Craftsman 486.24414 Operator's Manual

58" gt dozer blade for garden tractors with 23" tires


For Garden Tractors with 23" Tires
No. 486.24414
Before using this product,
read this manual and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
DO NOT use this Dozer Blade
on Lawn Tractors or on Garden Tractors with
less than 23-inch diameter
• Safety
,, Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
,, Parts
For Missing Parts or
Call 866-576-8388
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
FORM NO. 49810 (10/05)


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  • Page 1 Operator's Manual For Garden Tractors with 23" Tires Model No. 486.24414 CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manual and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions. CAUTION: DO NOT use this Dozer Blade on Lawn Tractors or on Garden Tractors with less than 23-inch diameter tires.
  • Page 3: Parts List

    CARTON CONTENTS Grip Assembly Trigger with Cable Left Side Plate Right Side Plate Blade Assembly 10, Lift Link (2) Attachment Rod 11_ Skid Shoe (2) Handle Guide 12, Lift Rod Blade Pivot Bracket 13, Pivot Plate 14, Upper Lift Handle Trip Spring (2) 15, Lower Lift Handle 16, Lift Bracket...
  • Page 4 I... i I... 3 I ... I ... i [ ... l ... \\\\\\\ \\\\\\_ SHOWN FULL SiZE _\\\\ NOT SHOWN FULL SmZE \\\\ /.f ... ,¢...
  • Page 5 CONTENTS OF PARTS PACKAGE REFo QTY. DESCRiPTiON Hex Bolt, 1/2" x 2o3/4" Hex Bolt, 1/2" x 2" Hex Bolt, 1/2" x 1ol/2" Hex Bolt, 5/16" x 1o3/4" Hex Bolt, 3/8" x 1ol/4" Hex Bolt, 3/8" x 1" Hex Bolt, 5/16" x 3/4" Hex Bolt, 3/8"...
  • Page 6 TOOLS REQUIRED FORASSEMBLY 7/16" Wrench 1/2"Wrench 9/16" Wrench 3/4"Wrench Adjustable W rench Phillips Screwd r iver Hammer Remove a !lpartsandhardware packages f romthe carton. L ayoutpartsandhardware a ndidentify using theillustrations onpages 3 and4. NOTE: Notallofthesupplied partsandhardware w illbe needed foroneparticular tractor. U nneeded i tems maybe discarded a fterassembly h asbeen completed.
  • Page 7 STEP 4: (SEE FIGURE 4) Place a 1/2" washer (EE) and then a short spacer (Y) onto a 1/2" x 1-1/2" hex bolt (C). Instal! the bolt in the bottom hole at the front of the R. H. side plate and secure it with a 1/2"...
  • Page 8 iNSTRUCTiONS FOR ALL TRACTORS STEP 8: (SEE FIGURE 8) Install a 1/2" x 2" hex bolt (B) and two 1/2" hex nuts (W) in the outer hole in each side of the pivot plate. Temporarily adjust the hex nuts so that both bolt heads extend about an inch and a half above the pivot plate.
  • Page 9 STEP 11: (SEE FIGURE 12) Assemble a 3/8" x 1ol/4" carriage bolt (E) through the cable mount bracket (GG) and then mount it from the left side to the square holes in the angle lock bars, Secure the bracket at the angle shown in figure 14 with a 3/8"...
  • Page 10 STEP 15: (SEE FIGURE 16) Attach the ends of the lift rod to the lift bracket on the channel and the welded arm on the frame assembly. Use two 1/2" washers (EE) and 1/8" x 1ol/4" cotter pins (O). WELDED ARM COTTER PIN (0) 112"...
  • Page 11 STEP 19: (SEE FIGURE 20) insert each 3/8" x 3ol/2" hex bolt (H) into a blade trip spring. Assemble a 3/8" hex nut (X) onto the end of each 3/8" x 3-1/2" hex bolt (H) leaving the nut about 2" from the end of the bolt.
  • Page 12 STEP 23: (SEE FIGURE 24) Assemble grip (OO) to grip assembly. Assemble grip assembly to handle assembly using a 5/16" x 1-1/2" hex bolt (M) and 5/16" nylock nut (V). Assemble the ball end of the cable wire (shown in figure 23) up through the hole in a cable end fitting (LL) and then slide it back inside the curled edge of the fitting.
  • Page 13 MOUNTING BLADE TO TRACTOR STEP 1 : (SEE FIGURE 28} Attach the frame assembly to the frame brackets by sliding the notches in the frame assembly onto the shouJder boJts on the frame brackets. ATTACH FRA[tvIE ASSEMBLY TO SHOULDER BOLTS FIGURE 28 STEP 2: (SEE FIGURE 29)
  • Page 14 CONTROLS Become familiar with all of the controls and adjustments on the tractor and dozer blade before operating. Refer to tractor owners manual for tractor controls. Controls for operating dozer blade are as follows: LmFT HANDLE: (Figure Located on right hand side of tractor. To raise the dozer blade, push the lift handle down until blade locks in the up position.
  • Page 15 BLADE ANGLE LOCK BARS: if angle lock bars DO NOT completely disengage from slots in pivot plate assembly, adjustment of cable is required, ADJUST BLADE SPRINGS: (Figure To change spring tension, stand in front of blade assembly and adjust the nuts at the upper end of the springs= Turn counter clockwise to decrease tension and clockwise to increase tension= Adjust spring adjustment nuts approximately...
  • Page 16 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBtLmTIE$ Read and follow the maintenance schedule and the maintenance procedures listed in this section, MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Fill in dates as you complete regular service. Check for loose fasteners Check scraper and shoes for wear _ X ... Clean Blade Lubricate Blade CHECK FOR LOOSE FASTENERS During the operating season, check al! bolts, nuts and...
  • Page 17 UFT LmNK CLEVmS FIGURE 37 These and other accessories are recommended for use with your unit, Call 1-800-4-MyoHOME®to if available, they may be purchased at most Craftsman outlets or by calling I°800°4-MyoHOME®, TIRE CHAUNS RECOMMENDATIONS WHEN STORING When the dozer is not being used, remove all dirt and rust and touch up with paint.
  • Page 18 "50 © © ©...
  • Page 19 REPAIR PARTS FOR MODEL 486.24414- PART NO. QTY. DESCRIPTION 65379 48" Blade Ass'y. 25701 Skid Shoe Bracket 44326 Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1" 43682 Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1-1/4" 47810 Ny!ock Hex Nut, 5/16" 23639 Wear Plate 48" R3132J Skid Shoe 62556 Pivot Plate Ass'y.
  • Page 20 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For repair-in lawn and garden equipment, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! ::::::::::::::::: For the replacement owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. ::::::::::::::::: For Sears professional and items like garage door openers and water heaters. 1-800-4-MY-H O ME®...

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