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CRAFTSMAN 917.377110 Owner's Manual

6.75 horsepower power-propelled 21" multi-cut.
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Owner's Manual
6.75 Horsepower
21" Multi-Cut
Model No.
• EspaSol, p. 20
Read and follow all
Safety Rules and Instructions
before operating this equipment
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 917.377110

  • Page 1

    ROTARY LAWN MOWER 6.75 Horsepower Power-Propelled 21" Multi-Cut Model No. 917.377110 • EspaSol, p. 20 CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Instructions before operating this equipment Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website:

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Warranty service is available by returning the Craftsman power mower to the nearest Sears Parts & Repair Center in the United States. This warranty applies only while this product is used in the United States.

  • Page 3

    I. GENERAL OPERATION II. SLOPE OPERATION • Read, understand, and follow all Slopes are a major factor related to slip instructions on the machine and in the and fall accidents which can result in manual(s) before starting. Be thoroughly severe injury. All slopes require extra cau- familiar with the controls and the proper tion.

  • Page 4: Product Specifications

    Record both serial number and date of purchase in space provided above. Repair Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart pur- Fast help by phone - phone support chase. Your new Craftsman® product is from a Sears technician on products designed and manufactured for years of requiring in-home repair, plus conve- dependable operation.

  • Page 5: Assembly / Pre-operation

    These accessories were available when this lawn mower was produced. They are not shipped with your mower. They are also available at most Sears retail outlets and service centers. Some of these accessories may not apply to your lawn mower. LAWN MOWER PERFORMANCE CLIPPING...

  • Page 6

    TO ASSEMBLE GRASS CATCHER HOWTO SET UPYOUR LAWN MOWER 1. Slide grass catcher bag over the frame. TO UNFOLD HANDLE Make sure the rear handle is on top IMPORTANT: Unfold handle carefully so (the same side as the front handle) and as not to pinch or damage control cables.

  • Page 7

    KNOWYOUR LAWN MOWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND ALL SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR LAWN MOWER, Compare the illustrations with your lawn mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments, Save this manual for future reference, These symbols may appear on your lawn mower or in literature supplied with the product.

  • Page 8

    • To keep drive control engaged when operation of any lawn turning corners, push down on the mower can result in foreign handle to lift the front wheels off the objects thrown into the ground while turning lawn mower. eyes, which can result in DRIVE CONTROL ADJUSTMENT severe eye damage.

  • Page 9: Operation

    SIDE DISCHARGING ° Grass catcher and discharge chute must be removed. ° Open mulcher door and install front of side discharge deflector beneath door and position rear over threaded stud. ° Secure rear of side discharge deflector to lawn mower housing with knob. °...

  • Page 10

    TO EMPTY GRASS CATCHER A CAUTION: DO NOT overfill engine with 1. Open round door of discharge chute to oil, or it will smoke heavily from the muffler move starter rope out and away from on startup. 1. Be sure lawnmower is level. grass catcher.

  • Page 11

    MULCHING MOWING TIPS TO STOP ENGINE * To stop engine, release operator pres- IMPORTANT: For best performance, ence control bar. keep mower housing free of built-up grass and trash. See "CLEANING" in the TO START ENGINE Maintenance section of this manual. NOTE: Due to protective coatings on the * The special mulching blade will recut engine, a small amount of smoke may be...

  • Page 12: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE BEFORE AFTER EVERY EVERY EVERY BEFORE EACH EACH 25 HOURS SCHEDULE USE USE HOURS O RSEASO. HOURS S TORAGE Check for Loose Fasteners Clean / Inspect Grass Catcher * CheckTires Check Drive Wheels *** Clean Lawn Mower ..M Clean under Drive Cover *** O Check Drive Belt/Pulleys Check / Sharpen / Replace Blade Lubrication...

  • Page 13

    Traflin LAWN MOWER Always observe safety rules when per- Blade adapter forming any maintenance. TIRES * Keep tires free of gasoline, oil, or insect control chemicals which can harm rub- ber. . Avoid stumps, stones, deep ruts, sharp objects and other hazards that may Lock- cause tire damage.

