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CRAFTSMAN 917.377150 Owner's Manual Page 9

60 horsepower 22 rear discharge power propelled.
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NOTE: In cooler weather it may be
necessary to repeat priming steps. In
warmer weather over priming may cause
flooding and engine will not start. If you
do flood engine, wait a few minutes
before attempting to start and do not
repeat priming steps.
• Under certain conditions, such as very
tall grass, it may be necessary to raise
the height of cut to reduce pushing effort
and to keep from overloading the engine
and leaving clumps of grass clippings. It
may also be necessary to reduce
ground speed and/or run the lawn
mower over the area a second time.
• For extremely heavy cutting, reduce the
width of cut by overlapping previously
cut path and mow slowly.
• For better grass bagging and most
cutting conditions, the engine speed
should be set in the fast position.
• When using a rear discharge lawn
mower in moist, heavy grass, clumps of
cut grass may not enter the grass
catcher. Reduce ground speed (push-
ing speed) and/or run the lawn mower
over the area a second time.
• if a trail of clippings is left on the right
side of a rear discharge mower, mow in
a clockwise direction with a small
overlap to collect the clippings on the
next pass.
• Pores in cloth grass catchers can
become filled with dirt and dust with use
and catchers will collect less grass. To
prevent this, regularly hose catcher off
with water and let dry before using.
• Keep top of engine around starter clear
and clean of grass clippings and chaff.
This will help engine air flow and extend
engine life.
IMPORTANT: Forbest performance,keep
mower housingfree of built-upgrass and
trash.See =Cleanir_ in Maintenance section
of this manual.
• The specialmulchingbladewillrecutthe
grassclippingsmany timesand reduce
them in size so that as they fallontothe
lawnthey willdisperseintothe grassand
notbe noticed. Also,the mulchedgrasswill
biodegradequicHy to providenutrientsfor
the lawn. Always mulchwithyour highest
engine(blade) speed as thiswillprovidethe
best recuttingactionofthe blades.
• Avoidcuttingyour lawn when it is wet. Wet
grasstends to formclumpsand interferes
with the mulchingaction. The bsstlime to
mow your lawnis the eady afternoon. At
thistime the grass has driedand the newly
cut mea WIU not be exposedto the direct
• For best results,adjustthe lawn mower
cuttingheightso thatthe lawn mower cuts
off onlythe topone-thirdof the grassblades.
ff the lawn is overgrownIt will be necsssary
to raisethe heightof cutto reducepushing
effortand to keep fromoverloadingthe
engine and leavingclumpsof mulched
grass.For e_
heavy mulching,
reduce yourwidthofcut by overlapping
previously cutpath and mow slowly.
• Certaintypesof grass and grsssconditions
may requirethat an area be mulcheda
secondtimeto completelyhide the
clippings. Wben doinga secondcut, mow
_ross or _
to the firstcutpath.
• Change your cuttingpattem fromweek to
week. Mow norih to southone week then
changeto east to wP_-t t he nextweek. This
willhelppreventmattingand grainingof the


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