Unicouple - GE GLD5604VWW Owner's Manual

Tall tub dishwashers
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About the unicouple (portable models only).
Before Operating
the Dishwasher
the First Time
Attach the faucet adapter. The special faucet
adapter supplied with your dishwasher must
be assembled to the sink faucet before you can
use your dishwasher.
The faucet adapter is designed to fit standard
spouts having internal or external threads. You
will find the adapter and two washers in the
faucet adapter packet in your dishwasher.
To install faucet adapter, first remove the old
aerator or trim ring on your faucet spout.
If faucet has external threads: Insert the
thinner of the two washers into the faucet
adapter and attach it to the faucet spout.
Tighten with pliers.
If faucet has internal threads: Insert both
of the washersinto the faucet adapterand
attach it to the faucet spout.
Tighten with pliers.
If the faucet adapter threads do not match
your faucet spout, your local hardware
or plumbing supply store normally has
additional fittings to adapt your faucet spout
to the special faucet adapter.
NOTE:A sink spray attachment
hose can
burst if it is installed on the same sink with
your dishwasher. We suggest that you
disconnect the sink spray attachment
if your
sink has one and plug the hole.
How to Connect the Unicouple
[Z] Run the hot water faucet to purge cold
water from the hot water line. The hot
water must be between 120°F and 150°F
for best wash performance.
Pull Unicouple and its hoses completely out
from storage compartment
located at rear
of dishwasher.
[-_ Attach the Unicouple connector to the
faucet adapter by depressing the collar at
the top of the connector. When Unicouple
is all the way up onto the adapter, release
the collar. Itwill then snap into position to
lock the Unicouple in place.
The Unicouple's small hose carries water
from the faucet to the dishwasher. Its large
hose curries drain water to the sink. Be
sure Unicouple is pointing toward the sink
bowl drain opening and the sink drain is
open for water that will drain from your
If your dishwasher drains into u disposer,
operate the disposer until it is completely
empty before starting the dishwasher.
Turn hot water fully on before starting the
Plug the dishwasher power cord into the
How to Disconnect
the Dishwasher
E_ Unplug the dishwasher.
Push the cord buck into its storage locution.
Turn off the hot water.
Releasethe water pressure by depressing
the pressure releasebutton.
Releasethe Unicouple from the faucet
by depressing the collar at the top of the
Unicouple connector.
I-_ Drain excess water from the unicouple
hoses (see below). Push the hoses back
into their storage location.
TO protectyourseff
and theroom from severe splashing, relieve
waterpressure prior t odisconnecting the
protegerse usted y la habitaci6n de
salpicaduras severas, alivie la presi6n del
ogua antes de desconectar la manguera de
How to Drain Excess Water
If the sink is 34" or higher from the floor, the
excess water in Unicouple hoses cannot
be drained directly into the sink. It will be
necessary to drain excess water from hoses
into a bowl or suitable container that is held
outside and lower than the sink.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents