Troubleshooting Tips - GE GLD5604VWW Owner's Manual

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Before you call for service...
Troubleshooting Tips
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ln Canada visit
You may not need to call for service.
indicator light flashing
(Front control only)
Dishwasher BEEPS
onceevery minute
Possible Causes
What To Do
You have pressed the
START/RESET pad while the
dishwasher is running. This will
cancel the cycle. The light(s) will
stop flashing after the dishwasher
drains (about 75 seconds).
Powerto the dishwasherwas
turned offwhile a cyclewas
running and power hasjust been
restoredto the dishwasher.The
blinkinglights indicatethat the
dishwasherisdraining the potential
water inside.
• Press the START/RESET
pad onceto startthe dishwasher. P ress the
pad a secondtime whenthe dishwasherisrunningonlyif you
wish to cancel the cycle.
* Thelightwill stopflashingafter the dishwasher d rains.A new cyclewill
start automatically.
This is a reminder that your
dishwasher door has been left
open during operation. It will
continue beeping until you close
the door.
• Close and latchthe door after openingit mid-cycle.
Beepingat the end
This is normal. The dishwasher • Toturn off the doublebeepindicator(orre-activateit if itwas previously
of the cycle
will beep twice at the end of the
turned off), pressthe HEATED DRYpad 5 times within 3 seconds.
A triple beep will soundto indicate the end-of-cycle beep option
has been turned on or off.
Dishesand flatware
Lowinlet water temperature
* Makesureinletwater temperatureis correct(seepage 11). T urnon the hot
not clean
water faucet nearestthe dishwasher, l etrun untilthewater temperature
stopsrising. T henstartthe dishwasher a nd turn off the faucet.Thisinsures
the enteringwater ishot.SelectHot Start if available.
Water pressureis temporarily low * Turnon a faucet.Iswater comingout moreslowlythan usual?tf so,wait
untilpressure is normalbeforeusingyour dishwasher.
Air gap or disposerisclogged
• Cleanthe air gap or flush the disposer.
Improper rack loading
* Makesurelargedishwaredoesnot blockthe detergentdispenser or the
wash arms.Seethe Loadingthedishwasherrackssection.
Noair gap or high drain loop
* Verifythat you havean air gap or a highdrain loop.Refer to the
Installation Instructions.
Poorperforming detergent
* Usea highlyrateddetergentsuchasCascade®Complete.
Spotsand filming
Extremelyhard water
• Userinseagentssuchas CascadeCrystal Clear° to removespots
on glassesand
and preventnewfilm buildup.
Lowinlet water temperature
• Hakesurewater temperatureisat least120°F.
Overloadingor improper
• Loaddishwasherasshown in the Loading PlaceSettings section.
loading of the dishwasher
Old or damp powderdetergent
• Hakesuredetergentisfresh.
Rinseagent dispenserempty
• tf water isextremelyhard,a softenermay be required.
Toolittle or low performing*
Hake sureyou usethe properamount of highlyrateddetergent.
Cloudiness on
Combinationof soft water and
* Thisiscalledetching and ispermanent.Topreventthis from happening,
too much detergent
uselessdetergentif you havesoftwater.Washglasswarein the shortest
cyclethat will get it clean.
Lowperforming phosphate
• SeeWhitefilm on insidesurfacepage 17
Water temperatureentering the * Thiscouldbe etching.Lowerthe water heatertemperature.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents