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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Canon U.S.A., Inc. One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042, U.S.A. Tel No. (516)328-5600 CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK,MATCHWIDEBLADEOF PLUG TO WIDESLOT, F ULLYINSERT,...
  • Page 3 plug plug readily operable The Mainsis used the d isconnectdevice. The Mains shall remain to disconnectthe plug in case of anaccident. CAUTION: • Dangerof explosion if the wrong type of batteries are attached. Useonly the same type of batteries. • Donot expose batteries or product to excessive heat such as the inside of a car under direct sunlight, fire, etc.
  • Page 4 In these safety instructions the word "apparatus" or "product" refers to the Canon HD Camcorder VIXIA HF R11 A / VIXIA HF RIO A / VlXIA HF R1O0 A and all its accessories. Read these instructions. Keepthese instructions. Heed all warnings.
  • Page 5 When replacement of t he p ower supply isrequired, please return itto the r esponsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number CA-590. J This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-O03.
  • Page 6 Theadaptercan beusedwith a powersupplybetween100and240 VAC.Forareas where120V ACpoweris notused,you will needa specialplugadapter.Contact y our nearest C anonServiceCenterfor further information. Theadapteris notintendedto beserviced.Shouldthe product c easeto functionin its intendedmanner, i t shouldbe returnedto the manufacturer o r be discarded. The serial number of this product can be found on the battery compart- ment cover of the camcorder.
  • Page 7: Exciting Features Andnew Functions

    3 seconds before you started shooting. 1 "Full HD 1080" refers to Canon camcorders compliant with high--definition video composed of 1,080 vertical pixels (scanning lines). 2 Video is recorded al this resolution only when the recording mode is set to FXP mode.
  • Page 8 Smart Smart AUTO ([__.J27) Smart AUTO automatically selects the best settings for the scene you want to shoot. You get spectacular recordings every time without worrying about settings. Just point the camcorder and it will automatically select the best settings your subject VideoSnapshot (L_ 58)
  • Page 9 Enjoyingyour Recordingson OtherDevices AVCHD discs PhotoDVDs Connect t he camcorder t o the optionalDW-IO0DVD Connect t he camcorder Burner(_ 113,116) toan HDTV(_ 110) AVCHD AVCHD-compatible HDTVs and digital recorders with an SD memory card slot Save or upload to the Web ®...
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Tableof contents • Introduction Exciting Features and New Functions About this Manual Getting to Know the Camcorder Supplied Accessories and CD-ROMs Names of Parts • Preparations Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack Preparing the Accessories Adjusting the Position and Brightness of the LCD Screen Basic Operation of the Camcorder...
  • Page 11 • Video Basic Recording Shooting Video Selecting the Video Quality (Recording Mode) Zooming Quick Start Function Basic Playback Playing Back the Video Selecting what Recordings to Play Back Searching for Scenes Pro-selecting Recordings from the Index Screen Deleting Scenes Advanced Functions Programmed AE and Special Scene Recording...
  • Page 12 • Photos Basic Recording Taking Photos Selecting Photo Size and Quality Basic Playback Viewing Photos Deleting Photos Magnifying Photos during Playback Additional Functions Slideshow Rotating Photos Histogram Display Capturing Photos from a Movie Protecting Photos _l_]fJ/_ Copying Photos to a Memory Card Printing Photos Printing Photos (Direct Print)
  • Page 13 • Additional Information Appendix: Menu Options Lists FUNC. Menu Setup Menus Onscreen Icons and Displays Trouble? Troubleshooting List of Messages Do's and Don'ts Handling Precautions Maintenance/Others Using the Camcorder Abroad General Information Accessories Optional Accessories Product Codes Specifications Index Table of contents * 13...
  • Page 14: About This Manual

    About this Manual Thank you for purchasing the Canon VIXIA HF R11 / VIXIA HF RIO/ VlXlA HF RIO0. Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference. Should your camcorder fail to operate correctly, refer to Troubleshooting (E:_ 147).
  • Page 15 SelectingtheVideoQuality(Recording Mode) The camcorder offe_ 4 recording mode. Changing the recordh_g mode wi]] chaf_ge recording time available on the memory. Select FXP or XP+ mode for belier movie quality; select LP mode for Iof_ger recordh_g time. The following tame giv_ approximate recording time.
  • Page 16: Supplied Accessories And Cd-Roms

    Supplied Accessories and CD-ROMs The following accessories are supplied with the camcorder: C0mpact P0wer Adapter* _IFC-3OOPCU USBCable STV-250NStereoVideo Cable4 Yellow • Red • White plugs >CTC-IO0/S ComponentCable Red • Green• Blue plugs Quick Guide4 * CA--590E including power cord, in Asia, 16 * Introduction...
  • Page 17 The following CD-ROMs and software are supplied with the camcorder: • PIXELA Application - Disc 1 CD-ROM* and 'PIXELA Applications' Installation Guide - ImageMixer 3 SE Transfer Utilities - Software for saving and transferring movies and music files you can use as background music.
  • Page 18: Names Of Parts

    Names of Parts Left side view ,% _=,=[] (camera/play) button ([::_ 29) Right side view (_) VIDEO SNAP (video snapshot) button !][_l_/l]_ WEB button ([:_ 124) :4) _ button (EIJ 27)/ _]i_il/_ INDEX SEL. (index selection) button (L_ 47)/ PLAYLIST button (1::_ 47) _5) DISR (on-screen...
  • Page 19 ',f12_ Zoom lever (_ Top view @ PHOTO button ([:_ 86) @ POWER button @ ON/OFF (CHG) (charge) indicator: Green - On Orange - Standby (EZ3 43) Red - Charging (Q_l 21) ',16LCD screen (CC}25) ,,flT_ J oystick (_T_3 30) ,,18) F UNC.
  • Page 20 Bottom view ,_ Tripod socket (C[3 163) St Memory card slot (_ @ Battery compartment ,2_ Battery release latch @ Battery compartment cover/Memory card slot cover @ Serial number ® The serial number label is located the battery compartment cover. 20 + Hntroduction...
  • Page 21: Preparations

    Preparations This chapter describes basic operations, such as navigating the menus, and first time settings to help you learn more about your camcorder. Getting Started Chargingthe Battery Pack ON/OFF (CHG) The camcorder can be powered with a (charge)indicator battery pack or directly using the com- pact power adapter.
  • Page 22 3 Slide the battery compartment cover away from the lens and open it. 4 Remove the battery terminal cover from the battery pack. 5 Insert the battery pack all the way into the compartment and press gently until it clicks. 6 Close the cover and slide it toward the lens until you hear a click.
  • Page 23 To remove the battery pack 1 Slide the battery compartment cover away from the lens and open it. 2 Press the battery release latch and pull out the battery pack. 3 Close the cover and slide it toward the lens until you hear a click.
  • Page 24: Preparingthe Accessories

    • We recommend that you prepare battery packs to last 2 to 3 times longer than you think you might need. • USAand Canada only:The Lithium ion/polymer battery that powers the product is recyclable. Please call 1-800-8-BAqq-ERY for information on how to recycle this battery.
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Position And Brightnessof The Lcdscreen

    To attach an optional wrist strap Pass the attaching end of the wrist strap through the rear bracket on the cam- corder, thread the wrist strap through the loop and fasten. You can also attach the wrist strap to the strap mount on the grip belt to use both for extra convenience and protection.
  • Page 26 NOTES * Aboutthe LOBscreen:The screen is produced using extremely high-pre- cision manufacturing techniques, with more than 99.99% of the pixels operating to specification. Less than 0.01% of the pixels may occasion- ally misfire or appear as black, red, blue or green dots. This has no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute a malfunction.
  • Page 27: Basic Operation Of The Camcorder

    Basic Operation of the Camcorder OperatingModes Recording The camcorder offers two basic modes for recording video and photos: Smart AUTO (_) mode for beginners or if you just prefer not to bother with detailed camcorder settings, and flexible recording ( mode, which lets you change the camcorder's settings to your prefer- ence.
  • Page 28 • When shooting in_ mode, the camcorder wil! a utomaticai!y detect certain characteristics ofthe subject, background, !!ghting conditions, etc. It wi!! then adjust various settings (focus, exposu co!or, image stabilization, image quality, among others); selecting best settings for t he scene yo uwant toshoot. The S mart AUTO modeico n will change toone o fthe following icons, smart AUTO icons...
  • Page 29 NOTES * In _ mode, menus cannot be accessed but the following settings can be changed in advance. - Recording mode of movies - Size/quality of photos - _1_/_]# Your selection of recording media for movies/photos - Video snapshot length - Auto slow shutter - All settings under the setup menu's [_, [_ and _...
  • Page 30: Joystick And Joystick Guide

    NOTES * t_]iD/_BJ When switching to a playback mode, the memory selected for playback will be the same currently used for recording. Joystick and Joystick Guide Use the joystick to operate the camcorder's menus. (Ay, ) to select an item or the settings or confirm an_ction.
  • Page 31: Usingthe Menus

    Usingthe Menus Many of the camcorder's functions can be adjusted from the menus that open after pressing In _ mode, 'FUNC.. menus cannot be accessed and, except in a few cases, most menu settings will return to their default values. For details about the available menu options and settings, refer to the appen- dix Menu Options Lists (CL] 130).
  • Page 32 Selecting an Option from the Setup Menus 1 Press IF:UNCII. 2 Select (AV, [l'_h Menu] and press 0 to open the setup menus. You can also hold/#O_ pressed down for more than 1 second to open directly the setup menus screen.
  • Page 33: Firsttime Settings

    FirstTime Settings Setting the Date and Time You will need to set the date and time of the camcorder before you can start using it. The [Date/Time] screen will appear automatically when the cam- corder's clock is not set. When the [Date/Time] screen appears, the year will be selected.
  • Page 34: Changingthe Language

    Changingthe Language The default language of the camcorder is English. You can set it to one of 22 other languages. Operating modes: Desired !anguage @ [FUa--d_ NOTES • The displays _i_J and _SNg that appear in some menu screens refer to the name of buttons on the camcorder and will not change,...
  • Page 35: Using A Memory Card

    Using a Memory Card Memory Cards Compatiblefor Usewith the Camcorder You can use commercially available SDHC (SD high capacity) memory cards and _',_ SD memory cards with this camcorder. How- ever, depending on the memory card, you may not be able to record movies.
  • Page 36: Inserting And Removinga Memorycard

    Inserting and Removinga MemoryCard Make sure to initialize (_ 38) all memory cards before using them with this camcorder. 1 Turn off the camcorder. Make sure the ON/OFF (CHG) indicator is off. 2 Slide the memory card slot cover away from the lens and open it. 3 Insert the memory card straight, with the label facing away from the lens, all the way into the memory...
  • Page 37: Id/_ Selecting The Memory For The Recordings

    Selecting the Memoryfor the Recordings You can select to record your movies and photos in the built-in mem- ory or on a memory card. The built-in memory is the default memory for recording both. Operating modes: POINTS TOCHECK • Be sure you understand the information provided in Eye-F/cards (C[3 35) before using an Eye-Fi card.
  • Page 38: Initializing The Built-In Memory

    FUNC__ Menu] _) _] @ [Relay Recording _¢-_!] [IE_ on]* _) (€0_:" ..* The approximate available recording time will now reflect the combined space in the built-in memory and memory card, NOTES * Any of the following actions will deactivate the relay recording function. - Turning off the camcorder - Opening the memory card slot cover - Changing the camcorder's operating mode...
  • Page 39: Memory Card

    Initialization method @ [Yes]*@ [OK] @ [FUNC/:: * Press _}) to cancel the complete initialization while it is in progress, All recordings will be erased and the memory can be used without any problem, Options [Quick Initialization] Clears the file allocation table but does not physically erase the stored data.
  • Page 40: Basic Recording

    Video This chapter covers functions related to shooting movies, including recording, playback, advanced functions and playlist and scene operations. Basic Recording ShootingVideo Operating modes: 1 Turn on the camcorder. _i]_/8]_ By default, movies are recorded in the built-in memory. Alternatively, you can set the memory card as the recording media (13_! 3 7).
  • Page 41: Selecting The Video Quality(Recordingmode)

    (CI3 1 11 ),especially after mak- ing important recordings. Canon shall not b eliable forany l oss o rcor- ruption ofdata. (_ NOTES • Aboutthe PowerSave mode:If [_=1 _ [Power Saving Mode] is set to On], the camcorder will shut off automatically to save power when it is powered by a battery pack and is left without any operation for 5 minutes.
  • Page 42: Zooming

    Approximate recording times _ Default value " nr, - nr. GBmemorycare 30 min. 40 min. 10min. 30mm. Built-inmemory 2 - nr, 2 hr. " nr 3 hr. 8 GBmemorycare 25rain. 20rain. 2 hr. 2 nr, 4 hr. 6 hr. 16GBmemorycare 5 rain 50rain.
  • Page 43: Quick Start Function

    • In mode, you can also set _ _) [Zoom Speed] to one of three constant speeds (3 is the fastest, 1 the slowest). • When [Zoom Speed] is set to [EiEEI V ariable], the zoom speed will be faster in record pause mode than when actually recording, except when pre-recording (C[3 59) is activated.
  • Page 44 • The camcorder will shut off if left in standby mode for 10 minutes, regardless of the _ 0 [Power Saving Mode] setting. Press (POWER+ turn on the camcorder. • You can select the length of time until shut-oft or turn off the Quick Start function altogether with the [_ O [Quick Start] setting.
  • Page 49: Searchingfor Scenes

    For scenes in the built-in memory: press iINDEXSE£:i For scenes on the memory card: press ]!N_E_6L] and then select [Playlist]. Press 'PLAYEiSYi. To open the index screen for scenes converted into standard definition (_i]iJ/_ only) You can also open the index screen for scenes converted into standard definition for Web upload (CD 125) or DVD authoring (C[3 117).
  • Page 50 • _i])/_ You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card. • You can press to open the index screen for video iVIDEO SNAP 1 snapshot scenes. 2 Open the calendar screen. ,, The calendar screen appears. •...
  • Page 51 • The list of recordings displays all dates in which recordings were made. An orange selection frame appears on the day. • The thumbnail shows a still image from the first scene recorded on that day. Below it will appear the number of scenes recorded (lil) and the total recording time for the same day.
  • Page 52: Pro-Selecting Recordings From The Index Screen

    (_ NOTES * You c an press 'FO_C. to return to the normal index screen at any time. Pre-selecting Recordingsfrom the Index Screen You can select in advance a number of original movies or photos from the index screen in order to perform certain actions on them collec- tively, all at once.
  • Page 53: Deleting Scenes

    Total number of scenes selected Selected scenes 4 Press FONCI twice to close the menu. To cancel all the selections NOTES * The pre-selection of scenes/photos will be canceled if you turn off the camcorder or change the operating mode. * Scenes in the playlist cannot be included in the pre-selection.
  • Page 54 This step is not necessary to delete all scenes or previously selected scenes. Delete the scene(s). * If you selected any option other than I[his Scene], you can press O to inter- rupt the operation while it is in progress, Some scenes will be deleted neverthe-- less.
  • Page 55: Advancedfunctions

    AdvancedFunctions ProgrammedAE and Special SceneRecordingPrograms The recording program determines how much control you have over the camcorder's recording-related settings. Select the [ P Programmed AE] recording program to give you full control over functions like the white balance or image effects. Alternatively, give the camcorder more control by selecting a Special Scene recording program.
  • Page 56 [;_, Sports] To record sports scenes such as tennis or golf. [ _¢ Snow] To record in bright ski resorts without the subject being underexposed. [_Beach] To record on a sunny beach without the subject being underexposed. ['_'Sunset] To record sunsets in vibrant colors. [-_1 Night Scene] To record nightscapes with lower noise.
  • Page 57: Cinemamode: Givinga Cinematic Lookto Your Recordings

    NOTES * [_1" Portrait]/[_x Sports]/[_¢ Snow]/[_,_. Beach]: The picture may not appear smooth during playback. * [_1" Portrait]: The blur effect of the background increases the more you zoom in (T). * [_¢ Snow]/[t;;_ Beach]: The subject may become overexposed on cloudy days or in shaded places.
  • Page 58: Videosnapshot

    To change the frame rate ..,_i,_ VideoSnapshot Record a series of short scenes. Play your video snapshot scenes set to your favorite music (L7374) to create your own fun music video. You will be surprised how by changing the background music, you can give your scenes an entirely new feel.
  • Page 59: Pro-Recording Function

    Pre-recordingFunction The camcorder will start recording 3 seconds before you press ng you do not miss important shooting opportuni- _START/STOPi, ensur ties. This is especially useful when it is difficult to predict when to start recording. Operating modes: 1 Open (A) the joystick guide.
  • Page 60: Manualexposure Adjustment

    For movies: Press iSTART/STOP The camcorder starts recording after a 1O-second countdown. The countdown appears on the screen. For photos: Press _, first halfway to activate the autofocus and then fully. The camcorder will record the photo after a 1O-second countdown. The countdown appears on the screen.
  • Page 61: Manual Focusadjustment

    • The a djustment range and the length ofthe exposure adjustment indicator will v ary d epending onthe initial brightness ofthe picture. • Ifyou operate the zoom, the brightness ofthe image may c hange. 3 Adjust the(4!_) t hebrightness ofthe image a srequired, then hide (y)the joystick guide.
  • Page 62: Face Detection

    * The center of the screen will be magnified to help you focus more easily. You can also turn off this function with the _ @ [Focus Assistance] setting. 4 Adjust (41_) the focus as required. * If you wish to focus on faraway subjects such as mountains or fireworks, push the joystick (_) toward _1_ and hold it pressed down until [MF] changes to 00.
  • Page 63: White Balance

    To select the main subject If there is more than one person in the picture, the camcorder will auto- matically select one person it determines is the main subject. The main subject is indicated by a white face detection frame and the camcorder will optimize the settings for that person.
  • Page 64 * When you select [_._,Custom WB], do not press i€0i/c_} and continue inslead with the following procedure. To set the custom white balance 1 Point the camcorder at a white object so it fills the whole screen and press Q. When the adjustment is completed, stops flashing and stays on.
  • Page 65: Image Effects

    Image Effects You can use the image effects to change the color saturation and con- trast to record movies and photos with special color effects. Operating modes: POINTS TOCHECK * Select a recording program other than the Special Scene recording pro- grams.
  • Page 66 Options (* Defaultvalue) Digital Effect 0ff]* Select this setting when you do not intend to use the digital effects. [Ill FadeTrigger], [[_ Wipe] Select one of the faders to begin or end a scene with a fade from or to a black screen. Black &...
  • Page 67: On-Screendisplays And Data Code

    • Faders cannot beused when r ecording video snapshot scenes orwhen pre-recording isactivated. On-ScreenDisplays and Data Code You can turn most on-screen displays on or off. Operating modes :1_' : ;: Repeatedly press [iJ)si_] to turn the on-screen displays on/off in the following sequence: mode:...
  • Page 68: Audio Recordinglevel

    Audio RecordingLevel You can adjust the audio recording level of the built-in or an external microphone. You can display the audio level indicator while recording. Operating modes: ManualAdjustmentof the AudioRecordingLevel 1 Open (A) the joystick guide. 2 Select (AV) [_ Mic. Level] and press _. Mic.
  • Page 69: Using Headphones

    (_ NOTES * When the audio l evel meter reaches the red point (0 dBmark), the sound may b e distorted. * Ifthe audio level istoo high a nd the sound gets d istorted, activate microphone attenuator with the _ @[Microphone Attenuator] setting.
  • Page 70: Using An External Microphone

    mode, and in_ mode d uring slideshow playback, adjust the headphones volume the same w ay you adjust the speaker's volume (C_ 45). O IMPORTANT * When using h eadphones, make sure t olower the volume toanappro- priate level. * Do not c onnect the headphones tothe AV OUT/C) terminal ifthe C_...
  • Page 71: Selecting The Playbackstarting Point

    NOTES • When an external microphone is connected to the camcorder, _ [Wind Screen] will automatically be set to [_ Off ..-.4/{1 OF_" • If the audio level is too high and the sound gets distorted, turn on the microphone attenuator with the IBm!_ [Microphone Attenuator] setting or adjust the audio recording level manually (LT.3 68).
  • Page 72 Current scene/Total number of scenes Scene length Recording date and time Interval between frames Timeline ruler Page slidebar Frame selected for start of playback 3 Select (_) the playback starting point from the timeline ruler. 4 Press O to begin the playback. To select another scene Move (AV) the orange selection...
  • Page 73 Current scene / Total number of scenes Scene length Recording date and time Frame selected for start of Segment ruler playback Page slidebar 3 Select (4_) the playback starting point from the segment ruler. 4 Press (_ to begin the playback. You can select another scene and move between segment ruler pages in the same way as in the movie timeline screen (E_[3 71).
  • Page 74: Scene And Playlist Operations

    Scene and Playlist Operations PlayingBack RecordingsSet to Background Music You can play back video snapshot scenes, scenes in the playlist and photo slideshows set to background music (instead of the original sound). You can use one of the supplied music tracks or connect external audio player to use your favorite songs as background music.
  • Page 75 • You c an press Q tolisten tothe track s elected. Press Q tostop the playback. • Select [Off] toplay b ack s cenes with their original sound ortoplay back s lideshows without any music. 4 Back i ntheindex s creen, select (AT, 4 _) therecording from which t ostart p layback.
  • Page 76 " You can press IViDEO SNAP/ to open the index screen for video snapshot scenes. 2 Activate the external audio input. 3 Connect the external player to the camcorder's MIC terminal. 4 Adjust the audio input as necessary. • Start the music playback on the external player and adjust its volume according to the onscreen indications.
  • Page 77 NOTES * You can also add to the playlist just the video snapshot scenes you want to watch and arrange their playback order. * Initializing a memory card will permanently erase any music files you may have transferred to the card. The music files that come pre- installed in the built-in memory will be restored after it is initialized (I]]_JD/G]_]# only).
  • Page 78: Dividing Scenes

    Dividing Scenes You can divide scenes (original scenes only) in order to leave out the best parts and later cut out the rest. Operating modes: 1 Open the original movies index screen. I]_]_1/t]I_[_ You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card (CI3 47).
  • Page 79: Editing The Playlist: Adding,Deleting,Moving And Playingback

    -Video snapshot scenes and other scenes that a re too short (less than 3seconds). - Scenes that w ere e dited using the supplied software ImageMixer SE and were then written back t othe memory. • Scenes cannot bedivided withinsecond from the beginning orthe end ofthe scene.
  • Page 80 • When the operation iscompleted [Scene(s) added tothe playlist] will bedisplayed. • I_]_D/_]# S cenes are added tothe playlist onthe same memory they a re recorded • To open t he playlist index screen from the original movies index screen: - _/_ For s cenes inthe built-in memory, press ii_6E_Ej.
  • Page 81 * Ifyou selected [All Scenes], you c an p ress _ tointerrupt the o peration while it is inprogress. Some scenes will be deleted nevertheless. Options [All Scenes] Deletes all the scenes from the playlist. [This Scene] Deletes from the playlist only the scene marked with the orange selection frame.
  • Page 82: Capturingvideo Snapshotscenes From A Movie

    CapturingVideo SnapshotScenes from a Movie Capture a series of video snapshot scenes from a movie you have pre- viously recorded. Operating modes: 1 Play back the movie containing the scene you want to capture. 2 Press at the point you want to capture. The camcorder captures a video snapshot scene (the blue frame serves as a visual progress bar) and then automatically changes to playback pause mode.
  • Page 83 CopyingScenesto a Memory Card You can copy original movies or the entire playlist only from the built-in memory to the corresponding location on the memory card. See Copyin d Photos to a IVlemoryCard(F._ 97) for details on copying photos to the memory card.
  • Page 84 Options [All Scenes] Copies all the scenes to the memory card. [All Scenes (this date)] Copies to the memory card all the scenes that were recorded on the same day as the selected scene. [This Scene] Copies to the memory card only the scene marked with the orange selection frame.
  • Page 85 (_) NOTES * Ifthe memory card slot cover isopen, orthe LOCK switch onthe mem- ory card isset t oprevent writing, you will not b e able t ocopy m ovies to the memory card. * Scenes that were e dited using the supplied software ImageMixer and were t hen written back tothe camcorder...
  • Page 86: Basic Recording

    Photos Refer to this chapter for details on shooting photos - taking photos and playing them back, capturing photos from video and printing photos. Basic Recording Taking Photos Operating modes: 1 Turn on the camcorder. ° _/0]t_ By default, photos are recorded in the built-in memory.
  • Page 87: Selecting Photosize And Quality

    O IMPORTANT * Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator isonor flashing. Failing todoso may r esult inpermanent data loss. - Do not o pen t he memory card slot cover. - Do not d isconnect the power source or turn off t he camcorder. - Do not c hange the camcorder's operating mode.
  • Page 88 NOTES * The actual number of photos that can be recorded will vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions. * The camcorder retains the last setting used even if you set the cam- corder to _ mode. * When printing photos, use the following guidelines as a reference for selecting the print size.
  • Page 89: Basic Playback

    Basic Playback Viewing Photos Operating modes: 1 Press _. • The original movies index screen will appear in most cases. • If a photo appears in single photo view, move the zoom lever toward W to open the photo index screen. Proceed to step 3.
  • Page 90: Deleting Photos

    Photo Jump Function When you have recorded a large number of photos, you can jump 10 or 100 photos at a time. 1 Open (A) the joystick guide. 2 Select (AT) the _ icon and press O" 3 Select (AV) [:'_10 Jump 10 photos] or [:1_ Jump 100 photos]. 4 Jump (4_) the number of photos selected and press O.
  • Page 91 [_O_:j 0 [_ Delete] ....[@ Delete] appears onthe screen. 2 Select (_1_) the photo y ou want todelete a nd press 1 _. 3 Select (41_) [Yes] and press ( _)todelete thephoto. 4 Repeat steps 2 -3 todelete a dditional photos orpress twice iFUNC.] to close the menu.
  • Page 92: Magnifying Photosduring Playback

    Magnifying Photosduring Playback In single photo view, photos can be magnified up to 5 times. _ will appear for photos that cannot be enlarged. Operating modes: 1 Move the zoom lever toward 1". * The photo is magnified by 2 times and a frame appears indicating the position of the magnified area.
  • Page 93: Additionalfunctions

    AdditionalFunctions Slidesh0w You can play a slideshow of all the photos and even set it to music (L_ 74). Operating modes: 1 Open the photo index screen. 2 Select the background music to use when playing back the photo slideshow 74).
  • Page 94: Rotatingphotos

    Tochange theslideshow's transition effects Options (* Defaultvalue) Off] Photos in the slideshow advance without any transition effect. Dissolve] The current photo fades out as the next photo fades in. Slide Image]* Photos slide to the left when they advance. NOTES * The background music may not be played back correctly when playing back a slideshow from a memory card with slow transfer rates.
  • Page 95: Histogram Display

    Histogram Display In single photo view, you can display the histogram and the icons of all the functions used at the time of recording. Use the histogram as a ref- erence to verify the correct exposure of the photo. Operating modes: The area to the right of the histogram represents highlights and the left side represents shadows.
  • Page 96: Protecting Photos

    2 Pause the playback at the point you want to capture. 3 Press _BI_] fully. IMPORTANT * When capturing photos on an Eye-Fi card, photos will be uploaded automatically if you are within the range of a configured network. Always verify that Eye-Fi cards have been approved in the country/region use.
  • Page 97 Protecting Photos from the Index Screen 1 Open the photo index screen. • _illl/_!_i_ You can select the photos in the built-in memory or on the memory card. 2 Select (AV, 41_) the photo you want to protect. Options [Individual Photos] Opens the same screen described previously in Protecting S/ng/e Photos.
  • Page 98 Inthe index screen, select theI_] t ab under the 6 icon a nd move the zoom lever toward T to return to single photo view. 2 Open the photo selection screen. [:_ Copy (_,_-l)] appears on the screen. 3 Select (4_) the photo you want to copy and press _).
  • Page 99 Options [All Photos] Copies all the photos. [This Photo] Copies only the photo marked with the orange selec- tion frame. [Selected Photos] Copies all the photos selected in advance (marked with a ,x checkmark). Refer to Pre-se/ectin d Recordinds from the/nc/ex Screen (C__J 52). IMPORTANT * Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing.
  • Page 100: Printing Photos

    You can mark in advance the photos you want to print and set the desired number of copies as a print order (G3 103). PictBridge Canon printers: SELPHY printers of the CP, DS and ES series and PIXMA printers marked with the PictBridge logo.
  • Page 101 - Removing all print orders NOTES * F/_ will appear for photos that cannot be printed. * We recommend powering the camcorder using the compact power adapter. * Refer also to the printer's instruction manual. * If you have no intention to use the optional DW-1 O0 DVD Burner, you can set [J_,_or I_l @ [USB Connection Type] to [j:zi, Computer/Printer] so the device selection screen does not appear every time you connect...
  • Page 102 * Select(AY, 4_") [Paper Settings] and press (_ to change all three settings consecutively, When using Canon printers you can print the same photo multiple times on the same sheet of paper. Use the following table as a guideline for the recommended number 0f copies depending on the [_ Paper Size]setting.
  • Page 103: Print Orders

    (CCI161) and to the printer's instruction manual. * Canon's PietBridge-eompaUble printers: If printing does not resume auto- matically after you solved the problem, select [Continue] and press (_ to resume printing. If that option is not available, select [Stop] and press and then restart printing from the beginning.
  • Page 104 POINTS TOCHECK • Only photos on the memory card can be set for print orders. MarkingSinglePhotoswith Print Orders 1 In single photo view, open the photo selection screen. :_::E_] appears on the screen. 2 Select (41_) the photo you want to mark with a print order. 3 Press (_) to set the print order.
  • Page 105 Options [Individual Photos] Set print orders for individual photos. [Selected Photos (1 copy each)] Sets a print order of 1 copy of each of the photos selected in advance (marked with a ,/checkmark). Refer to Pre-se/ectin d Recorc/inds from the/nc/ex Screen (L_ 52). [Remove All] Removes all the print orders.
  • Page 106: External Connections

    External Connections This chapter explains how to connect your camcorder to an external device such as a TV, VCR, or computer. Terminals on the Camcorder QbUSB Terminal Access:Openthe left rearterminalcover. (2_ HDMI OUT Terminal* Access:Openthe leftrearterminalcover, TheHDMIOUT terminal o ffersa high-quality digitalconnection that combinesaudioand videoina singleconvenient c able.
  • Page 107: Connectiondiagrams

    ConnectionDiagrams In the following connection diagrams, the left side shows the terminals on the camcorder and the right side shows (for reference only) an example of terminals on a connected device. 4TC-1O0 HDMI Cable OOflonal 4DMImini connector sTanaara HDMI connector About the HDMI connection...
  • Page 108 Red---_=:1_ CTC-IO0/S Component C able Green (supplied) STV-250N Stereo Video Cable (supplied) ,t_- Yellow _[_ STV-250N Stereo Video Cable 4/" White .,,,,,4_:]_]_)-_ (supplied) Red _ _L_R 108 * External Connections...
  • Page 109 NOTES * _i]iD/_l]_ To be able to write back scenes and to transfer music files from the computer to the camcorder, power the camcorder using the compact power adapter and only then connect it to the computer using the supplied USB cable. External Connections...
  • Page 110: Playback On A Tv Screen

    Playback on a IV Screen Connect the camcorder to a TV to enjoy your recordings with family and friends. Playback on an HDTV using one of the high-definition con- nections will ensure the best playback quality. Operating modes: 1 Turn off the eameorder and the TV.
  • Page 111: Saving And Sharing Your Recordings

    Saving and Sharing Your Recordings Saving Recordingson a Computer Movies and photos recorded with this camcorder are saved in the built-in memory (_]!/_ only) or on the memory card. Because space is limited, make sure to save your recordings on a computer a regular basis.
  • Page 112 Refer to Startin d OameraWinc/ow. Using the software 1 Power the camcorder with the compact power adapter. 2 Set the camcorder to _ mode, in single photo view. 3 Connect the camcorder to the computer using the supplied cable. * Connection [_. Refer to Connection Diagrams (E_ 109). •...
  • Page 113 NOTES * Refer also to the computer's instruction manual. * Users of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X: Your camcorder is equipped with the standard Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) allowing you to transfer photos (JPEG only) simply by connecting the camcorder to a computer using the supplied USB cable, without having to install the supplied software Photo Application.
  • Page 114 Preparations on the Camc0rder When creating AVCHD discs, select which scenes to add to the disc. When you create an AVCHD disc from the playlist, all of the scenes in the playlist will be added to the disc. 1 Power the camcorder with the compact power adapter.
  • Page 115 • After the disc is recognized, an information screen will display the type of DVD you are creating and the estimated time and number of discs it will require (based on the disc you inserted). • If you inserted a DVD-RW disc that already contains data, [The disc already contains data.] will be displayed.
  • Page 116: Discs (Dvd)

    - AVCHD discs created using the optional DW-100 DVD Burner can be played back only with AVCHD-compatible DVD players or Bh-ray Disc players. Do not insert an AVCHD disc into a DVD player that is not compatible with AVCHD specifications as you may not be able to eject the disc.
  • Page 117 Even without a computer, you can convert your video recordings into standard definition scenes and create DVDs using the optional DW-1 O0 DVD Burner. Refer to this section along with the relevant sections in the instruction manual of the DW-IO0. Operating modes: Converting Scenes into Standard Definition in the Camcorder Convert high-definition...
  • Page 118 Options [This scene] Converts the scene with the orange selection frame. [Selected Scenes] Converts all the scenes selected in advance (marked with a ,/checkmark). Refer to Pre-Se/ect/ng Record- ings from the Index Screen (LTJ52). To select the bit rate Using a higher bit rate will result in better video quality for the con- verted scenes.
  • Page 119 • You can play back the converted scenes from the [For DVD (SD-VlDEO)] index screen on the memory card. Open the original movies index screen on the memory card, press [INDEX§EL: / and then select [For DVD (SD-VlDEO)]. Connecting to the Computer and Creating DVD Discs 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter.
  • Page 120 2 Open the [For DVD (SD-VIDEO)] index screen on the memory card. * Open the original movies index screen on the memory card, press i_b_2 _i_ then select [For DVD (SD-VlDEO)]. 3 Choose whether to add to the disc all the scenes or only scenes that have not been previously added to a disc.
  • Page 121: Creating Photodvds

    Creating PhotoDVDs Using the optional DW-100 DVD Burner, you can create Photo DVDs, which are standard DVDs that contain all your photos as JPG files as well as a slideshow* of all the photos with the selected background music (LT_74). Refer to this section along with the relevant sections in the instruction manual of the DW-100.
  • Page 122: Playing Back Discs Using The Dw-100 Dvd Burner

    PlayingBack Discs Using the DW-IO0 DVDBurner You can use the optional DW-100 DVD Burner and the camcorder also to play back high-definition (AVCHD) discs. This is very convenient, for example to play back your discs even in a location where an AVCHD- compatible DVD player is not available.
  • Page 123: Copyingyourrecordingsto An External Video Recorder

    * The camcorder's menus cannot be accessed while the camcorder is connected to the DVD burner. • With the exception of fast playback at 60x speed, special playback modes (_3 46) can be used also for disc playback. To play back standard-definition DVDs and Photo DVDs Standard-definition DVDs and Photo DVDs are created using DVD-...
  • Page 124 Recording 1 External device: Load a blank cassette or disc and set the device to record pause mode. 2 Turn on the camcorder and set it to _ mode. Verify that _] [AV/Headphones] is set to [1!_ AV]. 3 Camcorder: Locate the scene you wish to copy and pause the playback just before the desired scene.
  • Page 125 Use the supplied software ImageMixer 3 SE to upload your vid- eos to the Web. Installation See 'PIXELA Applications' Installation Guide. Using the software See 'lmageMixer 3 SE Software Guide' (PDF file). Operating modes: _!_/_I_ Converting Scenes into Standard Definition in the Camc0rder 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter.
  • Page 126 * Press F_FUNC. ' and then select [OK] to interrupt the operation while it is in progress. 6 When the conversion is completed, a confirmation screen will appear. Connect the camcorder to the computer at this point (_ 107) to continue uploading the converted videos to the Web or select [End Without Connecting] to connect to the computer later.
  • Page 127 * The time required to convert scenes is approximately equal to the scene's total running time. Because conversion generally takes longer on a computer, we recommend using the camcorder to convert scenes. • You can play back the converted scenes from the [For Web (MPEG-2)] index screen on the memory card.
  • Page 128 Uploading your Videos Wirelessly If you are using an Eye-Fi card, you can automatically upload the mov- ies from the [For Web (MPEG-2)] index screen to your favorite video sharing Web site, You will need to have installed the software supplied with your Eye-Fi card and completed all the required configuration setup in advance.
  • Page 129 NOTES * Depending on the amount of data to be transferred or wireless signal conditions, uploading may take a long time. In addition, if wireless signal conditions worsen, uploading may be interrupted. * Wireless transfer will decrease the effective usage time of the battery pack.
  • Page 130: Appendix: Menu Options Lists

    Additional Information This chapter contains troubleshooting advice, screen mes- sages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Appendix: Menu Options Lists Menu items not available appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus (_ 31).
  • Page 131 Recording mode [FXP High Quality 17 Mbps], • - 41 [XP÷ High Quality 12 Mbps], [SPStandard Play 7Mbps], [[.pLong Play 5Mbps] Photo size/quality [IW 1920xl 080], [ 1600x1200], • 640x480] : [_ Supei Fine]: [_ Fi,e]: [_ Noimai] FUNC. Menu (Playback Modes) (movie playback), m...
  • Page 132: 132 * Additional Information

    [Protect] IndividualPhotos], [ Selected Photos], [Remove All] [Individual P hotos], [SelectedPhotos (1 copyeach)], [Remove All] [AllScenes],[ThisScene] [No],[Yes] [AllPhotos], [ ThisPhoto], [Selected Photos] _[SceneSeaich] iCaien_;iScieen]i ioaie Seieciion] _ _ L 49 [Scenes with Faces] ..[ThisScene],[SelectedScene] [Convert H D,_SD [Cancel],[OK] (DVD)] 2 .........
  • Page 133 _]_JD/_ [r_'_lm On],[_ Off] [RelayRecording ..[FrameRate] PF30],[1_ PF24] ::[x.v.Color] On_'J], [_ Off] [Video Snapshot L ength] [_ 2 sec],[_ 4 sec], [_ 8 sec] [Frame Rate]-" Selects the frame rate to be used when recording. [F?Z_ PF30]: 30 frames per second, progressive. Use this frame rate to easily edit your recordings, for example, to post them on the Web.
  • Page 134 [AutoBacklight [t_l On], [1_ Off] : Correction] * Formovies only, [Digital Zeem]: Determines the operation of the digital zoom. The color of the indicator indi- cates the zoom. * When activated, the cam- corder will switch automatically to digital zoom when you zoom White Light Dark...
  • Page 135 * When [Image Stabilizer] is set to [_ Dynamic], if the background's movement does not appear natural, select [_ Standard] or [8 Off]. [FJicker Reductieu]," If the screen starts to flicker when recording movies under fluorescent lights, change the setting to reduce the effect. * Flicker reduction can be activated only when the recording program is set to [p Programmed AE.] [Autu SJuw Shutter]-"...
  • Page 136 [Onscreen Markers]-" You can display a grid or a horizontal line at the cen- ter of the screen. Use the markers as a reference to make sure your sub- ject is framed correctly (vertically and/or horizontally). • Using the onscreen markers will not affect the recordings. [Wind Screen]-"...
  • Page 137 ['m Camera Data]: Displays the aperture (f-stop) and shutter speed used when recording the scene. [ISB Celleclel Type]: Select the connection protocol to use when con- necting the camcorder to an external device using the supplied USB cable. [== DVD Burner]: To connect exclusively to the optional DW-IO0 DVD Burner.
  • Page 138 [LCD Screen DJnlrner]: When set to [_ On], the LCD screen is dimmed. Doing so is ideal when using the camcorder in locations where the LCD's illumination could become a nuisance to others. Hold iBiS# : pressed down for about 2 seconds to restore the LCD's normal brightness. * Dimming the LCD screen does not affect the brightness of your record- ings or the brightness of the playback image on a TV.
  • Page 139 • _]t]il/t]_ I]]_/_l_ [Built-inMem.], • •2 • [Initialize_@/_] [Mere.Card] [QuickInitialization], [Initialize_] [Complete Initialization] [PhotoNumbering] Reset] [_ Continuous] • • • [Firmware] • : [Eye-FiC0mmunication] [Ell Automatic], Off] • • • 1 Option not available when the camcorder is connected to an HDrV using an HDMI cable, 2 Option available only from the original movies index screen, [SetJficatJen Snnnds]-"...
  • Page 140 * The photo number indicates the name and location of the file on the memory card. For example, the file name of a photo numbered 101 - 0107 is "IMG 0107.JPG", stored under the folder "DCIM\101 CANON". [Firmware]: You can verify the current version of the camcorder's firm- ware.
  • Page 141 Language and Date/Time Setup _'_._b] [Cesky], [Deutsch], [ EXXqVLK_], • • • [English], [EspaSol], [Fran£ais], [Italian@ [Magyar], [Melayu], [Nederlands], [Polski], [Portugu_s], [Rom&n_], [TiJrk£e], [PycCKa_], [YKpdfHCbKa], [ :_,_i], [,.r_L_ ], [_], [_€_], [_÷_], [_o4], [n_] Time Zone/DST] List of world time zones •...
  • Page 142 [Memery Jnfe]/[Memery Card Jnfe]: Displays a screen where you can ver- ify how much of the built-in memory orthe memory card is currently in use (I_] total recording time and [] total number of photos) and how much space remains available for recording. * Estimated figures about available movie recording time and available number of photos are approximate and based on the recording mode...
  • Page 143 Appendix:0nscreen Icons and Displays Recording Movies #_@@@ @ @@ @ Remaining recording time ,% Operating mode (Q3 27) On the memory card (_} Recording program ([.._ 55, 57) {_,_ C]l_/_]_t_ In the built-in White balance (CI3 63) memory 14} Image effect (813 65) @ Image stabilizer (Cj3 133) _5} Digital effect (L_ 65)
  • Page 144 Recording Photos @ © ,% Camcorder shake warning (C[3 133) @ Zoom (LY.-]42), Exposure emllmO (CC} 60) _3@; Face detection (Cj3 62) _31) A F frame ([._ 86) _@Photo quality/size (CT_..] 87) _?_Self timer ([_ 59) _3_ Focus and exposure lock (C[3 86) @ Number of available photos On the memory card...
  • Page 145 Viewing Photos _1: File size 3e Histogram (C[3 95) _,4_Manual exposure (L.T.-] 6 0) @ Current photo / Total number of _,4_, Photo size (C[:3 87) photos @ Photo number ([_1 139) _,44:' Aperture value @ Protected photo mark (L.T396) _,4_' Evaluative light metering* :,40) D ate and time of recording _,4_ Shutter speed...
  • Page 146 C_ Memory operation Record. Q || Record pause, _ Playback, || Playbackpause, _ Fast playback. Fast reverse playback, |_ Slow playback, 4| Slow reverse playback _ Remaining battery time • The icon shows a rough estimate of the remaining cqarge as a percentage of the full charge of the battery pack •...
  • Page 147: Troubleshooting

    "CHECK THIS FIRST" before going on to the more detailed problems and solutions. Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center if the problem persists. CHECK THIS FIRST Power supply • Is the battery charged? Is the compact power adapter...
  • Page 148 Recording Pressing _YS_J will not start recording. - Youcannot record while the camcorder is writing previousrecordings onto the memory(while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing). Wait until the camcorder has finished. - The memory is full or it already contains the maximum number of scenes (3,999 scenes). Delete some recordings (_ 53, 90) or initialize the memory(_ 38) to free some space.
  • Page 149 Cannot move scenes inthe p laylist. -The memory is full. Delete some recordings (Q3 5 3, 90) or i nitialize the m emory (_ 38) to free some space. Cannot delete a scene. -You may not be able to delete scenes recorded or e dited...
  • Page 150 IndicatorsandOnscreen Displays lights up in red. - Battery pack is exhausted. Replaceor charge the battery pack. lights up in red. - A memory carderror occurred. Turn off the camcorder.Remove and reinsert the memory card. Initialize the memory card if the display does not changeback to normal. - The memory cardis full.
  • Page 151 Screen displays turn o n and oft repeatedly. -The battery pack is exhausted. Replace or c harge the b attery pack. -Remove the b attery pack and reattach itcorrectly. Abnormal characters appear on the s creen and the c amcorder does not operate properly.
  • Page 152 - The folder and file numbers have reachedtheir maximum value. Set _ [Photo Number- ing] to [Reset] and insert a new memory card. Cannot upload files using an Eye-Fi card. - Files cannot be uploadedwhen _/_} [Eye-FiCommunication] is set to [Off] (when "_ appears onthe screen].
  • Page 153: List Of Messages

    - Disconnectthe USB cable and turn off the camcorder.After a short while, turn it on again and restore the connection. - Connect the camcorder to a different USBport on the computer. - The camcorderwill not be recognizedwhile all photos are beingdeleted or all print ordersare being removed.
  • Page 154 Back up recordings regularly - This message may appear when you turn onthe camcorder. In the event of a malfunction, recordings may be lost so back upyour recordings regularly. Buffer overflow. Recording was stopped. - The data transfer rate was too high for the memory card in use and the recording was stopped.
  • Page 155 Cannot play back -There is a problem with the m emory. Ifthis message appears often without apparent reason contact aCanon Service Center. _i]_/_ Cannot play back Cannot access the b uilt-in memory -There is aproblem with the b uilt-in memory. Save your recordings (_ 111) and initialize...
  • Page 156 Cannot record movies on this m emory card -Movies cannot be r ecorded on a64 MB o r s maller memory card. Use arecommended mem- ory c ard (F.TJ 35). Cannot record movies on this m emory card I nitialize only using the c amcorder -The memory...
  • Page 157 Use the c omputer's Safely Remove Hardware function to end the c onnection and disconne the U SB cable before using the c amcorder. -To b e able to write back scenes and to transfer music files to the c amcorder, power the c am- corder...
  • Page 158 Memory card is write-protected -The LOCK switch on the m emory card is set to prevent accidental erasure. Change the p osi- tion of t he L OCK switch (L.q_ 165). Need to recover files from t he m emory card.
  • Page 159 Some Oll p hotos could not be deleted -Protected photos (Om ) cannot be d eleted. Remove the p rotection (L_[3 96). Some scenes could not be added to the p laylist -Scenes that were not recorded with this camcorder cannot be added to the p laylist.
  • Page 160 -Ifadialog box appeared on the c omputer screen, close it. D isconnect the U SB cable, restore the c onnection after ashort while. I_]_]J/_]_t_} Total play time is too l ong -The playlist cannot be converted when its total playback time exceeds 2hours and 30 min-...
  • Page 161 11odisc - Insert a disc into the DVDburner. - This message can appearalso if condensationhas formed (L.q3167). Wait until the DVD burner dries completely before resuming use. 11ophotos - There are no photos to add to the disc. 11oscenes - There are no scenesto add to the disc. 11oscenes left to add - There are no scenesthat have not already been addedto discs created previously.
  • Page 162 • If you cannot solve the problem even after consulting this list and the printer's instruction manual, contact the closest Canon Service Center (refer to the list included with the printer). 162 * Additional hformation...
  • Page 163: Handlingprecautions

    ([:Z3111) and save them on a regular basis. This will protect your impor- tant recordings in case of damage and create more free space on the memory. Canon shall not be liable for any data loss. * Do not carry the camcorder by the LCD panel. Be careful when closing the LCD panel.
  • Page 164 ,, When recording movies, try to get a calm, stable picture. Excessive camcorder movement while shooting and extensive use of fast zooms and panning can result in jittery scenes. In extreme cases, the playback of such scenes may result in visually induced motion sickness. If you experience such a reaction, immediately stop the playback and take a rest break as necessary.
  • Page 165 ,, We recommend backing up the recordings on the memory card onto your computer. Data may be corrupted or lost due to memory card defects or exposure to static electricity. Canon shall not be liable for lost or corrupted data.
  • Page 166 Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery The camcorder has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery to keep the date/time and other settings. The built-in lithium battery is recharged while you use the camcorder; however, it will discharge completely you do not use the camcorder for about 3 months.
  • Page 167: Maintenance/Others

    Maintenance/Others Cleaning Camcorder Body • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the camcorder body. Never use chemically treated cloths or volatile solvents such as paint thinner. Lens and Instant AF Sensor • If the lens surface or Instant AF sensor is dirty, autofocus may not work properly.
  • Page 168: Using The Camcorder Abroad

    You can use the compact power adapter to operate the camcorder and to charge battery packs in any country with power supply between 100 and 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Consult a Canon Service Center for information on plug adapters for overseas use.
  • Page 169: Accessories

    Accessories (Availability differsfrom area to area) AVCHD d iscs/ Photo D VDs ........,j, ...... Computer TV/HDTV ::..................... VCR/DVD recorder Optional accessories not listed below are described in more detail in the following pages. O_SS-600/SS-650ShoulderStrap _ Memory card _2)WS-20Wrist Strap @ DTC-IO0D Terminal Cable _6)CA-590 CompactPowerAdapter*...
  • Page 170: Optionalaccessories

    This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any dam- age to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack).
  • Page 171 Recording and Playback Times Recording and playback times given in the following tables are approxi- mate and vary according to recording mode and charging, recording or playback conditions. The effective usage time of the battery pack may decrease when recording in cold surroundings, when using the brighter screen settings, etc.
  • Page 172 This cable sends both video and audio signals. CP, NO, I , This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories. When you use Canon video equipment, recommend Canon-brand accessories or products bearing the same mark.
  • Page 173: Product Codes

    Product Codes Provided Accessories D85-1671-000 CA-590 Compact Power Adapter D85-1632-000 BP-2L5 Battery Pack STV-250N Stereo Video Cable 3067A002AA(D82-0590-002) IFC-300PCU USB Cable 6906A001AA Optional Accessories 9612A001AA NB-2LH Battery Pack 0763B001AA CB-2LW Battery Charger 7873A002AA CBC-NB2 Car Battery Charger HTC-100 HDMI Cable 2384B001AA 1719B001AA CTC-100 Component...
  • Page 174: Specifications

    Specifications VlXlAHFR11/ VlXlAHF RIO/ VlXlAHF RIO0 System • Recording System Movies: AVCHD Videocompression: MPEG-4AVC/H.264; Audio compression: Dolby Digital2ch Photos: DCF(Deeign rule for Camera Fileeyetem), c ompatiblewith Exif*Ver.2.2 andwith DPOF** Imagecompression: J PEG (SuperFine,Fine,Normal) * This camcorder supports Exif2.2 (also called"Exif P rint"). E xifPrint i s a standard f or enhancing t he communication between camcordere a ndprinters.
  • Page 175 Effective pixels (all figures are approximate values) Movies: t ,040,000pixels(opticalzoom, [ImageStabilizer] s etto [Dynamic]) t ,560,000pixels([ImageStabilizer] s et to [Off] or [Standard]) t6:9 photos:t ,560,000pixels 4:3 photos: t,730000 pixels • LCDScreen: 2.7 in,, wide,TFTcolor,approx,112,000dots • Microphone: Stereoelectretcondenser m icrophone • Lens f=3-60 mm, F/] .8-3.6, 20xopticalzoom 35 mmequivalent: Movies:...
  • Page 176 Power/Others • Power supply (rated) 7.4 V DC(batterypack),6.4 V DC(compactpoweradapter) • Power consumption: 2.8 W(SPmode AFon, LCBnormalbrightness) • Operating temperature: 0 - 40 °C(32- t 04 °F) • Dimensions [W x H x D] (excluding the grip belt): 60 x 64 x 124 mm (2.4 x 2.5 x 4.9 in.) •...
  • Page 177 1 second File extension: The music data is saved in the memory under the following folder structure. 8]_i]ll/lll_ In the built-in memory: r'_ CANON MYMUSIC _° MUSIC_01 .WAV to MUSIC_99.WAV On the memory card: MY_MUSIC MUSIC 01 .WAV to MUSlC_99.WAV...
  • Page 178: Index

    Index 24p Cinema Mode ..... Data code ....67, 136 Date and time ....Abroad, using the camcorder ..Date format ..... Aspect ratio of a connected Daylight saving time ..(TV type) ....Time zone ....Audio recording level ... Deleting Auto Backlight Correction...
  • Page 179 Power saving ....Pre-recording ....Image effects ....Pre-selecting recordings ..Image stabilizer ....Print order ....Index screen ....45, 47 Printing photos ....Initialization Protecting photos ..... (built-in memory*/memory card)... Quick Start function ... Joystick ....Joystick guide ....Recording Movies ....
  • Page 180 Telephoto ....Video snapshot ....Time zone/DST ....Volume ....45, 69, 137 Timeline ....Transferring recordings to a White balance ....Wide angle ....Tripod ..... Wind screen ....Troubleshooting ....Zoom ...... Uploading movies to video Digital zoom .....
  • Page 181 B) If the Equipment is defective as a result of leaking batteries, sand, dirt or water damage; C) If defects or damages are caused by the use of unauthorized parts or by service other than by Canon USA'sfactory service centers or autbodzed service facilities;...
  • Page 182 WARRANTY SHALLNOTEXTEND TOANYONE OTHERTHANTHEORIGINALPURCHASER O F THIS EQUIPMENT O R THEPERSON FORWHOM IT WAS PURCHASED ASA GIFT, This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. CANON U.S.A., INC.
  • Page 183 Ship your Equipment in its original carton, box or equivalent, properly packed, fully insured with shipping charges prepaid, together with a copy of your bill of sale or other proof of purchase and a description of the problem to any of the Canon Service Facilities in Canada,...
  • Page 184 CANON U S A, INC HONOLULU OFFICE ">1b Ward AvenLie, Suite 200, Hot iolulu, HI 96814 USA If/ou ha'/e an_' questions, call the Canon U S A Infr,rmation Center tolPfree at 1 800-828 4040 {USA only,/ CANADA CANON CANADA INC 6390 Dixie Road, 1'.dtssl_,-_auga, O N L6T 1PT...

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