  • Page 14

    AIR FILTER NOTE: Although multi-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30 etc.) improve starting Your engine will not run properly and in cold weather, they will result in may be damaged by using a dirty air increased oil consumption when used filter. Replace the air filter cartridge every 100 hours of operation or every season, above 32°F.

  • Page 15: Service And Adjustments

    ° Clean engine often to keep trash from out. Water in engine can result in short- accumulating. A clogged engine runs ened engine life. hotter and shortens engine life. CLEAN UNDER DRIVE COVER ° Keep finished surfaces and wheels free Clean under drive cover at least twice a of all gasoline, oil, etc.

  • Page 16

    7. Use a wood block between blade and Be sure belt is inside of belt keepers mower housing to prevent blade from (See Figure B). turning when removing blade bolt. NOTE" Pulling on the drive belt (to install NOTE: Protect your hands with gloves it on the drive pulley) will cause the other end of the belt to free itself from the debris and/or wrap blade with heavy cloth.

  • Page 17: Storage

    CARBURETOR for proper engine speed. Overspeeding the engine above the factory high speed Your carburetor is not adjustable. If your setting can be dangerous. If you think engine does not operate properly due to sus- the engine-governed high speed needs pected carburetor problems, take your lawn adjusting, contact a Sears or other mower to a Sears or other qualified service...

  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    ENGINE OIL ENGINE Drain oil (with engine warm) and replace FUEL SYSTEM with clean engine oil. (See "ENGINE" in IMPORTANT: It is important to prevent the Maintenance section of this manual). gum deposits from forming in essential CYLINDER fuel system parts such as carburetor, fuel 1.

  • Page 19

    TROUBLESHOOTING - See appropriate section in manual unless directed to a Sears Service Center, PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Loss of power 1, Rear of mower housing or Raise cutting height. • blade dragging in grass. 2. Cutting too much grass. Raise cutting height. 3.

  • Page 20

    GARANT[A LIMITADA DE DOS AhlOS PARA LA SEGADORA A MOTOR CRAFTSMAN Pot dos (2) aSos, a partfr de la fecha de compra, cuar_do esta Segadora Craftsman se mantenga, lubfique y afine seg_n las fr_struccior_es para la operacf6n y el manter_fmierlo en el mar_ual del dueSo, Sears reparar_ gratfs todo defecto er_ el material y la mano de obra.

  • Page 21

    HACER: I. OPERACION ° Antesdeempezar, debefami]iarizarsecomple- • Puede recortar a tray,s de la superficie de tamente con los controles y el uso correcto de la cuesta, nunca haoia arriba y hacia abajo. la maquir_a. Para esto, debe leer y comprer_der Prcceda con extrema precauci6r_ cuando todas las fnstrucciones que apa_cen er_la ma- cambie de dfreccibr_ er_ las cuestas.

  • Page 22

    ° Nut, c a manipu]e deformair_debida los ° Los compor_entes del receptor de la hferba dfsposftfvos desegurfdad. Controle regular- van sujetos a desgaste, da_os y deterioro, meritssufur_cionamfento correcto. que pueden exporter las partes er_ mov- ° Mar_ter_ga la m_quina libredehferba, h ojas fmier_to o permitfr que objetos sean dfspara- u otras acumulaciones de desperdfcio.

  • Page 23

    Estos accesorios estabar_ disponibles cuando se produjo la segadora. No son facilitados junto al cortacesped. Tarnbi_n est_n dfspor_ibles en la mayor°a de las tfendas de Sears yen los cenVos de servfcfo. Algunos de estos accesorios tal vez r_ose aplfquen a su segadora. RENDIMIENTO DE LA SEGADORA DE RECORTES...

  • Page 24

    PARA MONTAR EL RECOGEDOR COMO PREPARAR SU SEGADORA CESPED PARA DESDOBLAR EL MANGO 1. Deslfzar el saeo de la hierba sobre el IMPORTANTE: Desplfegue el mango con armaz6n. Asegurarse de que el mango touche cuidado para no pellizear o dariar los trasero est_ arriba (el mismo lade que el cables de control.

  • Page 25

    FAMILIARICESECON SU SEGADORA LEAESTE MANUAL DEL DUENOY LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE OPARAR SU SEGADORA. Compare las ilustracfones con su segadora para famf]iarfzarse con la ubfoaci6n de los diversos ¢ontroles y ajustes. Guarde este manual para referencfa en el futuro. Estos simbolos pueden apareser sobre su segadora o en la literatura proporoionada con el producto.

  • Page 26

    AJUSTE DEL MANDO La operacibr_ de cualquier Ocasfonalmer_te, el sistema de rear, do puede segadora puede hacer que "aflojarse _, provocando urea dfsmfnuci6n de la salten obietos extrafios dentro de velocfdad. Hay un bot6r_ er_ la parte trasera de sus gigs, 1oque puede produclr la sede del mando para apretar la tensfbr_ del daSos graves er_ _stos.

  • Page 27

    ° Fiiar la parte trasera del canal de desoarga al • Fljar la parte trasera del deflector de des- bastidor del cortao_sped a tray,s del pomo. carga lateral al bastldor del oortac_sped a • Colooar el mango trasero del dep6sfto de tray,s del pomo.

  • Page 28

    PARA VACIAR EL RECOGEDOR DE ClaSPED ANTES DE HACER ARRANCAR 1. Abierto la puerta redonda del canal incli- MOTOR nado de la descarga para mover la cuerda AGREGUE ACEITE del arrancador hacia fuera y leios des de el Su segadora fue envfada sfn aceite en el motor. recogedor de cesped.

  • Page 29

    ° Mantenga la parte superior del motor, alred- edor del arrancador, despejada y sfr_ recortes de c_sped y paja. Esto ayudar_t el fluio del aceite aire del motor y extender_ su duraci6r_. CONSEJOS PARA SEGAR Y ACOLCHAR IMPORTANTE: Para obtener el mejcr rendimfentc manterlga la caja de la segadora sirl acumu]acfcn de cesped y basura.

  • Page 30

    PROGRAMA DESPUES CADA A.TES DE CADA .O.AS O ALMACE- MANTENIMIENTO TEMPORAD_ NAMIENTO R6vtsar si hay Sujetadores S_lalto_ ES LimpiarAn_peccionar 61Recoge_Qr de C6sperJ * Oor_trol_r los NeiJrn_tioos Oor_trol_r las R_Joda8 Motrtc_s *_ Limpiar la SegarJora *'*" Limpiar deb_jQ I_ Cubierta do la Transmisi6n RGvtsar las C<_rreas y la_ I_lo_s ImD_l_das RGvtsar / A'FiI_r/ Cambi_r la O_lc_ill_ Lul_riP.act6rl...

  • Page 31

    SEGADORA Borde de salida Siempre observe las raglas de segurldad cu- Adapta.dor de 18. c uchilla. a_do haga el ma_te_imfento. LLANTAS ° Mar_ter_galas Ilar_tassin gasolina, acefte o substar_clas qufmicas para control de insec- tos que pueden da_ar la goma. ° Evite los tocones, las pledras, las grietas pro- fundas, los objetos afflados y otros peligros que pueder_ da_ar alas llantas.

  • Page 32

    FILTRO DE AIRE AVISO: A pesar de que los aceites de multi- vfscosfdad (5W30, 10W30, etc.) mejora_ el Su motor puede sufrir averias y fur_cfonar de rear, era fr_correcta oor_ ur_ ff]tro del afro suofo. arrar_que er_ clima fr°o, estos aceites de mul- tivfsoosfdad van ha aumentar el consumo de Sustituir el papel del oartucho una vez al arlo o tras 100 horas de fur_cfonamfer_to, m_ts a...

  • Page 33

    ° Umpie LIMPIE DEBAJO DE LA CUBIERTA DE LA el motor a mer_udo para evftar que IMPULSION se aoumu]e la basura. Ur_ motor tapado fur_- oior_a m_ts oalier_te y se aoorta su duraoi6r_. Limpie debajo de la cubierta de la impu]si6n °...

  • Page 34

    g. Instalar la nueva correa de mando en el Use un bloque de madera entre la cuohilla y la caja de la segadora para evftar que la coniunto de la palanca de transmfsi6n, ouchf]la gire ouando se le quite el perno. luego alrededor de la polea de mando.

  • Page 35

    CARBURADOR para la velocfdad del motor adecuada. Puede Su carburador no es ajustable. Sf su motor no ser peligroso hacer funcionar el motor a una est_i funcfonando en forma adeouada debfdo velocfdad pot sobre el ajuste de alta velocfdad a problemas que se sospeoha vienen del oarbu- de la f_tbrfca.

  • Page 36

    • Vacfar e ldep6sito delcarburante p oniendo ClLINDRO enmarcha elmotory dei_tndolo funcfonar 1. Remueva la buj°a. hastaque el carburante termfne y el Vac°e una onza (2g ml) de acefte a trav_s oarburador est_ vaoio. del aguiero de la bujia en el cf]indro. •...

  • Page 37

    SOLUCION DE PROBLEMAS -Vea la seccion ap_opiada en el manual amenos que este dirigido a un centro de servico Sears. I PROBLEMA CORRECCI(_N CAUSA Falta de Eleve la altura de torte. 1. Cuchil]a desgastada, doblada fuerza o suelta. Eleve la altura de corte. Altura de las ruedas dfspareja.

  • Page 38: Repair Parts


  • Page 39

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.377110 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 183484 Hm.odle,Grsssbm.g,Rem.r 183478 Spring, Door, Discharge Chute 66322 Hairpin Cotter 183445 Rod, Door, Discharge Chute 183483 Rod, Rear Handle, Grasabag 183475 Discharge Chute, Plastic 163460 Grassbag 184372...

  • Page 40


  • Page 41

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.377110 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 183705 Screw 1/4-20 x 1/16 Drive Control Assembly, Complete 17060410 Cover, Dust, Wheel (Consists of Key Numbers 2 through 7) 183457 188277 Cover, Drive Control, Top 88348...

  • Page 42

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER - - MODEL NUMBER 917.377110 GEAR CASE ASSEMBLY - - PART NUMBER 183699 PART DESCRIPTION 17541011 Screw, Tapping #10-24 x .668 160672 Gear Case, Upper 57072 Seal 183908 Drive Shaft 160818 Bearing, Needle, Thrust 77881 Bearing...

  • Page 43

    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 125K02-0253-E1 I 1019 LABEL KI_ 52511 718_...

  • Page 44

    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 125K02-0253-E1 334_ 505 _ 12__.J 977 CARBURETOR GASKET SET 633 @ 633_ 276_ 276_ 127_ 276_ 276_...

  • Page 45

    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 125K02-0253-E1 358 ENGINE GASKET SET z© 20 _ 842@ 524_ 668@ 564_ 332 _ 363_ 670 @ 592_ 689 @ 597_ EMISSIONS 1036 LABEL...

  • Page 46

    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 125K02-0253-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 697322 498829 Short Block (Replacement Cylinder Assembly 399269 Engine 125K02-0253) Kit-Bushing/Seal 299819 497465 Manifold-Intake Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 493279 272199 * Gasket-Intake Sump-Engine 691160 691650 Screw (Intake Manifold) Head-Cylinder 692249 691421 Housing-Rewind...

  • Page 47

    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 125K02-0253-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 695161 Screen/CupAssembiy 691855 Spring-Friction 690662 Nut (Flywheel) 690959 Pin-Locating 695711 Armature-Magneto 691830 Gear-Timing 691061 Screw (Armature Magneto) 691648 Screw (Brake) 802592 Spark Plug 691031 * SeaI-O Ring (Dipstick Tube) 692390 Wire-Stop 692017...

  • Page 48

    Your Home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances...

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