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Craftsman 113.177846 Owner's Manual page 6

20 gallon wet/dry vac
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Table of Contents
Filter Assembly
Ak WARNING: For your own safety,
never connect plug to power source
outlet until all assembly steps are
complete and you have read and
understood the safety and operation
instructions. Do not operate vac with
any parts damaged or missing.
1. Carefully slide the filter over the filter
cage, sliding it over the center ring
covering the 3 slots until the filter stops
against the lid.
2. Place the hole in the filter plate over
threaded stud of the filter cage.
3. Gently push on the filter plate to seat
the rubber ring of the filter inside the
circular channel of the filter plate.
4. Place filter nut onto threaded stud and
tighten it down. Finger tighten only.
NOTE: Lever of filter nut should be away
from plate as shown.
Do not overtighten
as this
may deform or crack the filter plate, filter
cage, or filter.
NOTE: Your filter has a red stripe that
matches an in-store displayer. When you
visit your local Sears store, just
remember the color of your stripe for the
correct size filter.
WARNING: To avoid personal
injury or damage to vac be sure to
keep hands, fingers, or any other
foreign objects out of the center
opening when assembling the float.
NOTE: If filter cage needs to be removed,
or replaced, use a flat blade screwdriver
and insert the blade near one of the tabs
between the filter cage and the center
ring of the lid. Pry the tab out of the slot.
Tilt the cage and lift away from the lid.
Replace in the following manner:
5. Place the float over the opening in the
center of the lid with the words "This
Side Towards Lid" laying face down
over the hole.
6. Line up filter cage tabs with slots in the
center ring of the lid.
7. Push on the filter cage until the tabs
snap into slots for a secure fit.
Filter Cage __
Tabs (3)__
Float _
Solid End _._


Table of Contents

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