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Safe Operation
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48 "'_DOZER B
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  • Page 1 SEARS owners manual Model No. 486.244021 48"" DOZER BLADE 48 "'_DOZER B CAUTION: Read Rules for Safe Operation and Instructions • Assembly Carefully • Operation • Maintenance • Repair Parts Sears, Roebuck Co., Chicago, 60684 U.S.A. PRINTED IN U.S.A.
  • Page 2 RULES FOR SAFE OPERATIONS Remember, any power equipment can cause injury if operated improperly or if the user does not understand how to operate the equipment. LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL TO POINT OUT IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. MEANS--- ATTENT:fONf BECOME ALERT! YOUR SAFETY IS INVOLVED.
  • Page 3 CONTENTS OF PARTS PACKAGE (Figure 1) IREF.I QTY.J DESCRIPTION I AI _1)istop Angle ... " " I B I (2) j Keeper Plate } C I (1) ILift Arm Link 1 D I (1) ISpring Pin 1/4 x 1' I E I (1} tCable Mount Bracket I F I...
  • Page 4 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 3/8" e'*'-"-_ 3/8" HEX NUT 1-1t4" TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY CARRIAGE BOLT 3/8" LOCK. 7/16" Open End or Box Wrench (TOP WAS HER 1/2" Open End or Box Wrench 9/16" Open End or Box Wrench 3/4" Open End or Box Wrench ANGLE Adjustable Wrench...
  • Page 5 Assemble angle stop to top of channel using one Assemble ball end of cable through round hote 1/4" x 5/8" hex bolt down through left hand in cable end fitting and into slo,t of fitting. hole, and one 1/4" hex lock nut under channel. figures 7 and 8.
  • Page 6 Assemble channel assembly pivot shaft under Re-assemble plastic caps ends front of tractor and into hitch plates as shown spring adjustment bolts. in figure 10. Assemble keeper plates over ends of shaft (with lip under hitch plates) and secure NOTE by placing hairpin cotters...
  • Page 7 Assemble lift arm link over channel rod and ""---- FRONT (LH.) SIDE VIEW insert pivot shaft (from R.H. side of tractor) into hole in L.H, lift pivot plate- See figure LIFT ¸ TRACTOR HAIR PIN (R.H.) SIDE VIEW FRONT'-"-_ COTTER PIVOT PLATE (R.H.) SUSPENSION // /I "_-'-...
  • Page 8 Secure lift arm link to channel rod with Assemble handle assembly down through hairpin cotter. See figure handle guide as shown in figure 21, Secure lower end +of handle to top side,of blade pivot bracket with special shoulder bolt (on top) and _..__ \LIFT ARM LINK 318 '"...
  • Page 9 Lift control lever: (R.H.) HITCH PLATE Located on right hand side of tractor. See figure 26. Move lever forward to lower dozer blad& Pull lever back to raise dozer blade, Pulling lever all. the way back locks dozer blade in up position. _:IL,H.) HITCH PLATE ATTACHMENT DEPTH CONTROL...
  • Page 10 ADJUSTMENTS LOCK WASHERS 1/2" HEX NUTS Blade angle lock bars: If angle lock bars Do Not completely disengage - from slots in pivot plate assembly, adjustment of cable is required. See figure 27. Adjust blade springs: To change spring tension (stand in front of blade assembly), adjust the nuts at the upper end of springs...
  • Page 11 OPERATION Refer to figure 31 below and remove hairpin cotters from ends of guide bracket assembly and.remove guide bracket assembly. INSPECT THE AREA TO BE WORKED & CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING THE DOZER BLADE, AVOID PIPES, (R.H.) HITCH PLATE ROOTS, CURBS OR OTHER HEAVY OBSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 12 MAINTENANCE During the operating season, check all bolts, nuts and hairpin cotters be sure they secure. improved snow removal performance, coat the blade with automotive type paste wax. LUBRICATION Oil all pivot points so that they will work freely. SCRAPER After extensive use, and wear the scraper bar may be reversed to utilize the unused top edge, See figure 33.
  • Page 13 Attachments That Add to the Usefulness of Your Craftsman Tractor Sears offers a wide variety of attachments that fit your tractor. Many of these are listed below with brief explanations of how they can help you. This list was current at the time of publication; however, it may change...
  • Page 14 _EPAIR PARTS FOR MODEL 486.244021-48" DOZER BLADE...
  • Page 15 REPAIR PARTS LIST FOR MODEL 486.244021--48" DOZER BLADE REF. QTY. QTY. DECRIPTION DESCRIPTION PART NO. PART NO. 23631 62554 Lift Arm Link 48" Blade Ass'y. Shoe 43349 R3132J Spring Pin 1/4 x 1"* 05762 Cable Mount Bracket 43079 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 1"* 726-0178 43081 Washer...
  • Page 16 48" DOZER BLADE Always mention the Model Number when requesting service or repair parts for your dozer blade. All parts listed herein may be ordered from any Sears Service Center and most Sears stores. owners WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS, ALWAYS GTVE THE manual FOLLOWING...

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