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Canon VIXIA HF M30 Manual

Vixia imagemixer 3 simple video editing
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  • Page 2: Finding The Serial Number

    Finding the Camcorder Serial Number Precautions When Installing ImageMixer 3 SE (ImageMixer) ImageMixer 3 must be installed in a personal computer in order to edit video, and record video on DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Find the serial number of the camcorder and install ImageMixer 3 according to the separate installation guide.
  • Page 3 Precautions When Installing ImageMixer 3 SE (ImageMixer) ● Location of the serial number on the VIXIA HF R11 / HF R10 / HF Where is the serial number on the VIXIA R100 HF R11 / HF R10 / HF R100 It is on the bottom of the camcorder body.
  • Page 4 Launching ImageMixer 3 and Importing Video Lesson ● Importing Video from the Camcorder In order to edit video, it must first be imported into the computer. ImageMixer 3 will start automati- cally when the camcorder and computer are connected with a USB cable. Follow the steps below to import the video into the personal computer.
  • Page 5 Importing Video from iVIS Camcorders Connect the Camcorder to the Computer ● Connecting the VIXIA HF M31 / HF M30 / HF M300 and the USB The location of the cable USB port differs ac- ❶ Connect the cording to the cam- corder model USB cable to the USB port on the...
  • Page 6: Importing Video

    Importing Video ImageMixer 3 System A screen similar to this will be displayed on the camcorder LCD. Requirements ImageMixer 3 operating environment OS: Windows XP/ Vista/7 CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.0 GHz or faster Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or faster RAM: 1 GB or more for XP, 2 GB or more for Vista or 7...
  • Page 7 Importing Video from iVIS Camcorders Which media to select? The [Video The icons displayed as the file import] "Sources" correspond to dialog is the following media: displayed. … SD memory card in- serted in the cam- corder … Built-in camcorder memory …...
  • Page 8 Selecting Video Lesson ● Preparing to Edit Video You can edit the video after it has been imported into the computer. First, select the video to edit from among the imported files and then save the information as a project. Selecting the Video File to Edit What is a project? Start ImageMixer...
  • Page 9: Saving The Project

    Preparing to Edit Video ❹ Click [Edit new movie]. H ow t o s e l e c t t h e resolution ❺ Click the This is where you select resolution. "Full Hi-vision" or "Hi-vision" resolution for the edited vid- ❻...
  • Page 10 Trimming Multiple Scenes Lesson ● Cutting Unwanted Video Recorded video sometimes includes unwanted scenes. In such cases, you can cut the unneces- sary scenes and keep only the scenes you want. This process is called trimming. ImageMixer 3 allows trimming of multiple scenes from one video. Trimming One Scene What are the IN-point Select the video...
  • Page 11 Cutting Unwanted Video Select the ending point of the scene to be kept. ❸ Drag the [OUT- point slider] to the desired location. Select the starting point of the scene to be kept. ❹ Drag the [IN-point slider] to the desired location.
  • Page 12 Titler Lesson ● Adding Text to Videos ImageMixer 3 includes a "Titler" that allows you to add text to videos. Text can be added in the desired color, font and size to any scene. In addition, the text can be animated, so that superim- posed text such as that used in television programs can be made.
  • Page 13 Adding Text to Videos What kinds of display ❻ Click [Fade]. are available? [Fade] - Text is faded in. [Slide-Left to right] - Text ❼ Click [Apply]. slides from left to right. [Zoom in] - Text is gradual- ly made bigger. [Credit roll] - Text moves from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  • Page 14 Adding Music and Adjusting Volume Lesson ● Adding Music to Videos ImageMixer 3 has a function to add music to videos. You can make a more professional-looking video by adding sound effects to increase tension or by adding background music to create a cer- tain type of atmosphere.
  • Page 15 Adding Music to Videos What are fade-in and The [Adjust fade-out? volume] screen is Fade-in is when there is no displayed. sound and volume is gradu- ally increased. Conversely, ❷ Drag the up/ fade-out is when volume is down slider to gradually reduced to silence.
  • Page 16 Disc List (DVD) Lesson ● Preparing to Write to DVDs There are times when you want to write images to a DVD; for example, when you want to show a friend your video. This section describes how to write video to DVDs. First a "DVD List" (or "AVCHD List") must be prepared to write videos to DVD with ImageMixer 3.
  • Page 17 Preparing to Write to DVDs What about the qual- ❻ Click [Library]. ity of the files written to DVD? In the case of "DVD Lists," the video will be converted ❼ Drag the video to standard definition and files to be written then written.
  • Page 18 Writing to DVDs Lesson ● Writing to DVDs After a list has been created, it is time to write the videos to a DVD. However, because DVD-R and DVD-R DL discs can only be written to once, make sure that there are no mistakes in the list before starting the process.
  • Page 19 Writing to DVDs Writing to Discs This describes writing to a DVD-R. ❶ Load a DVD in the computer's drive. ❷ Click [Write]. ❸ Click [OK]. What is disc erase? When using a DVD-RW any data on the disc must be When using a erased before the video DVD-RW, select...
  • Page 20 Disc List (Blu-ray Discs) Lesson ● Preparing to Write to Blu-ray Discs Blu-ray discs are used to write long videos in high definition. This section describes the prepara- tions to write video to Blu-ray discs. Follow the steps described below. Select the Video File to Write What is AVCHD? Start ImageMixer...
  • Page 21 Preparing to Write to Blu-ray Discs ❻ Click [Library]. ❼ Drag the video files to be written to the list. What is the difference between clicking [Yes] and [No] when com- bining files? ❽ Click [Yes]. When [Yes] is clicked, the videos in the list are com- bined into a single title and written.
  • Page 22 Writing to Blu-ray Discs Lesson ● Writing to Blu-ray Discs After a list has been created, it is time to write the videos to a Blu-ray disc. A drive that can write to Blu-ray discs is necessary for this process. Also, a Blu-ray compatible player is necessary to play back Blu-ray discs.
  • Page 23 Writing to Blu-ray Discs Writing to Discs This describes writing to a BD-R. ❶ Load a Blu-ray disc in an external drive or the computer's drive. ❷ Click [Write]. ❸ Click [OK]. ❹ Click [Create]. How to create more Writing to the than one copy of the disc is same disc...
  • Page 24: Uploading Video Files To Youtube

    Uploading to the Web Lesson ● Uploading Camcorder Video Directly to Video Sharing Sites You can make your recorded videos available around the world through the Internet by uploading them to video sharing web sites. ImageMixer 3 can be used to upload videos. This last section describes how to upload recorded videos to YouTube.
  • Page 25 Uploading Camcorder Video Directly to Video Sharing Sites Acquiring a YouTube ❻ Input the account YouTube user Access the URL below and name and register your user name, e- password. mail address and pass- word to create an account. If you do not YouTube can also be used have a YouTube through a Google account.
  • Page 26 ・ Any other company names and/or product names in this document are the trademarks or regis- tered trademarks of their respective companies. ・ T rademark indications such as Ⓡ and have been abbreviated in this document. Ⓒ Copyright CANON INC. 2010...