This fm_ctions without respect tothe Dual Oil tile main unit.

  • Page 35

    '_ It does not appea_ for so,'tie sources. II will be shaded '¢ hel_ not ivailable. Activate and select the surround mode or DSP mode. See page 41. See page 41. See page 34. See page 39. Make adjust_entifyou wantto, , lfli_ither surrouadmode nor DSPmodeisactivated,...

  • Page 36

    Dolby Pro Logic ll It is a multi-charme[ playback tbrmat to convert Surround modes 2-chaunel software into 5-chanue] (plus subwoofcr). The matrix-based conversion Dolby DigRal method used tbr Dolby Pro Logic ]] makes no Dolby Digital is a digital signal compressi(m limitation _\w the cutoff frequency of the surround treble and enables stereo surround method, developed by Dolby Laboratories, and...

  • Page 37

    000 'i "' ''¸ i : i:ii:!;!iiiiiiiiiiiii;iiii!iii! ! ! ';! i iiiii!iii!ii!iiii ii!i!i!ii i ii!i'! i ...._£%J_..J..You can use surround or Digital Signal Processor (DSP) mode while playing source. • While playing a mu t -channel encoded However, when playing a multi-channel...

  • Page 38

    Adjust the selected surround or DSP When DSP mode is activated: mode° When surround mode is activated: Ex. When selecting "HALL." @ Select (me of the DSP modes. HALL: Reprodaces the spatial fcelillg of a large shoebox- shaped hall desig_ed primarily for classical collcerts,...

  • Page 39

    The f_llowing operation, sare (rely possible f_rthe main source whe_ t tsb_g Dttal Mode. appear [[ does 11ol son-re SO{llCeS. ,,2 It '_ill be shaded when not awiilable. See page 35= See page 35, See page 41, See page 41, See page 34, Select one ofthe...

  • Page 40

    You ca_ adjust the som_d modes m_dsto_e your You can select a sotmd mode s_itable to the ow_ ad.ittstments in memory. Illttsic genre. Repeat steps 1 to 4 on the left column to Available sound modes: select a sound mode you _ant to adjust. °...

  • Page 41

    Fader/Balance adjusm_ems is only possible fo_ the main somce when using Dual Mode. _1 [1 does _K_tappelr for some SOtlFces, '_;' _t ',_ilI be shaded 'Chert not ivail ible. ii _ ..i_i_ _¸¸_3'°°i_iiii ¸_i! °'_: ..i_i!! _ii_ii_i_i_ii! See page 35.

  • Page 42

    When no playback picture from the som'ce is displayed, you carl only adiust the brightness. 1 Display SCREEN (ONTROL screen. AdjustaMe items ASPECT : hldicates tile current ambient light level. As this level changes, the mouitur adjusts On the main unit On the remote the brightuess automatically...

  • Page 43

    You can preset the i_ifial disc p layback c(mditio_s. * While pJayh_g, no chal_ge can be made on tile DVD Ment_, [1 does _lppeal fo17 SOrtie SOlll'ces_ ,2 It will be shaded when not available. :i<2 :i<l page Select tile item you want. Change the setting.

  • Page 44

    MENU LANGUAGE MONITOR TYPE Select the mem_ language. Select the monitor type of your TV (connected to the AV OUTPUT jacks) to play DVD Video recorded with aspect ratio of 16:9. o For tile removable monitor of this unit, set this to "16:9 AUTO."...

  • Page 45

    Yot_ can pl'eset tl_e fl_itial monitor condition, s. _'/ }t does no_ appear _[o; c soli[_ t-,O_lrCes....!............,_2 It will be ql ided ',_J_el_not av lilable. See page 13. Select the item you waist. Change Ihe setting. , For details, see file %Ilowing pages.

  • Page 46

    AUTO OPEN/CLOSE BEEPTONE o AUTO: The monitor comes out _ or goes in , ON: Sound beeps when you operate tile unit. automatically when you turn on or off o OFF: Cancels this flmction. tile power. o OFF: Cancels this function. WiRiNG CHECK :' If you close the monitor...

  • Page 47

    You can preset die initial on-screen conditions. '_ It does not _q)pear for some sotlrces. :'" It will be shaded when not awliklble. See page 13, Select the item you war_t. Language selection screen appears, Change the setting, , For details, see the pages.

  • Page 48

    MESSAGE ON SCREEN LANGUAGE You can select the language for this Setup Menu and some of the messages displayed on tile monitor. ° ON: Speaker/signal indicators (see page 69) and messages are displayed. Messages are displayed on tile whldo'a, of tile monitor viewing screen...

  • Page 49

    You can preset the initial audio-related conditions and Preferred Setth_g Modes (PSM). . You cmmot select %1_[)10 MENU" when t he subsidiary source operation screel_ displayed onthe monitor (with Dual Mode t urned on: s ee p age 3 3). '_ {tdoes not appe ir tot some sources.

  • Page 50

    o FRONT LEFT: For the fl'outleft seat. . FRONTRIGHT: For the front right seat. o ALL CENTER: For all front and *'earseats. AUTO SURROUND o REAR CENTER: For the rear seats. You can activate an appropriate surlound mode automatically when a loaded disc is detected......: Displays the SPK o ON:...

  • Page 51

    D (Dynamic). RANGE COMPRESSION • SUBWOOFER: You ca_ e_,ioy a powerful sotmd even at a low Select _YES" (COmlected) or "NO" volume level by compressiug dy_mnic range (disconuected). • SUBWOOFER PHASE: (diffcre_ce between the lowest and the highest frequency sounds). Select either "NORMAL"...

  • Page 52

    CAMERA VIEW o NORMAL: You can watch tile rear view as tile camera takes. AV2 INPUT SELECT , MIRROR: You can watch tile rear view as You can detennine the use of AV INPUT reflected on the mhTor. jacks on the hideaway uni_select either "VIDEO"...

  • Page 53

    tl s Roman alphabet }iet --Alternates between upper and lower cases, Backspace Moves the cursor position, (Erase the last er y) ) 2J, i, Upper cases Lower cases Confirm the entered name= Erase all entered character, Accented characters: Upper cases Disptay the other page of the character fist of the same type, Entered name is displayed, Alternates...

  • Page 54

    You can assign titles to 30 FM/AM, 30 TV station, s, and 40 CDs (both in this unit a_d il_ the CD changer). Source Maximum character number Stations: CDs: You cam-_otassigi_ a title to (D Text and MP3 discs. Prepare the source.

  • Page 55

    i !m iiiii!i!im i!iiiii:!;m 0! iiiii t 0 ii iiii:i p 0 i iii i i ¸ To operate the car switches behind monitor; p_ess OPEN once. The monitor change its angle to the illustrated position for about 30 seconds. ¥o_ can change the monitor position...

  • Page 56

    Dual Mode indicator (see page 33) SOUROE icon (see pages 14 and 33) Current disc/folder/track Elapsed playing time Playback mode Sound mode (see page 39) mode (see page 36) Volume level appears when adjusted, Disc text/ID3 tag information area Only for MP3 CD/CD Text Onlyfor CD:See...

  • Page 57

    Select "CO-CW_ 2 Operate the disc MP3). : Goes back _o the begh°lnh_g of fl_e current track, the_ skips to the previous tracks if pressed repeatedly. : Skips _(, _he lbllowi_g tracks if pressed repeatedly. Ex. While playing CD/CDText* * Disc text infbrmation recorded in the CD Ex.

  • Page 58

    Select a disc yeu want° You can select the disc, (folder: (rely tot MP3,) and tracks using the butto_s on the main unit. ,-..,_w_,o.* Dsc02 MODE r DISC--_ FOLDER 7 D so05 DS08 RACK_ Dsc0L page of the list Disc names will be shown once it is recognized.

  • Page 59

    Sellec_ a fblder you want° Currer_t track name or [D3 Tag To next/previous (For CD) (For MP3) page of the list Shaded when no MP3 liles are included. You cannot select this foMer, [--_ Scr011-_-Auto Scr011-_ To locate a track by displaying the track list...

  • Page 60

    You can use only one of the %llowing playback You can play back tracks at random. modes at a thne Repeat Play, Random Play, and lntro Scan. Repeat Ptay You can repeat playback. Repeat Play cannot be deactivated. When playing CD: RANDOM P LAY DISC -- RANDOM P LAY ALL q RANDOM...

  • Page 61

    ......For_E_/_ Intro Scan _ You cm_ play back _he first 15 seconds of each "f-o_can use search function, s Gofind yottr track sequentially. _qwerite tracks (lbr (ID/MP3) and folders (/\_r MP3). Folder/Track Search You can select a specific track (tot CD/MP3} or folder (for MP3).

  • Page 62

    . TV: You cal_ connect two video components as To watch TV programs through tile TV ttmer unit (KV-C II)t)t)). tile playback components and an optional TV tuner unit (KV-CI000). When you connect the video camera as a tea" view cmnera to tile AV ]INPUT 2 jacks to guide you to back the car, set the usage of tile AV ]INPLflT2 jacks correctly (see page 52).

  • Page 63

    Dual Mode indicator (see page 33) SOURCE icon (see pages 14 and 33) Current preset no, Channel no. Search mode Sound mode (see page 39) Surround/DSP mode (see page 36 Volume level appears when adjusted, Playback picture will be shown in the picture view window.

  • Page 64

    ¸¸ ¸, i !i!i !iiiii !ii!ii!iiii!ii!ili i ii i 3 Tune in to a TV station * To ttme h_ to a stati(m using Preset Search, first store your favorite TV stations fl_to memory (12 stations). I Select TV * For Auto Search, press either icon once.

  • Page 65

    To tune }n to a presei star}on . See also "Watchi,_g TV programs" on page Select "MANUAL' Select a preset numbe_; (or "AUTO"), Store the station1 h_te a preset numbel: To select the rest of the preset stations To select the rest of the preset stations Preset station information will be displayed.

  • Page 66

    To store a station using the preset list Tune into a TV station° You can store and select the preset station using the preset list on the m(mito_ scree_. To seBect a preset station using (or "AUTO'). preset mist Store the station into a preset number, To next/previous...

  • Page 67

    How to clean the monitor to hand|e discs Center holder Whe_l removing stai_s or dust o_l tile sm'face, When removing a disc fl*om turn off tile re(miter, the_l wipe with dry soft its case, press dowel the cente_ cloth. holder of the case a_ld lift tile •...

  • Page 68

    01 iiiiiiiiii!iiilM ii!iih0 !i ii i i i i!ili!i!ili!iiiii!ii!i!ii!!i!!i ; i,i!ii!ii!i!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ¸, : i i ;iii!i!!iii!i!ii!iiii!i} i i i !iii!i!ii!ii!ii!ili!ii!!ii} {3enera_ Touch Pane[ scrce_ goes off if uo operations are made on it _-br about 30 sec(mds while ° hi this mauua[, words "track"...

  • Page 69

    Eiectinga d}se • The speakelJsignal iudicators appe;u" iJ_ the followiug cases (only for DVD/CD): • If the c.iected disc is uot removed within Wheu a different type of the digital signal is secouds, the disc is automaticMly inserted detected, again into the loading Mot to prevent it t)'om Whe_ you start p_ayback or rcsm,;_e...

  • Page 70

    Notes on NP3 flies Whel_ an opfioual mouitor is counected to the AV OUTPUT termiual, you cau view the * This refit can play back MP3 files ouly with l_>llowing MP3 CONTROL screen on the the exteusiou code <.rap3> (regardless of the opdonal monitor.

  • Page 71

    NONITOR TYPE • If you donot w aut tostore y our c urrent When you select _16:9 NORMAL" t_r a picture whose aspect ratio is 4:3, the picture adjustment, but o nly toapply t he adjustment slightly changes due to _he process tothe current playback source, press couverting fl_e picture...

  • Page 72

    What appears tobetrouble isnot a lways , You cannot change the aspect ratio. seriotls. Check the %llowh_g poh_ts be%re While the GUll operatkm is i_ use, you calling a service cemer. can*_ot chm_ge the aspect ratio. . The left and right edges of the picture missing on the screen.

  • Page 73

    • Anto Memory does not work. Signals are too weak. Store TV stations • Disc cannot be played back, ma_mally. L=_ MP3 tracks do _ot have the exte_sio_ • The TV's ma_n pm_'er does not shut off code_.mp3>. MP3 tracks are _ot recorded in tile ibnnat automatically when...

  • Page 74

    Preset iEQmode The table b elow shows the preset freque_lcy level setti_lgs foreach i EQ mode. Graphic screens You can select one of the followil_g graphic screen, s. For details, see page 14. You ca_ activate the display demonstration. To cm_cel it, select any other graphic scree_.

  • Page 75

    LANGUAGE CODES Code Language Code Language Code Language Afar Georgian Shona Abkhazian Kazakh Somali Afrikaans Greenlandic Albanian Ameharic Cambodian Serbian Arabic Kannada Siswati Assamese Korean (KOR) Sesotho Aymara Kashmiri Sundanese Azerbaijani Kurdish Swedish Bashkir Kirghiz Swahili Byelorussian Latin Tamil Bulgarian Linga[a Telugu Bihari...

  • Page 76

    iiiiii!iiiiii!!!!i!i!!ii!!i!iiiiiiii ii i i iiiiiiiiiiii!i!!iiiii!iiii i ! iiiiiii iii!ii!!iiii!iii!i!iiiiiiii i: ! ii i i!iiiiiiiiii!i!iiiiii!i i i : ' ii!i!i i!ii!iiiiiiii!i!!ii!ii!i!i! i , ¸¸¸ DVD/CD PLAYER SECTION Signal Detection System: Non-contact optical AUDIO AMPLiFiER SECTION pickup (semiconductor laser} Maximum Pov,.er Output: Number of channels: 2 channels...

  • Page 77

    Dimenskms (Wx H×D): ]lnstMlatiou Size: • With sleeve-mounting plate T ype B ]input Termi naJs: (standard) AV INPUT 1/2: 182 mm x52mmx165 mm Audio: 0.5 Vrms (Left/Right) (7- V > in.x2 J Video (composite): _ Vp-p/75 Iv, iu. x d-_l_ in.) Outpm Tcrmiuals (Level/]hnpedance): •...

  • Page 78

    'out un Refer to page of How to Reset Still having trouble?? USAONLY http ."/iwww .jvc .corn We can help you! EN, SP, FR 0904MNMMDWJEFN ©) 2004 Victor Company of Japan, Limited...

  • Page 79

    • Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse dissiper sa chaleu_ Notas sobre Ins conexiones emectricas blows frequently, consult your JVC car audio deaIer. Reemplace el fusible por otro del regimen especificado. Si el • Maximum input of the speakers should be more than 50 W at...

  • Page 80

    Utilisez un cordon prolongateur d'antenne (foumi) si n6cessaire. AV bus cable (supplied) *_ Cable AV bus (suministrado)*' These products are optionally available from JVC. Estos productos se encuentrar_ disponibles Cgble de liaison AV (fourni) *_ opcionaimente y p/Jeden solicitarse a JVC.

  • Page 81

    JVC car audio dealer or a company supplying sur des kits dYnstaflation, consulter votre revendeur d'autoradios concesionario de JVC de equipos de audio para automOviles o a kits.

  • Page 82

    [_EJectricaJ connections [_¢one×ienes em_¢tricas [_¢enne×Jens _JectrJques Antes de la cone×i6n.,, Avant de commencer... Before connecting.., • Make sure that the antenna cord from the car is connected to , Asegurese de que el cordon de la antena procedente , Assurez-vous que te cordon d'antenne de/a voiture est connect_ 9 automOvil este conectado a la unidad...

  • Page 83

    ¢one×i6n del cable del freno Connexion du cordon de frein de #otionnemenf Connecting the parking brake wire ÷sfa¢ionamienfo Connectez Ie fil de frein de stafionnement au syst_me de frein Connect the parking brake wire to the parking brake system built de stationnement.

  • Page 84

    Front speakers Center speaker AItavoces delanteros Akavoz central L_VINR_I L_V INp,Jt_J Enceintes avant Enceinte centrals dVC Amplifier Amplificador de JVC Amplificador de JVC JVC Amplifier _U_E_EA _V_CD_CE_W_ W_TH aE_OVABL_ _NETO_ _D_AWAY u_r_ K_AV_ Ampfificateur Amptificateur JV{_ r _vouT_u FP"_o_T_ B_cK_M_...

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