Electrical Requirements - GE GLD5604VWW Owner's Manual

Tall tub dishwashers
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To prevent
minor injury
and property
• Contents washed in SANI WASH/SANITIZE mode, if
available, may be hot to the touch. Use cure before
• Using a detergent that is
not specifically designed for
dishwashers will cause the
dishwasher to fill with suds.
• If your dishwasher is
connected to a wall switch, ensure that
the switch ison prior to use.
• On dishwashers with electronic controls,
if you choose to turn the wall switch
off between wash cycles, allow 5-10
seconds after turning the switch on
before touching START/RESET
to allow the control to
• Non-Dishwure Items: Do not wash items such
as electronic air cleaner filters, furnace filters
and paint brushes in your dishwasher. Damage
to the dishwasher and discoloration or staining
of the dishwasher may result.
• Close supervision is necessary if this appliance
is used by or near children.
• Load light, plastic items so they do not become
dislodged and drop to the bottom of the
dishwasher-they might come into contact with
the heating element and be damaged.
A tin _e evitar lesiones menores y dafios sobre la propiedad
• Los contenidos lavados en el modo SANI WASH/
SANITIZE(Lavado Desinfectante/ Desinfecci6n},
si este producto est6 disponible, podrSn estar
calientes al tacto. Tenga
cuidado antes de tomar los
mismos con las manos.
• El uso de un detergente
que no est6 diseBado
espec[ficamente para
lavavajillas har6 que este Oltimo se Ilene
de agua conjab6n.
• Si el lavavajillas est_ conectado a un
tomacorriente, asegOresede que el
interruptor est6 encendido antes del uso.
• Si el lavavajillas tiene controles electr6nicos, en
caso de decidir apagar el interruptor entre ciclos
de lavado, espere entre 5 y 10 segundos luego de
encender el interruptor antes de presionar START/
RESET (Iniciaff Reiniciar)para permitir que el control
se inicie..
• items que no sean Utensilios:No lave art[culos tales
como filtros electr6nicos de limpieza con aire, filtros
de horno y brochas de pintura en su lavavajillas. Se
podrc_nproducir daBos, descoloraci6n o manchas
sobre el lavavajillas.
• Se deber(_estar especialmente atento si el
electrodom6stico es usado por niBos o si se
encuentra cerca de los mismos.
• Cargue artfculos de plSstico livianos,de modo
que no sean desplazados ni caigan al rondo del
lavavajillas - es posible que entren en contacto con
el elemento calentador y sean daBados.
• This appliance must be supplied with 120V,60 Hz,
and connected to an
individual, properly
grounded branch circuit,
protected by a 15 or 20
amp circuit breaker or
time-delay fuse.
• If the electric sup-
ply provided does
not meet the above
specifications, it is recommended that a licensed
electrician install an approved outlet.
• Your dishwasher circuit should not be used for
any other appliance while the dishwasher is in
operation as the dishwasher requires the full
capacity of the circuit.
imlf the wall receptacle you plug the dishwasher's
power cord into is controlled by a switch, turn on
the switch.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents