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Listening Through A Receiver (home Theater); Troubleshooting For Anynet - Samsung HL61A750A1FXZA Getting Started Manual

Series 7 750 dlp tv.
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Listening through a Receiver (Home theater)
You can listen to sound through a receiver instead of the TV speaker.
Pressthe TOOLS button.
Press the A or T button to select Receiver, then press the ENTER button.
Press the 4 or I_ button to select to On, then press the ENTER button.
Now you can listen to sound through the receiver.
Press the EXiT button to exit.
When the receiver (home theater) is set to On, you can hear sound output from
the TV's Optical jack. When the TV is displaying a DTV(air) signal, the TV will send out 5.1 channel sound to the Home
theater receiver. When the source is a digital component
such as a DVD and is connected to the TV via HDMI, only 2
channel sound wilt be heard from the Home Theater receiver.
If your receiver supports audio only, it may not appear in the device list.
;'_ The receiver will work when you have properly connected the Optical IN jack of the receiver to the Optical Out jack of
the TV.
When using the WISELINK feature, sound may not output properly through the receiver.
When listening through the receiver, there are restrictions for using the PIP and audio-related(MTS,
If there is a power interruption
to the TV when the "Receiver"
is set to "On" (by disconnecting
the power cord or a
power failure), the TV Speaker may be set to "Off" when you turn the TV on again. (see page 39)
Troubleshooting for Anynet +
Symptom _'_
Anynet + does not work.
Check if the device is an Anynet+ device. The Anynet + system supports Anynet+ devices
Connect only one receiver (home theater).
Check if the Anynet+ device power cord is properly connected.
Check the Anynet + device's Video/Audio/HDMI 1.3 cable connections.
Check whether Anynet+ (HDMFCEC) is set to On in the Anynet+ setup menu.
Check whether the TV remote control is in TV mode.
Check whether it is Anynet+ exclusive remote control.
Anynet+ doesn't work in certain situations. (Searching channels, Operating WlSELINK)
When connecting or removing the HDMI 1.3 cable, please make sure to search devices
again or your TV off and on again.
Check if the Anynet+ Function of Anynet+ device is set on.
I want to start Anynet +.
Check if the Anynet+ device is properly connected to the TV and check if the Anynet+
(HDMI-CEC) is set to On in the Anynet+ Setup menu.
Press the TV button on the TV remote control to switch to TV. Then press the TOOLS
button to show the Anynet + menu and select a menu you want.
I want to exit Anynet +.
Select View TV in the Anynet+ menu.
Press the SOURCE button on the TV remote control and select a device other than
Anynet+ devices.
Press CH, CH LIST, PRE-CH, and FAV.CHto change the TV mode.
(Note that the channel button operates only when an Anynet+ device with a built-in tuner
is not connected.)
The message Connecting to
You cannot use the remote control when you are configuring Anynet+ or switching to a
Anynet + device.., appears on the
view mode.
Use the remote controt when the Anynet+ setting or switching to view mode is complete.
The Anynet + device does not play.
You cannot use the play function when Plug & Play is in progress.
The connected device is not
Check whether or not the device supports Anynet+ functions.
Check whether or not the HDMI 1.3 cable is properly connected.
Check whether Anynet+ (HDMFCEC) is set to On in the Anynet+ setup menu.
Search Anynet+ devices again.
You can connect an Anynet+ device using the HDMI 1.3 cable only. Some HDMI cables
may not support Anynet + functions.
Check whether the antenna jack on the recording device is properly connected.
Connect the optical cable between TV and the receiver.
The TV program cannot be
The TV sound is not output through
the receiver.


Table of Contents

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